Bit ELD Review [Detailed]-2023

Bit ELD is one of the top-selling affordable ELDs in the market. The company is popularly known for providing no monthly subscription ELDs. For more alternatives to ELDs with no monthly fees, check out this blog post by us [Best ELDs with no monthly fees for owner operator]. Being a new player in the industry, Bit ELD has surprisingly earned a significant place in the transport industry.

Here in this article, we will analyze this ELD in depth. We will look over its specifications, features, benefits, pros, and cons. Read this article till the very end for a detailed review of Bit ELD.

About Bit ELD

Blue Ink Technology is a popular ELD provider and is located in West Virginia. It was started in 2016 when the ELD mandate was newly introduced. It provides customizable ELD solutions based on client needs at a very reasonable price. The company offers devices with no monthly fees or contracts and thus has made a special place in the transport industry. Small and medium fleet operators find the initial costs of this ELD cheaper than regular monthly charges. Moreover, it has no monthly fees, making it an ideal choice for independent drivers too. 

Pricing and Subscription

The initial cost to set up the Bit ELD is relatively higher than others. but in the long term, it is a cheaper option for you. The hardware costs $295 and after this, you don’t have to worry about paying a single penny. This implies that you are ready to enjoy several features without any monthly subscription or hidden costs. But if you want to add more features to your device such as geofencing, IFTA fuel tracking, tire pressure monitors, etc. You need to pay a rolling amount of $30/ per month. 

Technical Specifications of Bit ELD


The Bit ELDs comply with the FMCSA rule as it meets the standards set in Section 49 CFR 395.34c.  Also, it has been approved by Industry Canada to operate over there but with a chipped antenna.


The Bit ELD has its app like other ELDs brands. The app enables users to access the features provided by them. This application runs on both kinds of devices, Android and Apple. You can operate it on any device that has Bluetooth 4.0 and an internet connection. 

 Web-based Portal 

The Bit ELD also has a user-friendly web portal that enables the back office to use various tools for better fleet management. The web portable provides you with all those features that you will need to manage your fleet. 

Key Features of Blue Ink Technology ELD

Bit ELD 

 Easy to Set up 

The Bit ELD is super easy to install. The device can easily fit itself into almost any type of commercial vehicle. The company provides a 6-Pin adapter and a 9-Pin adapter to ease its connection with your CMV.  You can easily plug it into any vehicle without any assistance from an expert. After installing your device, you need to download the app. And then connect the device with the mobile using Bluetooth. 

 Interactive App 

Free with the Bit ELD comes the company’s app. This app can be installed on any device, such as a phone or tablet. It is easily available on the play store and app store. By connecting it to your device, you can easily record the HoS logs. Moreover, the logs are fully editable on your device. 

 Web Portal 

With minimal monthly cost, you can access the fleet management features for the Bit ELD web portal. The web portal comes with some back-office tools and features that help you with fleet management. Independent drivers can track their driving hours and perform daily inspections of the vehicle too.

 In-motion & Engine On/Off Status 

The device helps you maintain correct data about your vehicle. The Bit ELD automatically records the time when the engine is turned on or off. Also, for the convenience of the logs, it automatically turns the driver’s status into driving when the vehicle exceeds the speed of 5 mph. Moreover, it can turn the driving status to “on-duty not driving” whenever the driver parks the truck somewhere for a break.   

 Vehicle Maintenance 

The ELD tracks vehicle maintenance in several ways. It sends you alerts whenever any fault code is detected. It will remind you of the regular maintenance of the vehicle. Also, it will let you know when the time is to change the oil or tire replacement.


The company’s app makes it easy for drivers to record their HoS logs. Also, it is easier to edit them and save yourself from unnecessary fines or HoS violations. You can also share your logging details with anyone via email. 

 Engine Data 

The ELD is connected to the vehicle’s engine directly through the OBD port. This feature enables the device to collect the engine’s data instantly and send it to the driver. It sends alerts if any fault code is detected and thus prevents big problems of the future by solving them in the present. 


The Bit ELD has a unique feature of automatically changing the logs using the VIN. Suppose you have assigned driver A to deliver the cargo to someplace. Then you ask him to drive another vehicle. So when the driver changes the ELD from one vehicle to another, it automatically records the VIN of that vehicle and saves it to their log.  

 ELD Compliance 

The ELD is fully compliant with the ELD rule. The device is registered with the FMCSA and thus saves you from any HoS violations. The company offers hardware-free ELD service, but that is not compliant with the ELD rule. Therefore you must ensure to have a device to log in to your HoS data.                 

 HoS Tracking 

The ELD device automatically records the HoS log of the drivers when the vehicle exceeds the speed of 5 mph. Also, if the driver forgets to log out, the device automatically changes his status as on-duty not driving when the vehicle stops for more than 6 minutes. The drivers can easily edit their HoS logs with the help of an app.

 IFTA Fuel Reports 

The company offers you additional premium features at a minimal cost to help you with fleet management. The driver has to click the photo of the fuel receipts, and the device will automatically calculate the miles driven, file usage per jurisdiction, and generate an IFTA fuel report. 

 GPS Tracking 

Bit ELD comes with premium GPS tracking, which is vital for asset tracking and theft recovery.  However, this feature is only available for devices that are GPS-enabled. The fleet managers can get location updates of their vehicles through this feature. Also, it enables you to create several geofences around the maps to get notified whenever the vehicle passes by the virtual fence. 

 No Monthly Fees 

One of the most important benefits of buying this ELD is no monthly subscription. Unlike the majority of the ELD providers, the Bit ELD providers do not charge any monthly fees. You have to pay for the device once, and then you are free to use its numerous features without any worry.


Benefits of Bit ELD

Apart from being budget-friendly, the Bit ELD delivers other numerous benefits to the owners:

  • The ELD automatically records HoS logs to remain in compliance with the ELD rule. 
  • The device helps you with vehicle management and thus ensures your vehicle avoids any breakdowns. 
  • You can easily make IFTA fuel reports with the help of the device.
  • With some minimal upfront costs, you can get several fleet management features such as vehicle diagnostics, tire air pressure, and air scale at your disposal. 
  • The ELD is BYOD which means you can connect the ELD with any device.
  • The app is user-friendly and interactive. And can be downloaded on any device, whether Android or iOS.

Who Can Buy Bit ELD?

The simple features, upfront cost with no monthly fees make it ideal for small to mid-fleet operators. Also, it is an attractive option for independent truck drivers. Though, large-sized fleet managers may find some advanced features missing in it. 


Pros and Cons

  • No monthly subscription
  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic HoS tracking
  • FMCSA compliance
  • Easy IFTA reports 
  • A user-friendly and interactive app
  • Good for basic features
  • Not ideal for large fleets


To sum it up, we can say that Bit ELD is one of the most affordable ELDs in the market. With some minimal upfront cost, you can enjoy basic ELD features and help you to remain in compliance with the rule. The device comes with huge perks like no monthly costs, no contract, and FMCSA verified. 


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