BigRoad DashLink ELD Review

BigRoad DashLink ELD Review: 2024 Features & Pricing

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By James Johnson

BigRoad DashLink ELD

BigRoad DashLink ELD most effectively serves this purpose with its various features and capabilities. The device is easy to install and operate, accessible through any Android device, and compatible with almost every commercial vehicle. The easy-to-use online applications help to fulfill the ELD mandate requirements. It captures relevant data and analyzes them to provide meaningful information.

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Fleet management systems are crucial for coordinating and streamlining fleet operations. Business owners and drivers seek out affordable and easy-to-use electronic logging device (ELD) solutions that are flexible and reliable. The BigRoad DashLink ELD is an excellent option that effectively fulfills these needs, with its various features and capabilities.

The device is easy to install and operate, accessible through any Android device, and compatible with almost every commercial vehicle. Its user-friendly online applications also help to meet ELD mandate requirements. The device captures relevant data and analyzes it to provide meaningful information.

This article provides a comprehensive review of the BigRoad DashLink ELD, including its advanced features and functionalities, and how it can be synchronized with the mobile app for a unique user experience. It has become increasingly popular among fleet managers and drivers as an advanced online management tool suitable for any vehicle. The article highlights how it can help fleet managers make the most appropriate decisions regarding asset utilization, safety compliance, and efficiency improvement.

Device Cost: No upfront cost for installation 

Subscription Cost: The monthly subscription is $40 per vehicle. The monthly fee to access the mobile app is $15 per month.

Company Overview

The company BigRoad is based in Canada and provides affordable technology solutions to all types of fleet operators to meet regulatory compliances in the Commercial Motor Vehicle industry. In line with this objective, the company launched the BigRoad DashLink ELD and BigRoad Mobile app as an easy and cost-effective solution for commercial fleet managers. 

The company has incorporated some of the best technological features that make this logging device a perfect choice for the fleet management industry. The device has received an overwhelming response from the drivers and fleet managers as an efficient online fleet management tool and ELD solution. The mobile app is also quite popular among thousands of fleet operators across the country.

What Makes The BigRoad DashLink ELD Desirable?

BigRoad DashLink ELD

The device and the mobile app have received deep acknowledgment from various fleet owners and drivers for giving a simple and affordable ELD solution.

You must go through the following features that make this product so popular.

Stand Alone and Smart Mobile APP

The device comes with the BigRoad mobile app as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) ELD solution. The app works efficiently on any device and platform, providing easy-to-use facilities and flexible features. It is one of the most widely used ELD apps today. The benefits that the app offers are as follows: 

  • It provides drivers with easy login and quick editing facilities
  • the configuration supports several pre-loaded HOS rules as per the requirements
  • It allows the creation of accurate and relevant log reports for inspection purposes
  • It organizes records and electronic documentation at a central location
  • It creates alerts for any violation and helps take necessary actions for ELD compliance
  • It allows the preparation of Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • It prevents manual errors in entries and eliminates paper works
  • It Notifies managers about vehicle conditions and maintenance needs

Easy Installation and Operation

The installation of the device is convenient and requires less effort and time. It is a simple plug-and-play device connected to the engine for receiving data without any complication. The simple layout display of the app allows ease of view and use. There are buttons in the device to set your work status conveniently and quickly. The messaging facility allows two-way communication and the upload of documents. The BigRoad website provides thorough instructions that guide you about the installation, operation, and even diagnose malfunctioning of the system. There is a range of guidelines available online. You can download and follow the most suitable one that meets your requirements.

Flexible Pricing Options

The hardware installation is free, and the user needs to pay a monthly charge to access the software service and advanced tools that the company provides. There are monthly subscription plans available to choose from three given plan options based on the business needs and budget. The subscription plans are as follows:

  1. Fleet Management Electronic Log: This is the most basic and cost-effective plan that gives the mobile app and web-based features access.
  2. Owner-Operator ELD Compliance Plan: This allows access to mobile apps, web, and ELD applications and helps ELD compliance through log generation.
  3. Fleet Management ELD Compliance: A slightly higher value plan to provide overall facilities as a fleet management tool.

Real-time Tracking

Effective fleet management is about real-time information on vehicles and the drivers’ duty status. The BigRoad DashLink ELD can collect this data from individual fleet assets and transmit the same. The tracking system plays a crucial role and allows fleet operators to plan suitable routes, adapt to changing conditions, and optimize the fleet movement affecting cost and time. 

The BigRoad device provides the facility to go through every data about the vehicle, view the route history, and monitor driver performance to help plan for every truck in the fleet most effectively. The location and movement of trucks in real-time and information update helps managers make suitable decisions.

The web portal gives a clear view of the driver’s duty status and informs you about traffic conditions so that you can reschedule your routes. It ultimately helps to achieve savings in terms of time and fuel consumption. It also ensures better utilization of assets and resources. The effective tracking mechanisms inform you about truck location, movements, time, engine performance, and driving behavior. It helps make informed decisions for better performance and profitability.

BigRoad DashLink ELD Features

The device has the most powerful features and capabilities to make it one of the best ELD tools. The device provides easy access by the drivers and managers. It also offers intelligent data handling and representation facilities that allow drivers to experience minimal distractions in driving. At the same time, they can comply with all necessary regulations and service requirements. The drivers and fleet managers prefer the e-log facilities that have the following features:

Innovative Mobile Applications 

The mobile application gives an opportunity for users to follow the ELD mandate accurately and remain compliant with the law. The mobile application works as a standalone application. It is also available in combination with DashLink ELD. It provides small fleet owners and operators with a flexible and convenient ELD compliance solution.

The mobile app is easy to learn and use. It helps drivers to create e-logs and reports for easy visibility. The HOS and updated hours are a reference for taking necessary steps towards better resource utilization. The system allows the generation of logs in various output formats like print, fax, or e-mail.

The other features like Google map display, night view, satellite imaging, and traffic congestion are customized features that allow drivers to identify locations and plan routes more conveniently under challenging conditions. 

GPS Tracking

The device has in-built GPS trackers to monitor trucks’ real-time locations and movements. GPS trackers work on a cloud-based platform using satellite communication facilities. The logging device uses the power of GPS to access and record the route history of each vehicle that the fleet managers can view for better coordination and control. This feature eventually helps optimize fleet movements, avoid unnecessary delays, and gain cost-efficiency in operations. The update about real-time situations helps fleet owners plan and guide managers and drivers for better control.

The tracking solution also helps to address many challenges faced in the daily operations of fleets like monitoring vehicle performance, encouraging safe driving behavior, ensuring best-operating practices, and following guidelines. The tracking facility allows fleet owners to make informed decisions, guaranteeing improved service and customer satisfaction.

BigRoad Web Application

The web portal of BigRoad gives customers a satisfying experience by allowing access to simple and advanced fleet management tools. The web portal allows the view of real-time locations and movements of vehicles. You can access the updated HOS reports, driver logs, and DVIR for various fleets.

The web dashboard allows fleet managers to identify potential risks and take proactive measures to remain prepared. The dashboard supplies pertinent information, keeping you updated about all compliance formalities. The web application permits managers to send instant messages to drivers of individual fleets to take proactive actions to avoid any safety violations. 

Final Review

The BigRoad DashLink ELD is a practical solution for small to large fleet businesses. The significant advantages are simplicity and reliability. 

Customers can access the benefits of features at an affordable cost. The convenient and accurate report generation helps to make administrative tasks much easier and less complicated. Large fleet owners prefer it as an ideal digital solution to manage the logbook and other records with proper authentication. It also reduces the time spent on administrative work allowing managers to focus more on business operations. 

Besides offering facilities for real-time tracking and control of vehicles, the device allows owners to utilize various back-office tools and features to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity. It is considered one of the most reliable solutions for fleet owners, operators, and carriers handling real-time challenges. 

Eventually, it helps them gain long-term benefits of better capacity utilization, cost control, and customer satisfaction. The device offers a range of comprehensive solutions for compliance and convenience. The system ensures to keep you updated with the current ELD mandate requirements and ongoing changes. This solution provides a simple and affordable way to streamline fleet operations. It lets you know the navigation and progress of each truck at your fingertip with the help of the mobile app. Every year thousands of drivers and fleet managers use this solution to improve reliability, compliance, and safety in their vehicle management.

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