EROAD Ehubo ELD – A Detailed Review 2024

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By James Johnson


EROAD Ehubo ELD is one of the most feature-rich and efficient devices available in the market right now. The hardware is sturdy and reliable, and the software is user-friendly. It captures accurate data and provides authentic reports. It is also one of the best eld devices for trucks.

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  • Compliant and certified
  • Tracks fuel consumption
  • Effortless installation
  • Economical and powerful
  • Multiple price plans


  • There are no substantial, verifiable issues with this solution.
  • Customer support only available during business hours

A successful fleet management system is based on combined software and hardware support to plan, coordinate, and streamline fleet operations. The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) application is a significant step in this regard. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) stipulates that all commercial carriers must use electronic logging devices (ELD) to get authentic records of driving hours and maintain electronic logs. 

YourBestFleet team brings you a detailed review on EROAD Ehubo ELD .

EROAD ELD Solutions

EROAD provides high-quality devices that are 100% ELD rule compliant and included in the certified list of FMCSA. It is the only company that submitted its device for independent testing and verification for ELD compliance. 

Several companies provide easy-to-use and affordable ELD solutions that offer flexibility and reliability. The ELDs most effectively serve the purpose of efficiency, safety, and compliance with their various features and capabilities. 

The modern ELDs are easy to install and operate, accessible through digital platforms, and compatible with almost every commercial vehicle. It captures relevant data and analyzes them to provide meaningful information that provides crucial insights to help streamline fleet operations.

The PIT Group, a transportation technology testing firm, puts the device through an extensive testing process with actual trucks and drivers, to ensure that the product fully satisfies all the parameters in line with the ELD mandate. This verification helps to gain customers’ confidence in the device and establishes it as a reliable solution for ELD compliance. 

The EROAD Ehubo ELD system does not have too many advanced features but provides a simple, dependable, and efficient fleet tracking solution that helps to improve safety, maintain compliance and enhance reliability.




EROAD Ehubo ELD is one of the most feature-rich and efficient devices available in the market right now. The hardware is sturdy and reliable, and the software is user-friendly. It captures accurate data and provides authentic reports. It is also one of the best eld devices for trucks. The main features of EROAD Ehubo ELD are as follows:

  •  User-Friendly 

The Ehubo is a dedicated hardware device with a single cable that easily plugs into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. The display screen is smaller than most, but the user-friendly interface makes that limitation hardly noticeable. Easy installation and convenient data capture methods make the ELD one of the most suitable devices. It can record and update information at the level of accuracy required by the ELD mandate. 

  •  Easy Operation 

Ehubo ELD is genuinely easy to use with the help of a well-designed user interface. It offers simple solutions to complicated tasks like editing logs and updating records and helps to improve productivity by reducing human intervention and time. Users can achieve a lot of benefits from this system. 

Drivers can email a PDF of their logs to the concerned person. The simple display of hours allows drivers to know the amount of time spent on driving and leftover hours. The system works very smoothly and provides hassle-free solutions for drivers.

  •  Effective Tracking 

Real-time vehicle tracking is not an option but a mandate for improving the efficiency of fleet operations. The Ehubo ELD has in-built GPS features that track every vehicle movement, route deviations, idling time, or undesirable driving performance. This real-time information enables managers to schedule appropriate routing and inform drivers accordingly. The device helps control fuel costs, save time, and ensure prompt customer service. In addition, you can monitor drivers’ performance, guide them on safe driving practices, and avoid risky behaviors. You can also track any unauthorized or unexpected movements of the automobile and can take immediate action. 

  •  Vehicle Health Monitoring 

The Ehubo ELD comes with an integrated DVIR solution that checks and confirms the appropriate functioning of the various components of a vehicle. The daily vehicle inspection report (DVIR) helps to identify potential faults and technical issues in the vehicle. 

The driver records the data collected by the device and prepares the inspection report. The manager reviews the reports and takes necessary measures to resolve the issues to ensure the safety and efficiency of fleets. 

The ‘inspection’ system allows drivers to complete DVIRs conveniently. It also helps managers and maintenance staff track any reported defects for taking necessary corrective actions.

  •  Safety and Compliance 

The flexible geofencing facility allows the set up of specific virtual movement zones, to monitor the activity of trucks in critical locations. It lets you know whether the truck enters or leaves the predefined zone. 

The user-friendly dashboard of the Ehubo ELD system notifies you about all kinds of safety events like speeding, harsh braking, collision, etc., so that you can take prompt actions by communicating with the driver. 

These features improve safety and protect vehicles from potential hazards. The ELD maintains logs and shares reports to ensure compliance with FMCSA rules toward improving driving standards and avoiding violations.

  •  Customer Support 

The customers highly appreciate Ehubo ELD’s technical support and customer service. Customers can communicate via phone, email, or through the in-built chat feature to avail of the required assistance and advice. EROAD also provides good training support through videos that guide new users to get familiar with the system. It demonstrates the process of installation and operation of the system, including log edits and fuel tax reporting.

  •  Affordable Pricing 

EROAD Ehubo ELD offers different monthly subscription plans to meet customer requirements. The price starts from $35 per month for a simple ELD plan. The higher plan with all the features is available at $60 per month. 

The mid-range plan offers only the most advanced fleet management tools, and the price is $45 per month. 

There is a one-time activation fee of $35, and the ECM cable costs $65. There is no installation cost for the device hardware if the customer chooses one of the lease plans. Customers who prefer to buy the hardware outright need to pay a reduced monthly charge. All the plans include a hardware warranty and technical support.

The EROAD Ehubo ELD system is working to incorporate some more features like GPS navigation and engine diagnostics monitoring. EROAD integrates with some large companies such as McCleod and is planning for more such integrations in the future. 

Advanced features like dash cams are also coming shortly to make the system more reliable. The system is already easy to use, and further enhancements will provide additional benefits to help drivers and managers in daily activities. There are scopes of improvement in the device that will make the fleet management system more efficient, productive, and cost-effective.


EROAD Ehubo is a top-quality ELD with a user-friendly design and features that meet the primary requirements of fleet operations. It will continue to become more effective and appealing to customers with the addition of more features. EROAD Ehubo is an ideal choice for customers looking for a durable all-in-one system with accurate tracking facilities that also ensure compliance and safety. 

The log generation and fuel tax capabilities of this ELD are one of the best among its competitors. The fleet business owners and driver-operators would seriously consider this device due to its affordable monthly pricing, robust hardware, and helpful support. 

Ehubo ELD can help streamline the fleet management process with real-time information, convenient communication, updated reports, and close monitoring of efficiency and cost parameters. Investment in such a durable, user-friendly, and reliable tracking solution is worthwhile and will help you improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability in the long run.

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