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10 Best Fuel Cards To Enhance Fuel Efficiency

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By James Johnson

Gasoline prices worldwide are increasing, and the transportation industry is facing significant challenges as a result. In the United States, prices have reached record levels of $4-$6 per gallon, making fuel expenses one of the largest costs for fleets. To tackle this issue, fleet managers and business owners are turning to fuel cards, which offer a variety of benefits over traditional cash or credit cards.

Fuel cards provide discounts at partnered fueling stations, secure and controlled fuel management, and detailed reporting. They also help drivers find the best fuel prices easily by comparing prices at different fueling stations using the integrated mobile application. By using fuel cards, fleet managers and business owners can significantly reduce fuel expenses, increase profits, and keep their fleets running smoothly. In this blog post, we’ll explore how fuel cards work, their benefits, and why they’re an excellent solution for fleet managers and business owners looking to control expenses and increase profits.

10 Best Fuel Cards for Fleet Owners and Businesses


Matrack Fuel Card

Do you want a fuel card that can help you beyond fuel rebates? Matrack Fuel card does not only help you to get discounts but also streamline various fleet operations.

You can use the Matrack fuel card at more than 230,000 places, including fuel stations, truck stops, and convenience stores. So no matter where you operate in the country, you can use this card without stress. 

With the help of Matrack, you can save up to $2000 per month. How? 

  • You can use the may track mobile application to find the fueling station that provides the best discounts in the network. Your drivers can compare the fuel prices at different locations and choose the best one.  
  • There are no hidden fees on this card, so you don’t have to pay anything extra. 
  • It allows you to get a flexible cash flow guarantee with 60 days of free payment without any interest. Also, you can get an additional discount of 1.5% by paying early. 
  • Also, if you have a tight cash flow budget, you can choose the long repayment option without any extra cost. 
  • Matrack authorizes you to have better control over fuel spending with features like spending limits, purchase controls, and fraud alerts. 
  • It provides comprehensive reports on fuel purchases, so you don’t have to worry about collecting fuel receipts to make decisions. It also generates automated iftar tax reports; you don’t have to spend time on documentation and focus on revenue-generating activities. 
  • You can also use these cards for additional expenses, like lodging and boarding, maintenance costs, etc. 
  • You can integrate this fuel card with a fleet management system to increase your savings by 10 to 15% per year. 

WEX Fleet Fuel Card

Tackle the problem of unwanted fuel expenses and fuel monitoring with the Wex fleet fuel cards.

With the help of these cards, you can fill them up anywhere and get special discounts. Irrelevant to where your business is in the USA or where you operate, WEX fuel cards have got you covered. 95% of US gas stations accept this card. It not only helps you to get discounts on your fuel purchases but also does many more:

  • It allows you to monitor every transaction of your fleet. You can know who, when, and where is using the card with the help of simple online and mobile tools. 
  • You can restrict useless spending in your fleet. You can limit card usage by amount, time of day, and even employees.
  • With the WEX fuel card, you don’t have to worry about stressful paperwork. The system automatically does the fuel accounting and expense tracking, and you can get the detailed report with one click. 

WEX offers you two different cards to cater to your needs. You can choose one according to your fleet’s size. 

  • WEX Flex Card 

It provides you fuel savings up to 3 cents per gallon. You can also enjoy a flexible payment option to carry the business even when the budget is tight.

  • WEX Fleet Card 

It is the best way to get exclusive discounts and access powerful tools to control the fuel consumption in your fleet. 


Fuelman Fuel Card

Fuelman fuel card is a safe choice for fleets to pay fuel expenses rather than cash and credit cards. 

It can help you control your fuel expenses and ensure that drivers are not using the money for personal use. Additionally, you can get rebates on every fuel and gas purchase. 

The best part about fuel man cards is that they are accepted by 50000 + stations nationwide. 

The other benefits of Fuelman cards are:

  • Cost controls: You can prevent misuse and fraud in your fleet with customizable fuel controls, real-time alerts, etc.  
  • Reporting and Tracking: you can always check out the fuel expenses individually, i.e., driver by driver or vehicle by vehicle, to make decisions. 
  • Maintenance manager: you can also schedule, track, approve, or pay for your vehicle maintenance and use the Fuelman account. 

You can choose a perfect card for you among these available options:

  • Fuelman Deep Saver Fleet Card
  • Fuelman Clean Advantage
  • Fuelman MasterCard

Shell Fleet Plus Card

Shell Fleet Plus card is a simple way to save money, simplify tasks, & free yourself from hectic document management and focus on what is significant for your business. It is a complete solution that can help you to get fuel rebates of up to 6 cents for a gallon and manage your fleet fuel consumption. 

Irrelevant to the size of your business, you can choose this card to access the value to save your money and time.

The benefits of shell fleet plus card are:

  • Savings

With the Shell Fleet Plus card, you can save up to 6 cents per gallon. It is a volume-based rebate, so it varies according to fuel purchases. 

It also does not charge any monthly, annual, or card fees.

  • Better control

You can set customizable limits on fuel purchases. You can also access detailed reports on different aspects of the feeling activity to make decisions. Also, you can activate, deactivate or terminate any card through the online and mobile application tool. 

  • Convenience

You can use this card at over 14000 Shells stations and other locations across the USA. So you won’t have to worry about refueling at a particular fuel station. 

  • Security 

With better controls and restrictions, you can reduce the fraud and misuse of fuel cards and save money.


BP Business Solutions MasterCard

BP fuel card is a powerful fuel card that can help you control and manage fuel expenses in your fleet. It provides better control, convenience, security, and flexibility over fleet expenses. 

The benefits of the BP business solution card are as follows:

  • Online control and visibility

It allows you to set card controls and limits by days, weeks, or months.

You can access the information, reports, and statements for your needs and requirements 24/7. 

Also, you don’t have to go through the chaos of collecting receipts for reimbursements. The system will store everything virtually on the cloud. 

  • Security and fraud control

The driver would need their driver ID and odometer prompting to access the card. If your driver loses the card, you can easily deactivate the card. You can also have the power to monitor after-hour purchases and daily transactions.

  • Savings

BP solution fuel cards are a great way to pay for fuel expenses. You can easily save on rebates at BP or Amoco-branded locations. You can save 7 cents per gallon on the purchase of 10000 gallons of fuel per month. 

It provides different cards to cater to the needs of small, mid, and large fleets. 

The BP Business Solution Plus:  It is a perfect card for small to mid-size fleets. They can get savings of up to 7 cents with volume-based rebates. You can use these at BP and Amoco fuel stations. It also allows you to maintain control over spending and prevent misuse by setting limits on the card. 

The BP solution MasterCard: On the other hand, BP solution MasterCard is ideal for mid-size to larger fleets. You can use this card to get fuel discounts and rebates anywhere in the US. You can also get customized reports on your fuel management solution. 


RTS Fuel Card

Want to save some extra bucks on your fuel purchases? Well, here is an ideal option for you- RTS Fuel Card. 

With the RTS fuel card, you can get fueled rebates of 25 cents per gallon at over 2000 fuel stations, including pilot flying J, Sapp Bros, and Casey’s. 

You can also get 2,500 lines of credit per truck per week. It means you can keep operating even when cash flow is tight in your business. 

The other significant benefit of an RTS fuel card is that it does not charge any annual fees or bind you with any contract. 

While you can use this card at 2,000 fuel stations, you will also get additional point-of-sale fuel discounts at Pilot Flying J locations.  

The drivers and the fleet managers can use the RTS pro mobile app to find the fueling station at the lowest fuel prices in their route. You can get exclusive discounts on preventive maintenance, national brand tires, and more at over 200 truck care service centers. 


ExxonMobil Business Pro

Another way to save and manage your feeling expenses is an ExxonMobil fuel card. You can customize this card according to your individual fleet needs. 

There are several ways this card can be a complete fueling solution for your business:

  • Loyalty earns rewards

You can save additional money through loyalty programs apart from basic fuel rebates. You can use these points to redeem discounts on convenience stores and a few purchases. 

  • Accepted by 95% of US retail fueling stations

You can save up to 6 cents for a gallon at Exxon and Mobil stations. Also, it is accepted by 95% of us retail fueling locations nationwide. 

  • Control and manage fuel spending

You can set limits on card usage by location, amount, and time of Day employee product type to restrict unwanted spending in your organization. 

  • Paperwork

With this card, you can always know where your money is going. You don’t have to collect individual fuel receipts for accounting. The system automatically captures the details like driver ID, fuel grade, sales team, and everything else about fuel purchases to provide a customized report. 

It is a perfect option for you if you are a small fleet with only one to 15 vehicles. The company allows you to revolve your balance flexibility. You can pay the balance on time or later when the cash flow is tight. 


Comdata Fleet Gas Cards 

Whether you own one truck or a hundred, here is a good option for you- Comdata fleet gas cards. With this solution, you can get discounts on fuel or gas purchases and many more- fuel management, handling compliance, etc. 

The company does not charge transaction fees, so you can fuel your tank wherever you want. 

Apart from the fuel rebate of 10 cents per gallon, you can get additional discounts at various fueling stations. 

  • $.10/per gallon at Pilot Flying J
  • $.08/per gallon at Love’s and Ambest
  • $.25/per gallon at TA Petro locations. 

According to the company, the fleet can save up to 3000 per truck annually by using Comdata fueling solutions. 

Unlike its competitors, the Comdata fuel card is widely accepted at over 15000 locations nationwide. So you don’t have to worry about filling the gas tank in the long haul. 

Apart from discounts on fuel purchases, you can also save 65% on tires and retreats at over 3000 locations. 


Acro Business Solutions Fuel Card

Acro business solution fuel cards are other great ways to save fuel expenses. You can save up to 15 cents per gallon for the first three months. It is a good option for you if you are a local or regional business operating within the range of Arco stations. You can use the fuel car to get high-quality gas at a discounted rate. 

It also offers several features such as: 

  • Flexible card management

It allows you to set card controls and purchase restrictions. You can set the limit for the fuel purchases for each driver individually. It ensures that no one will be able to spend extra money. Also, you will be able to monitor where the cash goes.

  • Security and fraud controls

With the help of this fuel card, you can also monitor and restrict fraud controls by additional security measures. The driver has to give their driver ID & odometer prompts res. to make a purchase. It means if someone steals the card, they won’t be able to purchase anything from it. Also, the mean value can deactivate immediately using the mobile application or web portal. 

The Acro business solutions offer you two different options to choose from:

  • Arco Business solution MasterCard

Most of the fueling stations or maintenance locations accept this card. 

  • Arco Business solution fuel card

This card provides you better control over the drivers spending with detailed reports and individual spending restrictions. 


76® Universal Card

Do you want a flexible option that can help you get fuel discounts no matter where you are? Well, here is a good one for you- 76® Universal Card.

You can use this card at 95% of the US gas stations and 45000 service locations. You can save up to 7 cents per gallon on your fuel purchases. 

With this card, you can have better control over your fleet spending. The driver will need a driver’s pin s at the station to pay for the fuel. It will restrict the misuse, and you will receive a notification when your employees are spending with details like location, time of day, etc. It will also help you to restrict after-hour purchases. 

  • Rein in employee spending

You can set the purchase limits by amount, location, time, and product type and ensure no one is wasting hard-earned money. 

  • Easy mobile account access

The fuel cards come with easy online and mobile tools that allow you to view the card activity, access invoices, and download detailed reports from anywhere. You can also cancel or update any card or driver information with a mobile application. 

Your employees can also use the same mobile app to make payments and go cardless. 

You can choose the ideal one for yourself from two options available: 

  • 76 Fleet Card

It allows you to get 7 cents per gallon- 6,800 76®, Phillips 66, and Conoco locations. It does not also have any annual fees. 

  • 76 Universal Card 

It is accepted by 85% of gas stations nationwide. You can also get 7 cents per gallon- 6,800 76®, Phillips 66, and Conoco locations. 


Fuel cards can be a useful tool for businesses that rely heavily on transportation. They offer a range of benefits, including increased visibility and control over fuel expenses. By providing detailed data on fuel usage, fuel cards can identify areas where fuel efficiency can be improved. This can help businesses to reduce their fuel consumption and ultimately save money on fuel expenses. Additionally, fuel cards can often offer discounts on fuel prices, which can help to further reduce operating costs. Overall, fuel cards can be a valuable asset for businesses looking to improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their transportation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of using a fuel card?

A: The benefits of using a fuel card include improved fuel efficiency, reduced administrative costs, and increased control over fuel expenses. Fuel cards can also offer discounts on fuel prices, which can help to reduce operating costs.

Q: How can a fuel card improve fuel efficiency?

A: A fuel card can improve fuel efficiency by providing data on fuel usage and identifying areas where fuel consumption can be reduced. For example, it can identify drivers who are speeding or idling excessively, and provide feedback to help them improve their driving habits. It can also provide information on fuel prices and the locations of fuel stations, which can help drivers to choose the most fuel-efficient routes.

Q: What should I look for in a fuel card?

A: When choosing a fuel card, you should look for features such as wide acceptance at fuel stations, transparent pricing and fees, and tools for tracking fuel usage and expenses. You should also consider any discounts or rewards programs offered by the card issuer.

Q: How do fuel card discounts work?

A: Fuel card discounts typically work by offering a percentage discount on the price of fuel at designated fuel stations. The discount may be based on volume, meaning that the more fuel you purchase, the higher the discount you receive.

Q: Can I use a fuel card for other expenses besides fuel?

A: Some fuel cards may offer the option to use them for other expenses, such as maintenance and repairs. However, it is important to check with the card issuer to see what expenses are eligible for use with the card.

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