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eld for trucks

8 Best ELD For Trucks [Review and Guide]

Every year around 700 truckers and others die due to truck collisions. These accidents result from overworked, fatigued, and sleepy drivers. Unfortunately, several people are ...
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hos rules guide

Top HOS Rules You Must Know in 2023

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By James Johnson

The term “hours of service” represents the maximum time drivers can be on duty. Drivers’ HOS rules include driving time, rest breaks, and the length ...

benefits of becoming a truck driver

7 Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

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By James Johnson

If you can describe yourself as a patient, self-reliant person with an adventurous bone and great physical health, then a career as a truck driver ...

enterprise gps tracking intro image

Enterprise GPS Tracking: Everything You Need to Know

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By James Johnson

Enterprise GPS tracking systems provide real-time vehicle monitoring, optimal routing, better safety, asset protection, maintenance warnings, fuel efficiency, improved dispatching, accurate invoicing, compliance reporting, and ...