3 Benefits Of Fleet Dashcams With Live Streaming

3 Benefits Of Fleet Dashcams With Live Streaming

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By James Johnson

As a fleet manager, you may be concerned about the safety of your team out on the road at far destinations as you do not know how they are doing. What are the roads or weather conditions? 

Are your drivers following safe practices? Live streaming by dashcams provides you with a solution to these questions with real-time visuals and ensures that your drivers are doing alright.

This article discusses the 3 benefits of fleet dashcams with live streaming and highlights the features and advantages of real-time recordings offered by dashcams to make your truck operations efficient and productive.

Dashcams with real-time streaming give you the experience of a virtual ride-along, allowing you to take prompt actions to address any issues. Live streaming makes it possible to view the live video remotely, in real-time, and directly to your computer or digital device. 

This information gives you insights into what is happening and enables you to dispute claims, guide and coach staff, and identify ways to ensure the safety of drivers and vehicles.

With so many hazards to look out for on the road, you look for real-time previews of events to ensure the safety and security of your assets and resources. Live streaming dashcams are a valuable addition to any fleet of vehicles. 

How Dashcams with Live Streaming Work?

Generally, fleets install dashcams to gain better visibility of on-the-road incidents and decisions accordingly. Live streaming means continuously recording incidents around the vehicle by the camera and viewing video remotely in real time. 

This means that as a fleet manager, you could use your online platform to stream footage from a dashcam directly to your computer while the fleet is on the move. You can get a comprehensive visual of the vehicle and the road conditions that help you make informed decisions. 

These cameras capture and auto-upload video footage helping you review and analyze driving performance. Live streaming visuals vary depending on what type of system you choose. 

You can use road-facing or inward-facing video via the dashboard to monitor vehicles that are on active trips. You can initiate the recording from your computer and notify the driver when it starts and ends to ensure drivers always know that live streaming is activated.

Features of Dashcam With Live Streaming

Dashcams with live streaming facilities usually incorporate these features:

Built-in GPS-Tracking 

The cameras provide video footage with location details through GPS tracking mechanisms. You can keep track of the vehicle’s location and movements with real-time events happening around it. It would allow you to plan and optimize the routes.

Single or Multi-channel

You can choose a single-channel front-facing camera or a dual camera for a better overall view in front and behind the truck. The driver-facing camera allows monitoring of driving behaviors so that you can take appropriate actions to avoid risky or unsafe driving practices. 

High-Resolution Image

Cameras with high-resolution imaging features can provide excellent video quality to view the road ahead and identify license plates and other elements more clearly and distinctly, even from a distance.


The advanced camera features allow you to notify drivers with audio alerts when any potential safety hazards are detected through live video streaming. You can alert drivers to control harsh driving practices and take extra caution on slippery roads or under adverse weather conditions. 

Night Vision

It is a significant feature that allows the camera to continue live streaming during the night or even under low light conditions. It is crucial as you can view every journey detail even when the trucks operate at night or move through unfavorable weather conditions.


Some dashcams have AI-enabled features that detect harsh driving behavior like over-speeding, sharp turning, lane changes, etc. It informs fleet managers with necessary notifications along with live video streaming to allow them to take action in real time.


Some cameras maintain adequate storage space to save live videos that you can use for future reference. These are essential visual evidence of an incident that helps resolve legal and insurance issues. The video proof might also help fellow road users in case of mishaps.

The Benefits of Fleet Dashcams with Live Streaming

Dash cameras have proven to be highly effective safety tools for commercial fleets. Dashcams provide several benefits, but the most significant is the increased visibility into the on-road safety of fleet vehicles. 

We have already discussed some features that guide you in how to select the best dashcams for fleets.

As a fleet manager, you must know where your trucks are in real time and how your driver is performing. 

The live video facilities empower you with a real-time visual reference of incidents and manage driver performance as a part of surveillance. 

It can be an aid to coach and engage drivers and, in case of on-road accidents, provide evidence for making informed decisions. 

Live streaming has several advantages by getting real-time visibility on the road. The most crucial three benefits are as follows:

Safety and Security

It is the most critical aspect of live streaming as managers gain the ability to check road conditions and make sure that drivers are safe under challenging weather or other potentially hazardous conditions. 

The live view enables an experienced fleet safety manager to monitor the performance of vehicles on the road and help troubleshoot any issues concerning safety. Your truck may be driving through stormy weather or slippery roads, and the video gives a virtual ride-along experience. 

You can alert your driver to follow the best practices and avoid risky steps to ensure safety. If you notice unsafe driving behavior during the live streaming, you can immediately guide the driver and control the driving performance. It would also reduce the chances of traffic violations. 

The real-time footage enables you to take prompt action and make informed decisions proactively to avoid accidents or mishaps.

Coaching Drivers For Improved Performance

When you hire new drivers for trucks and offer training, it is common for safety managers or veteran drivers to ride along for a few shifts to give real-time tips, guidance, and feedback. 

But you can only send trainers with some drivers to monitor their performance on the road. Dashcams with live streaming allow you to check drivers’ activities in real time quickly. It lets you identify drivers who need specialized coaching and can focus on improving their performance. 

You can also spot-check drivers randomly through live video footage to assess their driving behavior and guide them accordingly. Managers can also conduct virtual ride-along with new drivers through live streaming and provide remote training in real-time. 

You can use recordings to identify good driving habits and motivate drivers with report cards to recognize their positive attitude toward road safety.

Better Customer Experience

Live streaming can help fleet managers check the truck movements and routes and verify proof of delivery. Viewing what is happening in real time can improve communication with your customers and enhance accountability. You also ensure the delivery is made as per the scheduled time and location specifications. 

The real-time visibility of road conditions and driving practices facilitate the optimization of routes and saves time with efficient driving performance. It will ensure reaching destinations on time and improving customer experience. 

Using a live stream dashcam signals to your customers that you are serious about safety. It improves your reliability and credibility as a transport service provider. 

Matrack Dashcam Live Streaming

Matrack has dual-facing cameras that enhance visibility and inform you about potentially dangerous situations. It has both lane and driver-facing cameras and gives the most comprehensive vision of the surroundings in real-time. You can instantly know through the live video footage if the driver is drowsy, fatigued, or distracted. The audio alerts facilitate drivers to control risky driving behaviors or violations. 

Regular guidance and feedback on potential adverse situations help drivers to practice safe driving and proactively avoid accidents. The high-resolution camera gives you clear and vivid video footage even under poor lighting conditions, thus improving the visibility of real-time incidents.


Live streaming from dashcams brings concrete and quantifiable safety solutions that extend to increased safety and efficiency in operations. Adopting this advanced feature gives managers more advantages over conventional video recorder dashcams by providing greater visibility.

This article emphasizes the benefits of live imaging by dashcams with a better focus on driver safety. We hope this article helps you utilize the features to reduce risks and improve your overall compliance and business reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do fleet dashcams with live streaming improve driver safety?

Ans. Fleet dashcams with live streaming can provide real-time feedback on driver behavior, such as distracted driving, speeding, or aggressive driving. This feedback can be used to identify and correct unsafe driving habits, which can ultimately reduce accidents and improve safety.

2. How do fleet dashcams with live streaming reduce liability?

Ans. Fleet dashcams with live streaming can provide video evidence in the event of an accident or other incident, which can help to exonerate drivers and protect businesses from false insurance claims or lawsuits.

3. How can fleet dashcams with live streaming improve vehicle maintenance?

Ans. Fleet dashcams with live streaming can provide real-time alerts for vehicle maintenance issues, such as low tire pressure or engine problems. This early warning system can help to prevent breakdowns and reduce repair costs.

4. How can fleet dashcams with live streaming improve customer service?

Ans. Fleet dashcams with live streaming can provide customers with real-time updates on the location of their shipments or deliveries, which can improve communication and increase customer satisfaction.

5. How much do fleet dashcams with the live streaming cost?

Ans. The cost of fleet dashcams with live streaming varies depending on the specific features and functionality of the system. However, the cost is generally considered to be a worthwhile investment given the potential benefits.

6. What are some key features to look for in fleet dashcams with live streaming?

Ans. Some key features to look for in fleet dashcams with live streaming include high-quality video resolution, real-time alerts and notifications, customizable settings and configurations, and user-friendly interfaces for both drivers and administrators.

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