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Matrack ELD Review 2023 – Complete Guide & Rating

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By James Johnson

Matrack ELD

Matrack is well-known in the ELD industry for offering the best and most affordable ELD devices. . After the ELD mandate of 2019, everyone is stressed to switch to one to avoid violations. Some are distressed thinking about the impact it can have on their budget. Others are confused if they and drivers will be able to adapt to this new technology without wasting their time.

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  • No advanced features
  • No reports in the cloud

In such a scenario, Matrack comes with an excellent easy-to-use, and affordable device that will save you from fines and help you improve efficiency for your fleet without disturbing your expenses. So if you are restraining yourself from buying an ELD owing to budget constraints or wondering how to reap maximum output from the ELD rule, here is the best solution for you- Matrack ELD

Still confused? Let us dive into its features, benefits, pros, cons, etc.

About Matrack

Matrack is one of the leading providers of GPS fleet management and asset tracking solutions in the trucking industry. They are well known for providing products with cutting-edge technology and affordable prices. A

They also provide one of the best customer supporters besides the user-friendly interface and straightforward solution. 

Pricing And Subscriptions

You can own the device for free by paying the monthly subscription fee of $14.95. 

How Does Matrack ELD Works? 

The Matrack ELD works on a simple yet effective mechanism. As soon as you plug the eld into the ECM port of your truck, it starts deriving engine data via the vehicle gateway. It uploads the same on the cloud storage, so you can access it using the Driver app or web portal. 

Installation Process 

You can install the Matrack ELD in no time by following these simple steps:

  • Plug the device into the ECM port of your vehicle with the cable. 
  • Now switch on the device and wait for the flashing green LED light. You will also see a red LED light flashing that means the GPS is acquiring a location. Once it is stable, you can move to the next step. 
  • Turn on the vehicle and check if the green LED light is still flashing. When it becomes solid green, you can move to the next step.
  • Now download the Driver App mobile application from the App Store or Play Store. 
  • Here you will have to register your device and choose a subscription plan.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy several advanced features of the Matrack ELD while complying with the ELD rule. 

Best For?

Matrack ELD is best for different types of fleets, so no matter where you stand in the industry, you can take advantage of this solution. 

Product Highlights

  • No Upfront Costs

The best part of Matrack ELD is that you do not have to pay anything for the hardware. Yes! You will get the device free by paying the monthly subscription fees. It is helpful for fleets looking for cost-cutting while complying with the ELD rule. 

  • 100% FMCSA Certified

Matrack ELD is 100% FMCSA certified, so you do not have to worry about complying with prevailing rules and regulations. Also, it would help you to avoid violations with real-time alerts and save fines. 

  • No Contracts

Another highlight of the solution is that you will not have to sign any long or short-term contract. You can use the solution as per your choice and stop when you do not need it. It is helpful for seasonal businesses. 

You do not even have to pay any activation or deactivation fees. You can do this multiple times as the time demands. 

  • Do not Pay Extra for Co-drivers

The company understands the importance of co-drivers. And we also know that any additional cost involved with their compliance can be detrimental to the fleet budget. With Matrack, you will not have to spend any penny on them. You can switch the driver profile in the mobile application, and that is it. 

  • Simple Installation Process

After being for the device and the monthly subscription charges, the other expenditure involved with the ELDs is the installation cost. An ELD with a complicated installation process demands professional help, which means hundred dollars involved. 

Matrack comes with a simple installation process. You or your driver can install the device in your truck in less than five minutes without professional help. 

Key Features 

Matrack ELD

Matrack ELD is one of the best ELD in the market. It offers you both reliable data and a user-friendly interface. 

  • Robust And Durable Device

Truck drivers often go on long & tiring journeys, and the road is not always smooth. Some bumps and holes disturb the whole vehicle. Such impacts and vibrations can ruin delicate devices like ELD or GPS trackers. And hence, you have to ensure a durable and resilient device. 

  • Intuitive Mobile Application

Matrack ELD comes with an intuitive and user-friendly mobile application. It is made for the convenience of truck drivers. It allows them to access multiple features of this solution, such as IFTA reports, Electronic DVIR, fleet tracking, etc. They can easily change their duty status using their voice. It also enables them to maintain their logs, easily complete roadside inspections, and avoid violations.

You can download this mobile application on your Android or iOS device. 

  • DoT Inspection Mode

You can complete the roadside inspection in no time with the mobile application. You can show the logs on your phone or tablet. 

  • Automatic HoS

The device begins calculating your HoS data as soon as the vehicle starts. It automatically changes the duty status according to the engine. Whenever any drivers are about to reach their HoS limit, it will send a real-time violation alert to you and them. 

  • Electronic DVIR

You can complete vehicle instruction reports in seconds with the help of this feature.

  • Fleet Tracking

You can also track your vehicles in real-time and view their location history. 

  • IFTA Reporting

You can save your time and effort by using this IFTA reporting feature. It can calculate your fuel tax and create an IFTA report within seconds. 

  • Access Permission 

You can manage permission for fleet managers, compliance officers, accountants, brokers, or any other employee in your organization, so everyone can access the relevant information without overstepping their jurisdiction. 

Customer Review

You can look at the customer reviews if you still have doubts regarding the ELD. It is the best way to know more about the product.

Wayne Patterson

“Converted to Matrack after years with another company based in NY that, for whatever reason, just became almost unresponsive, and I’m happy now that I did. Matrack seems to be on the ball, and customer service is very responsive.”

Rick R

“We could do business with any GPS tracking platform we choose and have done business with most of the major players. None come close to the quality, value, and service offered by Matrack.”

Charles D.

“The software is extremely user-friendly and the entire format of Matrack is easier than any other ELD system I’ve ever used.”

Final Words

Matrack ELD is an affordable and effective solution. It is one of the best ELD in the market with its user-friendly interface and straightforward platform. 

It can help to stay in compliance at one time with multiple rules and save you from associated fines. And on the other, it can help you boost the productivity of your fleet with its advanced features. 

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