Matrack Fleet Manager 2023: Detailed Review

Matrack Inc. is based in the USA and provides fleet management solutions based on cutting-edge technology using an intelligent combination of hardware and software. It helps companies to streamline fleet operations, reduce fuel costs, and improve driver productivity and performance. 

Matrack’s efficient asset tracking solution allows fleet visibility, provides accurate reports indicating fleet performance, and keeps your fleets up and running with better efficiency. It provides a one-stop solution at your fingertips with a user-friendly dashboard through iOS and Android apps. The services are affordable with optimum monthly fees and no contracts. Matrack guarantees substantial savings through the application of this system while achieving desired outcomes in terms of productivity, compliance, and efficiency.

Matrack fleet manager provides efficient, reliable, and compliant fleet management solutions. YourBestFleet team brings you all the details in this review. Read on.

The fleet management system uses integrated hardware and software applications for data collection and processing and provides reports in real-time. The advanced tracking system using GPS tracking technology provides real-time location and movement details of vehicles. It allows managers to analyze the information and make appropriate decisions. 

The system also helps monitor risky driving behaviors and ensure compliance with traffic rules and safety norms. The fleet management tools with different features help make transport operations safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

 Features of Matrack Fleet Management System

The transport operations have started implementing advanced fleet management technology to improve fleet performance while optimizing cost and efficiency. The compatibility with hardware and software applications makes vehicle management systems perform more intelligently. Matrack is a leading company providing solutions to fleet operators to make automobile operations more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. 

The system works on a robust software platform integrated with a system of sophisticated devices and applications. The critical features of the system that can produce effective results in managing fleet operations are as follows:

  • Real-time location tracking 

The GPS tracking solution of Matrack helps to maintain better control of fleets irrespective of volume or size. The combined system of software and GPS tracking device provides all necessary and relevant information allowing managers to make informed decisions in real-time. You can view the real-time locations and movements of their vehicles through any of the remote electronic devices. 

The GPS tracking system allows operators to plan suitable routes, adapt to changing conditions, and optimize fleet movement affecting cost and time. You can track your trailer and assets with location updates at a frequency as required by you. 

  • Monitoring and alert system 

The configuration of the Matrack device allows managers to set up alert systems considering safety and security in operations. You can define a virtual movement zone and get notifications if the trucks cross those boundaries. 

The system also generates alerts to notify risky driving behaviors like over-speeding, hard braking, fast turning, etc. The notifications enable managers to take suitable actions and decisions to avoid potential hazards and accident risks.

  • Automated record-keeping and report generation 

Matrack fleet manager keeps track of records based on vehicle performance and driving time, fulfilling the compliance requirements. This automated system saves manual efforts and helps streamline operations. 

These reports provide reliable and relevant information regarding vehicle performance, fuel consumption, and asset utilization. The managers can take proactive actions based on these reports toward enhancing fleet efficiency, improving profitability, and ensuring better customer service.

  • Predictive analysis of information

Matrack fleet management tools can access the engine performance to diagnose potential technical problems and accordingly create reports. It would help you take appropriate actions through the predictive analysis of problems and resolve technical issues beforehand to avoid major repairs or breakdowns. Regular updates about vehicle conditions can help you schedule maintenance activities and improve vehicle performance and reliability.

  • Effective communication system 

Matrack fleet tracking system provides facilities to monitor unsafe driving, idling, or deviation from specified routes and communication between driver and manager to ensure drivers’ and vehicles’ safety. You can alert drivers to improve driving patterns and avoid wasteful activities. The user-friendly and customized tools also help drivers follow appropriate safety norms and ensure compliance. 

  • Affordability

The Matrack fleet tracking and ELD devices are available at a minimal monthly subscription with a 30-day trial facility. There is no upfront installation cost for the device that suits many fleet operators’ budgets. It comes with a 7-year warranty which establishes its reliability.

Most fleet managers and business owners restrict themselves from getting one for their fleet because of budget constraints. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. You can find several affordable fleet tracking software on the market.

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 The Advanced Features 

The advanced features of the Matrack fleet management system provide several benefits in improving the profitability and efficiency of the business. The future trend requires more attention to safety, productivity, and compliance so that transport businesses can incorporate the latest technical innovations to achieve desired benefits. The advanced features are as follows:

  • Electronic Logging Device: Matrack provides FMCSA and DoT-compliant ELD devices to record the driver’s Hours of Service (HoS) and prepare electronic logs for monitoring and analysis. It provides an easy and accurate tracking mechanism to manage safety, compliance, and regulatory requirements.
  •  Fuel card: It is a comprehensive solution to monitor and control fuel-related expenses. The Matrack fleet manager provides linkage to the fuel card to keep track of fuel purchase frequency and prices. It prevents unauthorized and unnecessary costs as you can set limits for spending. It allows considerable savings on fuel expenses and managing profitability in vehicle operations.
  • Theft alert: The devices with alert facilities in case of theft, tamper, or misuse can help to protect and monitor your assets. You can be confident and relaxed about your vehicle’s safety by protecting your assets with Matrack devices. 
  • Dash Cam: It offers monitoring facilities with high-res cameras functioning through wireless connectivity, to monitor potential risks associated with vehicle and driver behavior. It works with AI-based safety features that generate warning signals for collision, risky driving practices, and lane departure. 

 Benefits Achieved From Matrack Fleet Tracking System

Matrack fleet tracking solutions help improve safety, accountability, and operational efficiency. It provides customized, user-friendly, and economically viable solutions to companies. Matrack offers expert technical and customer support by constantly adapting to changing customer needs. It empowers fleet operations with tools and methods to streamline workflow, maintain compliance, and improve customer service. The significant benefits provided by the Matrack system are as follows:

  • Fleet management

The real-time vehicle tracking and performance data provide greater visibility over your entire operation through a single platform. It helps streamline workflow, improve productivity, and make informed decisions. Monitoring vehicle diagnostics and driver performance help improve asset utilization and safety.

  • Asset tracking

Matrack’s asset and trailer tracking system provides immediate geofencing alerts to inform you when a vehicle enters or leaves any predefined area. It helps you optimize dispatch routes, save time, achieve fuel efficiency, and improve customer service. The insights of your assets’ location, usage, and performance through integrated platforms help you take proactive actions and make timely decisions to boost business capabilities.

  • ELD solutions

Matrack ELD provides data about the vehicle and driving performance that helps you make timely and informed decisions. It helps to maintain authentic reports on HoS, automated IFTA calculations, and other relevant data that gives better visibility of overall performance.


The technology-enabled fleet management system has started showing new directions in the future of transportation. Matrack offers a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and reliable fleet management solution to monitor vehicles and valuable assets. 

The Matrack tracking system works on a customized platform that allows managers to maintain and access relevant vehicle data based on real-time monitoring and historical reports. It gives fleet managers and drivers accurate information to make actionable decisions that can improve performance, safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

Matrack fleet management systems are upgradable and scalable to match fleet operation capabilities for creating a long-term solution. Many customers have acknowledged the high-level accuracy and reliability of Matrack fleet managers in enhancing visibility, safety, and accountability in operation.

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