5 Things Industry Veterans Do During Pre-Trip Inspections

An image depicting an experienced industry professional conducting a thorough pre-trip inspection on a commercial vehicle, checking various components for safety and compliance

Knowledge grows with age. You can only refine certain skills through real-world experience, not by teaching them in a classroom. Recognizing this, the YourBestFleet team actively sought the wisdom of seasoned commercial drivers. We asked these veterans to impart their hard-earned insights to those just beginning their journey in this field, fostering a community of … Read more

Fleet Management Tips – YourBestFleet Guide

fleet management tips

In many ways, taking care of a fleet of commercial is complicated. Fleet managers deal with various problems, such as unclear markets, changing laws, and rising costs. The goal of fleet management is to handle the difficulties of transportation operations in a way that maximizes output and makes the best use of resources. Throughout the … Read more

Truck Driver Life: What an Average Day Looks Like?

day in life of a truck driver

Recently, we had some seasoned commercial truck drivers at our office to discuss the current industry policies. Our conversation digressed, and we ended up discussing how we start our days. While most people in our office get up in the morning after a good night’s sleep in our comfortable beds, the truckers had a different … Read more

Improve Fleet Safety with Vehicle Inspection History

fleet safety with vehicle inspection history

Safety, whether of their assets or the other people and vehicles on the road, is one of the biggest concerns for all parties in the transportation industry. A fleet safety report found an average of 4.5 accidents per driver occur each year.  While most fleet owners, managers, and drivers consciously adhere to and practice safety … Read more

Fleet Maintenance Best Practices – A YourBestFleet Guide

fleet maintenance best practices

Managing your fleet well is essential for a transportation business that wants to keep costs low, reduce delays, and improve working efficiency. In this economic environment, it’s becoming increasingly important as the prices of auto parts, like tires, which have gone up 15% in the last year, keep going up.  Strategic fleet maintenance is not … Read more

Fleet Compliance Checklist for Fleet Managers

fleet compliance checklist

As a fleet manager in 2024, you’re witnessing the change in the logistics industry brought by technological advancements and the eagerness of authorities to adopt new tech to make this industry safer for all. It is a crucial part that you play a big picture to ensure that fleet activities are safe, trustworthy, and legal. … Read more

CDL Backing Test: Everything You Need to Know to Pass

cdl test maneuvers

In driving, there are two skills that everyone must perfect: parallel parking and backing. It is especially true for truck drivers, whose careers and safety rely heavily on these abilities. Therefore, driving tests for truck drivers place significant emphasis on these skills. The backing maneuvers portion of the skill test is particularly critical. In real-life … Read more

Truck Driving in 2024: What to Expect on Day one

what to except on day 1 in truck driving career

Starting as a truck driver is an exciting step. Imagine it’s your first day: the early morning, the truck’s engine starting up, and you’re feeling a mix of excitement and a bit of nerves. This first day is a significant moment that will shape your career in this thrilling and challenging field. It’s essential, especially … Read more

How to Become a Top-Tier Driver in 2024

what it takes to become a top-tier truck driver

Becoming a truck driver requires driving skills and some necessary certifications and licenses. However, to become the most sought-after, best-on-the-job, top-tier truck driver, you need to be more than a skilled driver. Working knowledge of and strict adherence to rules and regulations is a must. You must readily adapt to challenges on the road and … Read more

Complete Owner-Operator Checklist for Compliance

compliance checklist for owner operators

Whether in a startup or an established business, fleet owner-operators must adhere to government regulations. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has established rules, guidelines, and procedures that fleet businesses must follow to ensure the safety of all drivers. Audits can occur anytime, so you should always be prepared with your compliance records and updates. In … Read more