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8 ELD Devices with No Monthly Fees ( No Contracts Required )

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By James Johnson

Since installing the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is mandatory for any long-haul commercial motor vehicle operating across the United States, many owner-operators, drivers, and fleet managers look for affordable eld options. Consequently, more and more companies are entering the ELD market. Multiple companies have launched their ELD devices without contract or monthly subscription fees so that the owners can comply with the FMCSA’s ELD rule at a low cost.

There are ELD devices with no monthly fees that help small fleet managers and owner-operators become compliant without incurring a lot of costs on logging and navigation. You will be required to incur the initial cost of purchasing the device, but that is a one-time expense. You won’t have to pay any monthly fee after that.

No monthly fee ELD devices have a lot of benefits including cost efficiency as it reduces the total cost, It is also an ideal choice for seasonal truckers, works for managing larger and diverse fleet, and increases safety.

We have researched and tested over 20+ ELD devices that claim to have no monthly fees, and based on our thorough research and tests we have finalized around 8 ELD devices that offer no subscription fee to their customers. We’ll be comparing all the eld devices in our list below.

8 Best ELDs with No Monthly Fees [Tested]

While choosing ELDs with no subscription you have to analyze a few basic requisites it should be providing. No monthly fees save your investment, but sometimes devices are not up to the mark with features and reporting like compliance certification, ELD type, compatibility, and automated IFTA reporting.

Our list below provides the price and complete comparison of ELD solutions with no monthly fees and their features.

Pro tip: Before buying ELD solutions with no monthly recurring fees, ensure that these are FMCSA-approved.


Matrack ELD 

Matrack ELD; Best in ELDs with no monthly fees

Matrack has successfully excelled at providing ELD solutions to industries such as construction, food & beverages, vehicle rental, government services, HVAC, courier & delivery services, etc. The Matrack ELD is one of the best ELDs available in the current market at a low subscription cost, no contracts, and a lifetime warranty. It is a compact ELD with loaded features including real-time GPS location tracking, Bluetooth, and a user-friendly interface.

Matrack provides you with an easy-to-install device that will require a few simple steps. The ELD connects with the vehicle’s OBD II port and does not require any technical expertise. You need to plug the device into the vehicle port with a 9-pin cable. A 16-pin adapter can also work to connect the device. It has red and green LED lights that indicate power, GPS detection, and device registration. The light is either flashing or remains solid. Each light activity has a different indication so you can easily operate the device.

The app for Matrack ELD is very easy to use and can help the drivers, as well as the manager, monitor and access the data in a user-friendly way. The ELD logbook app is very intuitive and provides you with voice-based status-changing options. The app also assists fleet managers by providing tools to optimize loading and unloading operations. The app is available for any Android or iOS device.

This ELD is in complete compliance with FMCSA standards, therefore it is preferred by all the owners, drivers, and fleet managers. The Matrack ELD is available free of cost with a low subscription fee of $14.95 per month. There is no contract fee and you can cancel the subscription anytime without any extra charges. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day return policy. The company provides 24×7 customer support.


  • The Matrack app is very user-friendly. The user interface of the Matrack ELD app is comparatively easier than any other available in the market.
  • Good customer support.
  • Easy-to-install device.


  • It can be challenging to understand the red and green LED indications while setting up the device.

Garmin eLog Compliant ELD

Garmin eLog Compliant ELD

Garmin is a well-known company but a newcomer to the trucking market with ELD solutions. Although being new in the market, they have designed their ELD with all the necessary features that can comply with FMCSA rules. The Garmin eLog ELD is a simple and efficient tracking device that makes sure your HoS logs comply with FMCSA ELD mandates.

Drivers can track driving time, log time off, duty status, and share their logs. It automatically records the data and you can check the remaining driving hours per day or week. The records are stored on your smartphone and not in cloud storage. These records are easily accessible through a USB flash drive or via Bluetooth. This ELD provides you with all the eLog solutions regardless of your fleet size.

The Garmin eLog Compliant ELD is an easy-to-install device that is compatible with both 9-pin J1939 and 6-pin J1708 diagnostic ports. You just need to plug in the ELD to the port and connect it with the app to start the device. This ELD is not compatible with the OBDII port. If you want to connect the device with a 16-pin J1962 port, that is generally available in Volvo trucks.

The eLog is smooth and accurate for navigation. It is compatible with the Garmin navigator and allows you to integrate GPS and routing with ELD. Using Garmin eLog also has some drawbacks. Drivers have issues with using the mobile app. They have complained that the app suddenly crashes while using it. This can be frustrating and may take your extra time. Consequently, it drains the battery of your phone without being productive.

This ELD is a one-time purchase product available at the price of $249.99 with no subscription fee. For further details, you can check out our detailed review of Garmin ELog ELD.


  • The Garmin eLog is a ready-to-use device. It takes no time in setting up and does not require any special expertise.
  • Provides you with a GPS navigator that is compatible with the device.
  • It’s a one-time purchase device.


  • Not suitable for Volvo trucks.

Blue Ink Technology BIT ELD 

BlueInk Technology ELD 

The Blue Ink Technology (BIT) ELD is one of the pioneers of cost-efficient ELDs in the market. When it comes to simplicity, Blue Ink is a great consideration for ELD solutions. Be it the robust design, functionality, or value for money, it has made its mark in all the areas for an ideal ELD in the market. It is one of those unconventional devices with a lot of functionality that helps small fleet managers and owner-operators who are struggling with the high monthly fees of ELDs. 

The BIT ELD has all the basic features that you need to comply with FMCSA’s ELD rule for your truck. It records VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), engine hours, Odometer mileage, Engine On and off, and In-motion status. The fleet managers can edit logbook errors. The mobile app to monitor and access the device is free to download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

This ELD will give you no pain while installing it on your vehicle. It is compatible with 9-pin / j1939 and 6-pin / j1708 diagnostic ports, and it is not compatible with vehicles with an OBDII port. If you want to use an adapter splitter or have an OBDII connection in your vehicle, you will have to buy the connector separately. This connector will not be provided by the company, in the box. Moreover, you need to pay an additional $40 for this connector.

You will have to incur a one-time cost to get this ELD and access to the Blue Ink portal. It is available at the price of about $295. However, you don’t have to pay any monthly fee to comply with FMCSA ELD regulations. This device is approved and registered with FMCSA.

You can pay for an optional premium subscription to get premium features available for $30 per month. The premium features include keeping track of IFTA fuel tax, monitoring the air pressure of tires, etc. You can also get air pressure monitors for tires. Additionally, you can choose air scales. These are all suitable for owner-operators and small fleets. 


  • Requires only one-time payment to use the device.
  • Air scale and tire pressure sensor.
  • Includes IFTA reporting.


  • On paying for premium subscriptions, they are not providing enough features.

National Carrier Exchange ELD

National Carrier Exchange ELD

The National Carrier Exchange (NCX) ELD solves the problems of many owner-operators and fleet managers who don’t require extra features. These can be the features that are not applicable to their business. It helps them in providing them with simple ELD solutions that comply with the FMCSA standards. This ELD is one of the lowest-cost ELDs with no monthly subscriptions. With just $175 and no monthly subscription, you get the hardware, the mobile app, GPS, driver loading management, and load management tools.

The NCX provides you all the basic functions of an ELD. It includes recording vehicle data, driver login information, driving behavior, equipment faults, and professional invoicing. It also provides tracking numbers and load tracking with the app.

This device is designed to meet the DOT certification and is connected to the engine of the vehicle. It has 4 types of interfaces to simplify the connection. It can connect through a 4P interface, 10P interface, Micro USB interface, and sim interface. The OBDII connector is also included for the vehicle with the OBDII port.


  • Suitable for small-size fleets.
  • Durable device.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Limited telematic features.
  • There can be a connection issue sometimes.

Switchboard ELD

Switchboard ELD

The Switchboard ELD is amongst the best no-monthly subscription ELDs. It has all the necessary features at an affordable price and no monthly cost. The device includes features like DVIRs (Digital Vehicle Inspection Records), driving time, email/fax of logs, and IFTA. It also has a rare feature that comes with an integrated tablet. It is suitable for small fleet owners who don’t want to pressurize their drivers to use their phones for compliance. There is also a free mobile app available for Android phones and tablets.

Switchboard ELD is very easy to use and takes only a few minutes for installation. You just have to plug it into the OBDII or JBUS port of your vehicle. It draws the power from the diagnostic port. You can choose the 6-pin, 9-pin, heavy-duty, or light-duty cable for connecting the device.

Your Switchboard tablet or your smartphone is required to connect to the engine module of your vehicle via Bluetooth.


  • Intuitive User-friendly design.
  • Suitable for small fleet managers and owner-operators.
  • FMCSA certified.
  • Supports HoS rules for the US and Canada.


  • Issues with clunky carrier logs.

Teletrac Navman ELD

The Development of ELDs at Teletrac - Teletrac Navman US

Teletrac Navman ELD is a simple and comprehensive electronic logging device solution that can help you to record your driving time automatically and ensure compliance with the HoS rules. It has a simple installation process. You must plug the device into the diagnostic port and download the application to access several features. In addition to basic compliance monitoring, Teletrac Navman also offers various features, such as GPS tracking, vehicle motion active, driver’s duty status, engine diagnostics, miles traveled, etc.

Teletrac Navman ELD has a TN360 dashboard that allows fleet managers to view the working hours of all the drivers in their fleet. They can ensure that everyone stays under the HoS limits and allocate the job accordingly. Also, suggest edits to log or update duty status to ensure compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations. You can also monitor the driver’s behavior and create risk profiles to improve fleet safety. You can also buy an integrated dashboard camera to increase driver safety and prevent accidents.

The TN360 dashboard provides quick insight into your business and real-time data analytics so you can make business decisions and spot irregularities. It helps you to increase efficiency and productivity. You can also use the same for real-time communication, job management, dispatch management, document management, etc.

The drivers can complete the pre & post-trip inspection passed with the help of the mobile application from their mobile device. They can instantly upload the faults and notify the fleet managers of the same. At the same time, fleet managers can easily schedule vehicle maintenance and reduce vehicle downtime or an unexpected breakdown. 

Fleet managers can also generate fuel tax reports and save time and effort by manually collecting fuel receipts and calculating fuel consumption. 

One of the highlights of the Teletrac Navman ELD is that you will get a free device with a monthly subscription cost of $45. It is a budget-friendly solution, given the features it provides you. 


  • Free Device
  • Navigation
  • Training programs
  • GPS tracking
  • Easy to use and adapt
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Automatic IFTA report 
  • Real-time communication
  • 24/7 customer support 


  • You have to pay monthly subscription fees 

HoS247 ELD

ELD (Electronic Logging Devices), ELD Devices

HoS247 is an easy-to-use electronic logging device for drivers and fleet managers. It is fully FMCSA-compliant and helps you to comply with the prevailing rules and regulations. It is an effective device with dedicated driver and fleet manager support, so no matter who faces a problem with this solution, you can get it resolved by experts. 

HoS247 ELD has a simple installation. You or your diver can install it within a few seconds. All you have to do is plug in the device and then connect it to your smartphone or tablet via USB or Bluetooth, and you are ready to comply with the HoS rules. 

The drivers can also download the integrated ELD logbook app. It is an easy-to-use mobile application that supports both Android and iOS. Your drivers can use this to manage or edit their logs, complete electronic device vehicle inspection reports with ease, and maintain compliance. The mobile application is the best way to avoid HoS violations. The device will send you and the driver real-time alerts when they are about to cross their daily working limits. The drivers can also access on-road driver support to resolve their queries and stay in companies with rules. 

The HoS247 ELD also has an intuitive fleet manager portal to help fleet managers streamline different fleet activities. They can overview the logs of all the drivers at the same place. They can suggest edits to reduce DoT or HoS violations.

Another notable feature is real-time GPS tracking. The fleet managers can view the real-time location of various vehicles. It increases fleet visibility, improves customer satisfaction, and instills efficiency in the organization. The fleet managers can also generate automatic IFTA reports and reduce human errors and audit risk. 

The fleet managers can also monitor the fleet health. They can streamline vehicle diagnostics with fault code detection and real-time notifications. They can schedule vehicle maintenance to reduce vehicle breakdowns and reduce downtime. 


  • Easy installation process
  • Exceptional customer service
  • IFTA reporting
  • Fleet tracking
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Multiple HoS rules


  • You will get the device only when you pay subscription fees one year in advance. 

EZ Logs ELD EZ-ELD Solution Electronic Logging Device : Electronics

EZ Logs ELD is a fully FMCSA-compliant device. It is the best way to switch from old paper logs to a mobile-friendly & easy to use an electronic logging device and comply with the ELD rule. It is an innovative solution that can help you to manage your fleet efficiently and improve fleet performance. 

EZ Logs ELD is compatible with vehicles with a 9-pin, 6-pin, and OBDII OBD port. It is a simple device that you and your drivers can adapt to in no time. Even if you face any difficulty, you can connect to their customer support team, which is available 24/7 to serve you. It has a simple installation process. To use the device, you need to plug in the device, using the adaptor or directly plug in the OBD port. Now open the phone settings and try to locate the device using Bluetooth. Once you are connected to the hardware, you can download the mobile application from the app store to register your fleet.

EZ Logs ELD comes with some unique features to streamline various fleet operations. It has a trucker trip planner feature that helps you to plan your trip efficiently. You can calculate the time of arrival, working hours, and road conditions.

You can plan the route and get detailed information on what your drivers did during the trip, like speed, rest breaks, fuel stops, etc. It can help you to restrict vehicle idling and reduce fuel consumption.

Another notable feature is the point of interest maps. The solution offers a map with already marked several locations. It helps you to understand the route even if you are unfamiliar with it. You can identify fuel stops, weigh stations and rest stops and plan the way accordingly. The drivers can also download the mobile application to log in with their duty status and certify their logs. The device also mentions diesel prices at different fueling locations in the way so that they can make wise decisions and save money. 

EZ Logs ELD is an affordable solution. You don’t have to pay any upfront cost. You will only have to pay $29 per month. You can also choose annual subscription plans to avoid chaos and save extra. 


  • Two-way messaging
  • Cloud storage
  • GPS tracking and location history
  • 24/7 customer service in multiple languages
  • Point of interest map
  • Trucker trip planner


  • You will have to pay subscription fees 

Benefits of Using ELD Devices with No Monthly Fees

The ELD solutions with no monthly subscription fees have solved many issues for small fleet managers and owner-operators, especially in monetary terms. They are unable to afford the ELDs with a high monthly subscription. Using these ELDs is a smart choice for fleet managers, owner-operators, and drivers who work seasonally. Here are the benefits of the ELD with no monthly fees.

Lower the Total Cost

If you are on a tight budget, looking for options to manage your fleet vehicle, and staying compliant with the FMCSA rule, then buying an ELD with no monthly commitments is the best option. Many companies don’t even charge you the upfront cost of the device.

ELD with monthly subscription fees costs you around $15 to $40 per month. This will reach up to approximately $200 in a year, which is the price of the average ELD. So, if you choose an ELD with no monthly fees you will save your money from unnecessary expenses.

Suitable for Seasonal Companies

Many fleet companies, owner-operators, and drivers operate seasonally. They have the option of choosing the ELDs that offer seasonal plans but waiting for a relevant offer doesn’t always work and is not a good option. If you opt for the ELD without contracts, you can take a break from the fleet operations without paying for it.

Applicable for All Types of Fleets and Owners

Whether you own a small business of commercial vehicles or manage large fleets, choosing the ELDs with no monthly fees is going to be beneficial for you. However, you may need some prominent features to manage a large fleet that is only available in some high-priced ELDs with a monthly subscription. You can use the ELDs with no monthly fees as far as compliance is concerned.

Diverse Fleet Tracking

If you constantly switch your fleet between short and long haul, choosing the ELD solutions with no monthly fees can work for you very well. Usually, you have to incur the cost of a monthly subscription regardless of your requirements. When running your fleet in short-haul, you don’t need compliance. An ELD with no recurring fees will allow you to switch to longer-haul freight whenever you need it.

Cost-Efficient Devices

Many companies have understood the issues of small owner-operators, who are unable to pay the high price for ELD with premium features. Therefore, they came up with the ELDs with no monthly fees. These ELDs come with all the basic features that will help them to manage their drivers and stay compliant with the FMCSA mandate at a reasonable rate.

Increases Safety

Fleet or the drivers using the ELDs (free or paid) are safer than the ones that don’t use them. As they follow the HoS (Hours of Service) to stay compliant, they remain safe and are more likely to stay away from any mishap. Furthermore, ELDs can help in GPS tracking, route management, driver staying active, and identification of bad driving, therefore preventing numerous accidents.

In Conclusion

Having an ELD without a monthly subscription can save you money and let you stay compliant with the FMCSA standards. The ELD solutions with no monthly fees are particularly helpful for drivers and owner-operators who are on a tight budget.

All the ELDs mentioned in the above-curated list are running successfully in the current market. You can choose the ELD that matches your budget and requirements. You can go through their price and features and analyze their usage that suits your business. While choosing an ELD with no monthly fees, you should check all the factors including the reliable brand, service provider, durability, and basic features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are ELDs important?

A: ELDs are important because they help drivers and carriers comply with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations, which aim to improve road safety by reducing driver fatigue and preventing accidents caused by excessive driving hours.

Q: Who is required to use an ELD?

A: Most commercial motor carriers and drivers who are required to keep RODS (Record of Duty Status) must use an ELD to comply with FMCSA regulations. However, there are some exemptions, such as for drivers who operate within a 100-mile radius or for drivers who use paper logs for not more than 8 days in a 30-day period.

Q: What are the benefits of using an ELD?

A: Benefits of using an ELD include improved compliance with HOS regulations, reduced administrative burden, improved accuracy of log data, improved safety, and reduced risk of fines and penalties.

Q: What should I look for when choosing an ELD?

A: When choosing an ELD, you should consider features such as ease of use, compatibility with your vehicle and other devices, automatic recording of HOS, real-time tracking, and compliance with FMCSA regulations.

Q: How do I install an ELD?

A: Installation of an ELD varies depending on the device and the make and model of the truck. Some devices can be self-installed, while others require professional installation. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and FMCSA regulations regarding ELD installation and use.

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