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Become an Uber Freight Truck Driver- A FREE Guide

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By James Johnson

The world has seen disruptions in the case of “normal” business practices over the last 15 years. The rise of software-based businesses accessible via smartphones has been a game-changer. It is not easy to drive an 18-wheeler, one of the roughest parts being the long periods spent away from home. A few years of working in the industry can lead to more flexible options for those who can adapt to life on the road. 

In this article, we will discuss Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Uber Freight Truck Driver. Also, you can find how uber freight operates and related concepts. So stay with us till the end. Whether you are a new or a seasoned fleet manager, you need to check out this article by YourBestFleet.

Buying a truck and becoming an owner-operator is an option you need to consider. The convenience of owning your vehicle allows you to drive anywhere, whenever, and however, you like. Uber Freight is a brokerage that helps you make those decisions by providing you with all of the information you need upfront and eliminating the inconvenience of phone calls and bargaining.

Uber is one of those companies that has changed the way people travel within cities. The days of paying exorbitant taxicab fares were over. The best part is that booking a ride is simply a swipe away.

It is now time to transform cargo transportation.

How Does Uber Freight Operate For Workers?

Uber is renowned for its shared rides within cities. It is a business that has revolutionized how people travel within cities and has left its mark on the world. They have, however, expanded into other areas of the transportation industry. The freight industry is the most notable of these. Uber Freight streamlines the reservation, logistics, and payroll system. Registered users, like Uber drivers, can explore available loads based on preferences such as home base, cargo type, and shipping lanes. 

You will have gained experience as a truck driver by working for a company for several years. Then, along with many others, you purchased your equipment. All that remains is for you to find orders to transport across the country. Obtaining orders can be as simple as acquiring contracts from businesses or getting jobs from freight brokers. The Uber Freight app can help with this. 

Uber Freight will function like any other freight broker. The shipper will provide Uber Freight with information about the desired cargo, current location, and destination. As the owner-operator, you get to select your tasks and go wherever you want. You have more control of the data you need for the job with Uber Freight. You’ll discover how much the load will pay, the weight and type of trailer required to complete the job, etc.

You have the freedom to choose how you operate. You can choose between long-distance tasks with the best pay and local delivery jobs if you want to stay close to home. Additionally, you will have access to a list of vetted shippers to contact whenever you need them.

The Uber Freight app serves as a load tracking tool for the shipper and the carrier. They can get real-time delivery status updates whenever they need them. In addition, the app will make document management easier for you. It only takes a few taps and swipes to submit Proof of Delivery. You will get your payment after seven days at no cost to you.

Decoding The Uber Freight Truck Driver App

Whether it’s a last-minute shipment cancellation or a live load that takes 12 hours for no apparent reason, the trucking industry is full of surprises. The Uber Freight truck driver app is always available, ready to assist you in planning your next move as an Uber freight truck driver. Uber Freight truck driver is a companion app to the Uber ride-hailing app that you may be familiar with – designed to serve the freight industry. The app is available for Android and iOS and includes several useful features.

Uber Freight helps reduce uncertainty in the truck industry. Occasionally, shipments get canceled at the last minute, or long-lived loads may occur. There’s no need to fax documents to the broker or use a burdensome scanner; take photos of the paperwork with your device and submit it for payment via the app. You can browse available jobs on Uber Freight and select the best one for you. Typically, the job description will be listed.

The details will include the destination, distance, deadhead (if applicable), and rates. If the listing appears to be something you’d like to do, press the Book Load icon. Furthermore, the Uber Freight app includes several unique features to keep the system turning. The application will memorize your home base, favorite routes, and cargo types.

When Uber uploads new deliveries (that it thinks you might be interested in), you will receive notifications. You can also program back-to-back loads and reloads in advance. You can use the “Post My Truck” function to indicate that your truck will be available for work at a specific time and location, and Uber Freight will send you weight options that meet your criteria. Other carriers’ facility reviews are also available through the app. You can use this to avoid locations with long loading times or difficult dock doors.

Accessorial pay, special offers on fuel and phone plans, and new and used International trucks and truck services are also available to carriers. For more information on how the app works, please visit the UberFreight website. 

Proof of delivery submission has to be one of the most enhanced in the trucking industry. Instead of relying on antiquated methods like faxes, you can take a photo, upload it to the app, and wait seven days for your payment. When you are empty, you can tap the “I’m Unloaded” button in the app. Submit a clear and legible photo of the Proof of Delivery form. That is all you require. 

Uber Driver Salary And Freight Payment 

The best part about using the Uber Freight truck driver application is choosing which loads you want to take. The Uber Freight app displays the various packages available and details related to those packages, such as destination and distance traveled. However, before choosing a load type, you should know that the Uber Freight truck driver app operates like other ride-sharing applications. 

Uber Freight gives drivers ability to rate shipper facilities - FreightWaves
Source: FreightWaves

You’ll be able to see how much different loads pay before deciding which one to haul. Your pay rate depends on supply and demand. When there is an oversupply of drivers but not enough freight to go around, rates fall. When there are plenty of loads to move and not enough drivers, the rates go up. As an owner-operator, your take-home pay varies depending on three major factors:

  •  Maintenance And Operating Costs It is safe to assume that you do not yet own the truck. As a result, if you’re trying to cover the costs of running and maintaining your vehicle, you’ll need a loan. The older your truck is, the more money you’ll have to spend on maintenance. The fuel consumed during your trip will also reflect when calculating your earnings. 
  •  Distance Covered And Location Of The Trip Long hauls typically pay more than short hauls. Even so, local hauls differ considerably on where you drive. With one exception, long-distance hauling is more profitable than local hauling. The location of the local hauling is necessary. Local hauling in main cities typically pays significantly more than hauling in rural areas of the South. 
  •  General Health Of The Economy/Consumer Spending As we have seen in recent years, a slowing economy can lead to people having less purchasing power. There are fewer shipments to go around when people buy fewer things. You’ll have fewer job opportunities as a result of this. If the market is doing well, the exact opposite occurs, with many loads and thus increased rates for truckers. If you work in a region heavily relying on industries – such as agriculture or automobiles – an economic shock such as trade tariffs or a plant closure can drastically affect your trucking business. 

Freight brokers typically keep around 15% and 20% of the maximum payout for a particular shipment. Uber Freight kept less than 1% of those payouts in the two years since its launch, implying that carriers have 99% of the shipper pay. That’s fantastic news for owner-operators, but one should be cautious. To build a large user base, Uber is currently losing money in the freight business and may increase its cut later. 

Furthermore, the minimal operating cost of Uber’s app-based brokerage comes with a price – if you have problems with shippers or recipients, you may find that Uber isn’t very helpful in resolving them. Customer service is not always a strong suit for Uber’s rideshare business. 

Requirements For Uber Freight Driver 

If you’re interested in driving for Uber Freight, you’re probably curious about the requirements for drivers. To create an account with Uber Freight, you must have your own MC or DOT number and be an authorized carrier. In addition, you must have at least $1,000,000 in auto liability insurance and $100,000 in cargo liability insurance (and breakdown coverage for reefer carriers). 

Owners and operators who do not have their own MC or DOT number must ensure that the carrier registers with the UberFreight app. After that, the fleet owner can use Uber Freight’s fleet management tools to book loads, track shipments online, and authorize drivers to accept loads. Many owner-operators will be disappointed to learn that Uber Freight truck driver app does not provide the autonomy that the marketing materials claim.

However, this is due to the law, not Uber Freight’s specific policies. 

Requirements For The Uber Freight Truck 

What kind of truck is required to drive for Uber Freight?

Currently, Uber Freight drivers must have either a 53′ dry van or a reefer. Aside from that, the company’s website is vague. As a result, drivers do not have to fulfill any additional requirements other than having a truck that meets state and federal regulations. As far as we know, Uber freight does not necessitate a background check.


How To Become An Uber Freight Truck Driver 

It is simple to apply to become an Uber Freight truck driver. If you have an MC or DOT number and are an authorized carrier, the following steps will guide you through the process:

 Signing Up  

Navigate to the Uber Freight sign-up page. After entering your phone number, the website will prompt you to enter information such as your full name, email address, and password. The password will also be required to access the Uber Freight truck driver app.

 Submission Of The Required Documents  

 After entering your phone number, you’ll need to mention your carrier business and truck. You must submit the following documents to prove all of the information you provide:

  • DOT or MC Identification Number
  • Valid certificates of insurance (COI) demonstrating auto liability and cargo liability are required
  • Bank account details (this lets Uber Freight pay you using ACH direct deposit)
  • Motor carrier permits or registrations at the state level (if you’re an intrastate carrier) 

 Signing The Agreements  

After submitting the document, you must review it and sign the Broker-Motor Carrier Agreement. As a result of this contract, the parties outline their relationship and the legal obligations to each other. Regardless of how obvious it may seem, it is best to read the agreement thoroughly before signing it. If necessary, seek professional assistance. 

 Downloading The App 

If everything goes well and Uber accepts your request, you can download the app to your phone. After that, you’ll be able to log in to the app using the email address and password you used to register.

If you work for a carrier that uses the application, you can still download and sign up. They can also send you an offer using your phone number. Signing up for and using the app will be explained in this option. 


Transportation of goods across the country is about to change thanks to Uber Freight. The question of whether they will be successful is entirely different. There is nothing anyone can do but wait and watch. As a driver, you can take advantage of this technology to book loads and get paid with less hassle.

However, if the deal appeals to you, you should give it a shot. Even if you don’t have all the necessary equipment, Uber Freight has programs like Powerloop that allow operators to rent trailers. California, Oklahoma, and Texas are among the states that offer this program.

Uber Freight Plus intends to entice drivers by offering attractive discounts on items such as fuel, tires, and mobile plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements for becoming an Uber Freight truck driver?

A: To become an Uber Freight truck driver, you must have a valid commercial driver’s license (CDL), an acceptable driving record, and a registered and insured tractor-trailer. You must also pass a background check and meet Uber’s safety and quality standards.

2. How do I sign up to become an Uber Freight truck driver?

A: You can sign up to become an Uber Freight truck driver by visiting the Uber Freight website and clicking on the “Get Started” button. You will then be prompted to provide your contact and vehicle information, complete a background check, and submit any required documents.

3. Is there a cost to sign up as an Uber Freight truck driver?

A: No, there is no cost to sign up as an Uber Freight truck driver. However, you will be responsible for any costs associated with maintaining and operating your vehicle, including fuel, insurance, and maintenance.

4. How does payment work for Uber Freight truck drivers?

A: Uber Freight pays truck drivers directly for the loads they haul, with payments typically processed within seven days of delivery. Drivers can choose to receive payments via direct deposit or Uber’s Instant Pay feature, which allows for immediate access to earnings for a small fee.

5. Does Uber Freight offer any additional benefits for truck drivers?

A: Yes, Uber Freight offers various incentives and programs to help truck drivers maximize their earnings and improve their overall experience on the platform. These include rewards for high-performing drivers, access to discounted fuel and maintenance services, and more.

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