Top 10 Best ELDs For Owner Operators

Top 10 Best ELDs For Owner Operators- Comprehensive Guide

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By James Johnson

As an owner-operator, you have many things, and you cannot fall behind doing any of these. And when it comes to compliance, a perfect FMCSA-certified ELD is a must for you. It not only helps you to comply with the prevailing rules and regulations but also allows you to harness the power of technology in streamlining different fleet operations.

If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful solution, then read this article till the end. Here we will explore the top 10 best ELDs for owner operators and the most affordable ELD solutions.

Top 10 Best ELD For Owner Operators 


Matrack ELD

Top 10 Best ELDs For Owner Operators

Matrack ELD is one of the best electronic logging devices in the market. It provides reliable data and an easy-to-use interface so you can complete your compliance needs without any difficulty. It is an affordable solution packed with advanced features that will help you comply with the prevailing rules and streamline various business operations. 


  • Free Device
  • No contract
  • Lowest monthly subscription fee from $14.95
  • No additional cost of co-driver
  • Easy installation

Price And Subscription

You can get a free device by paying the lowest monthly subscription starting from $14.95.

Affordable Solution 

Matrack is an affordable solution. It offers you a free ELD device and the lowest subscription cost. Apart from these, it also provides a lifetime warranty, no long-term contract, and exceptional customer service.

You don’t have to pay anything extra for the Co-driver. You can switch the driver profile and start recording the working hours of the other. 

Automatic HoS

The Matrack ELD calculates the hours of service and sends you violation alerts. 

DOT Inspection Mode

You can switch to DoT inspection mode to complete your roadside inspection faster.

Electronic DVIR

Your drivers can complete and submit the vehicle inspection reports within seconds using the intuitive mobile application. 

Compliance Monitoring

Matrack ELD helps you to stay on top of compliance. It allows you to monitor the real-time activity of your drivers and know if they are exceeding their working limits. You can also identify the unassigned driving hours and assign them to the correct drivers. 

Fleet Tracking

Another significant benefit of Matrack ELD is fleet tracking. It provides precise location information about your drivers all over North America. 

By tracking the real-time location of your drivers, you can avoid communication breakdowns in your organization and can always know their whereabouts. It also helps you increase customer satisfaction as you can tell them the exact delivery time.




EROAD Ehubo ELD is a simple and driver-friendly eld that helps you to comply with the existing rule and increase the productivity of your fleet. It is a single in-vehicle device, so you don’t have to send additional costs on any third-party devices. 

It is a simple and easy-to-use device, so you and your drivers can adapt it, without difficulty. It is FMCSA compliant and third-party verified, so you can always rely on it for compliance. 


  • FMCSA compliant and third-party verified
  • In-vehicle device 
  • Easy to upgrade to additional compliance, safety, and fleet management tools. 
  • Faster road inspection
  • Easy to adopt and use. 

Price And Subscription 

The price is not known. The subscription cost is around $35 per month. Also, you will have to enter into a three-year contract. 

Paperless DVIR

You can always stay on top of the maintenance with the help of electronic DVIR & reduce downtime and unexpected breakdown. 

Electronic IRP

With the EROAD, you can streamline the IRP process. It eliminates the chaos of collecting records, going through the paper, and manually entering the data. It automatically generates accurate information about the distance covered, location, and state. 

It also reduces errors and provides an accurate report, which you can assess from the web portal. 

Oregon WMT

You can also streamline the Oregon WMT record-keeping with the EROAD Ehubo ELD. The system automatically generates accurate reports about distance, location, state line, and other information. It saves your time and helps you stay compliant with error-free reports. 


There is no need to go through the mess of collecting fuel receipts, spending days calculating a report, and then filling it. EROAD Ehubo ELD simplifies and eliminates the stress of manually filing IFTA reports. 

The device collects the required data and generates accurate reports. You can file this for the IFTA return with a simple click. 

Smart Short Haul 

Do you wonder if you’re eligible for a short-haul exemption? If yes, then this ELD is a perfect option for you. You can use this solution to know when you fall under this exemption and when you have to maintain a log or RODS. 

EROAD Ehubo Smart Short haul feature automatically alerts the driver when they are about to exceed the exemption limit. If they have crossed it, the ELD will automatically switch to a new rule set and help you to comply with the rules. 


Garmin eLog ELD 

Garmin eLog ELD is an FMCSA-registered ELD that can help you stay on top of all compliance and rulesets prevailing in the USA. It automatically records the HoS (hours of service), so you can remain confident with the FMCSA ELD rule. 

It also records the driving time and duty status and allows you to monitor the driving hours of each driver so that you can earn them if they are about to cross the working limit & allocate tasks accordingly. 


  • One-time investment 
  • FMCSA compliant ELD
  • Automatic HoS
  • Compatible with Garmin Dezl 
  • GPS navigation
  • Integrated mobile application

Price And Subscription

You can own this device by paying $124.99 at once. No subscription fees are needed afterward. 

One-time Investment 

Garmin eLog is a perfect match if you want a simple ELD with no subscription cost. All you have to pay is for the hardware and then enjoy compliance without additional cost.

Be Ready For Roadside Inspection

The device stores the data on your compatible smartphone and never in the cloud, so you can use the mobile application to view it anytime. Also, in the case of roadside inspection, you can retrieve the data via web service or flash drive over Bluetooth. 

Fits Any Semi-truck

Garmin eLog ELD is an easy-to-install device that supports- both 9-pin J1939 and 6-pin J1708 diagnostic ports. All you have to do is plug the device into the vehicle ECM, download the mobile application, and you are ready to go. 

Garmin eLog App

The solution comes with a mobile application and is compatible with both IOS and Android users. It can help you to access features, reports, and records for easy roadside inspection.


My20 ELD 

My20 ELD Hardware - 5G Electronic Logging Device - Konexial


My20 ELD is a reliable electronic logging device that can help you comply with the FMCSA eld rule and streamline fleet operation. It can help you to increase fleet productivity and increase your profits. You can also use the Tower dashboard to manage different trucks and increase transparency in the business. 


  • Driver safety
  • Secure, safe, and reliable ELD
  • Data Accuracy
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Easy exemption
  • Easy installation 

Price And Subscription

My20 ELD provides different hardware- round 9-pin and cellular OBD-II devices. You have to pay $149.99 and $219.99, respectively. Apart from the cost, you will have to pay subscription fees starting from $35.

Small Device

My20 ELD is a small & affordable electronic logging device that will not come into the driver’s way while driving and do its work silently. 

Easy Installation 

My20 ELD has simple and easy installation. 

Your driver can easily install the device without any difficulty. It comes with a 6-pin ECM or OBD-II Port connection. So you can choose one according to your vehicle.

You have to plug the device into the vehicle diagnostic port, download the app, and link the smartphone with the app. 

Driver Safety

My20 ELD can also help you to improve driver safety in your organization. It offers GPS tracking so that you can always know the whereabouts of your drivers. 

Easy Exemptions

You can know when you do not have to comply with the HoS rules with the help of an easy exemption feature. 

With one touch, you can know if you fall under the most common HoS exemption, such as agriculture commodities, short-haul, oil fields, etc. 

Secured Data

My20 ELD ensures that the data is stored safely. It does not store data on a cloud platform but on the driver’s device, so they can access it whenever they want. 

My20 App

My20 ELD comes with an integrated mobile application. It allows you to access various features such as real-time GPS tracking, DVIR engine information, two-way messaging, etc.


Motive ELD 


Motive ELD is a renowned ELD and offers you various beneficial features. It helps you monitor operation, ensure driver safety, and maximize productivity. You can use this ELD to reduce violations, increase productivity and minimize risk in your fleet. 


  • Automated compliance management
  • Full visibility
  • Minimize violations
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce risk
  • Cut costs

Price And Subscription

The hardware costs you $150 and $20 per month for subscription fees.

The Driver App

The Motive Driver app can help you to complete logs, certify them, and do roadside inspections faster to avoid HoS violations. You can use this device without any worry across North America. 

You can easily send the ELD data to the officers by switching to inspection mode. 

Automatic Compliance Management 

You can resolve unidentified trips with the help of Motive ELD and stay on top of compliance. You can also receive real-time alerts for any HoS violation and take steps to resolve it. 

The device uses AI technology to identify unidentified trips and automatically assigns the trips to the correct drivers using historical patterns and dashcam footage. 

Full Visibility

The Motive ELD, along with the mobile application and compliance hub, provides complete visibility over your organization. 

You can use the compliance hub to get clear visibility of the HoS insights across your business and identify any violations, trends, and related patterns that can help you to make impactful decisions. 

The CSA monitoring allows you to identify risk factors in your organization and take steps to resolve them. It also provides you with a forecasted CSA score so that you work on it to improve it. 


Drivers can complete their DVIR and help you know about any possible risks in the vehicle. It can help you identify any problems beforehand. So that you can resolve them before they can hinder your business activity. You can customize the inspection process according to your fleet demands. 


The Motive ELd also helps you to aid the chaos of collecting individual fuel receipts and making reports to file IFTA returns. The system automatically generates automated error-free reports by calculating the mileage and fuel tracking by jurisdiction. You can access the same with one click.


Rand McNally ELD 50

Rand McNally | Rand McNally ELD 50 Electronic Logging Device

Rand McNally ELD 50 is a compact electronic logging device that allows you to certify logs and comply with the HoS rules. It is a simple and affordable solution that you can rely on to save yourself from an increase in your CSA score. 


  • Simple installation
  • BYOD
  • Compact hardware
  • Complete DVIRs
  • Check engine diagnostics
  • Access log history

Price And Subscription

To own the device, you will have to pay $150. Apart from this monthly subscription starts from $15. 

Simple Installation

Rand McNally ELD 50 has a simple installation. You won’t need to spend on professional assistance to use the device. You or your driver can plug the device into the J-Bus port, download the app, choose a subscription plan, pair it with the device, and you are ready to comply with the HoS and other rules. 


Rand McNally ELD 50 allows your drivers to use their device to view and certify logs, change duty status and compete for DVIR. It saves time and effort to train the drivers to adapt to the new technology to complete the above duties. 

Also, if they lose connectivity, the device will store the record for up to two days straight. 

Driver App

The Rand McNally Driver App has a simple and intuitive user interface, so your drivers will not find it hard to navigate through it to access various features. They can use it easily to certify their logs, change duty status,.communicate with the back office, etc. 

Fleet Management Portal

The Rand McNally ELD 50 stores the data on the cloud platform so that the back office employees can access it through the portal. 

You can also use the portal to view the real-time location of the truck, driver information, and many more. 


The Rand McNally ELD 50 also connects to the engine and derives data. You can use it to review your different diagnostics gauges, such as average fuel economy, fuel consumption, battery voltage, boost pressure, etc. It can help you to identify any possible risk that can harm your vehicle in the future. 


Samsara ELD

ELD Compliance Solutions | Samsara

Do you want a revolutionary eld solution that can help you to streamline your business with multiple advanced features? Well, here is an ideal solution for you. 

Samsara ELD, though on a bit expensive side, comes with various features. It is an easy-to-use device that you and your drivers can adopt without difficulty. It is easy to install and based on a plug & play system. 


  • Maintain compliance everywhere
  • In-built Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Improved HoS visibility
  • Simplified HoS management
  • Stay compliant with easy-to-manage rulesets

Price And Subscription

The device costs you $99. You will also have to pay a monthly subscription fee starting from $33. 

Real-time Visibility & HoS Management

Samsara provides an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that will help you stay on top of all compliance needs. 

It provides you with real-time visibility into the driver’s log. You can consider it while allocating jobs to avoid HoS violations. 

You can use the dashboard to monitor individual drivers’ logs and suggest edits wherever required. 

Compliance Management 

With the help of unassigned HoS reports, you can identify unassigned driving hours and assign them to the correct drivers to avoid HoS violations. 

Do you operate interstate or intrastate? Well, in both cases, this one is a perfect option for you. It will automatically switch the rulesets according to the location so that you can always comply with the existing rules. 

Driver App

The driver can use the Samsara driver app to edit, review and certify their logs. The driver will receive a notification to accept it if you make any edits in the same. 

GPS Tracking 

The Samsara ELD also provides real-time location information about your vehicles so you can always stay aware of their whereabouts. It also provides comprehensive reports about vehicle usage, fuel consumption, and driver behavior. You can use them to make sound decisions. 


Verizon ELD

Install plug and play vehicle trackers (Manager app) – Reveal help centre

Verizon ELD is a comprehensive early solution that will help you to comply with the prevailing rules and to streamline fleet activity. The driver can log their working hours with the mobile application and start driving. The ELD will automatically calculate the working hours and help them to avoid violations. 


  • Simplified ELD compliance
  • 24/7 driver app support
  • Easy installation and timely updates
  • 99.99% system uptime, global access, and high data integrity
  • Easy access to relevant ELD data
  • Additional fleet tracking functionality

Price And Subscription

The device cost is not known. The monthly subscription charges start from $35.

Easy Data Access

You can easily access the significant ELD data, such as HoS status, working hours, violation alerts, and DVIR reports, to avoid DoT Inspection violations, complete roadside inspections, and schedule preventive maintenance. 

Fleet Tracking 

You can also monitor the real-time activity of your vehicle. You can receive alerts when the vehicle moves, stops or idles. It will help you to monitor driver behavior, rescue vehicle idling, and respond better in an emergency. 

Route Replay

The Verizon ELD allows you to replay the journey over a certain period to calculate the HoS of the driver. It also allows you to identify which route is more efficient and if your driver is engaged in vehicle idling. 

You can use the same to restrict vehicle idling and route management for better fuel consumption and save your money from going in vain. 


Your driver can use their device to edit, review and certify logs. It saves you time and money by arranging a training program to make every driver use the new device. It is also easy for drivers as they are already familiar with their devices. They have to use a simple and user-friendly mobile application to access features. 

Vehicle Health

You can use the Verizon fleet maintenance information to schedule preventive maintenance to improve the longevity of your vehicle and reduce downtime or an unexpected breakdown. 

You can view the historical maintenance data to identify recurring problems and resolve them completely. 


Azuga ELD 

Azuga eLogs - Electronic Logging Device (ELD) by Azuga | ...

Azuga ELD is another reliable option for you. It is a fully FMCSA-compliant device that provides various benefits such as real-time alerts, compliance management, GPS tracking, route optimization, etc. It is easy to use and simplifies the HoS and DVIR requirements so that you can always stay up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations. 


  • FMCSA registered
  • Avoid violations, fines, and tickets
  • Various plans to choose
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A free device at a monthly subscription fee of $28. 
  • Fleet management features

Price And Subscription

The price is not known.

Granular Visibility

Azuga ELD allows you to reduce violation risks and associated fines with granular visibility into your fleet. You can monitor each driver and ensure no one exceeds the HoS limits. It will also help you to allocate the jobs accordingly. 

Proactive Alerts

Azuga eLogs provides proactive alerts to help you know about your organization. It sends you real-time alerts when your driver is about to cross the HoS limits. It will also notify you if it detects incomplete or inconsistent logs. You can use these alerts to dodge violations and also eliminate log errors. 

Compliance Management 

Azuga eLogs allows you to streamline compliance management and keep you updated. It eliminates paper logs and simplifies the HoS reporting so your staff can focus on revenue-generating activities. It also allows you to communicate with remote employees to eliminate any confusion. You can also see the driver’s available status to allocate a job.

GPS Tracking 

The Azuga eLogs also provide a real-time location update about your driver so you can always know their whereabouts and how long they will take to complete a job. It helps to improve customer satisfaction and route management. It also allows you to address the emergency in an organized way. 

Driver Performance 

The Azuga eLogs provides a detailed report about your driver’s driving behavior. You can use this to identify any reckless driving activity and restrict it before it invites any unfortunate events. 


GPSTrackit ELD

ELD Fleet & Compliance Solutions Made Easy | GPS Trackit

Last but not least on our list is GPSTrackit ELD. It is a simple and versatile ELD device that can help you to avoid violations and streamline business operations. It is easy to use, so your driver can easily use this to certify their logs and comply with HoS rules. It also has the back office to have better visibility over each driver should they ensure no one is crossing the working limits. 

Price And Subscription

You can get a free device by paying $23.95 per month.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Extensive real-time reporting
  • Minimize violations
  • Generate and transmit the report with ease
  • Save time and reduce errors

Drivers Alert

GPSTrackit ELD provides alerts so that you can always know what your drivers are doing and if they are about to exceed their HoS limits. If they are, you can prevent them violate the rules. You can also set up custom alerts to get notified of certain events. 

Real-time Vehicle Tracking 

One of the other notable features of GPSTrackit ELD is that it provides real-time location updates of your drivers. You can monitor their activity and always know where they are and when they will complete the allocated job. 

Driver Safety

The GPSTrackit ELD allows you to monitor the driving speed of each driver. You can set custom alerts to get notifications when the driver is breaking the speed limit. 

It will help you to restrict reckless driving activity in your organization and prevent any unfortunate event.

Easy Log Sending

Your drivers can switch to roadside inspection mode and multiple other electronic data transfer options to submit their logs fast. 


The drivers can submit the driver vehicle instruction reports via mobile application by following simple steps. You can view them and schedule preventive maintenance accordingly to prevent unexpected breakdowns and vehicle downtime. 

Which ELD Device Is The Best For An Owner Operator?

As a rule of thumb, an ELD device or solution offering the best features at a competitive price will be your best option. However, given that business goals cannot be generalized, the ELD you choose must add value to your operation. 

We have already curated a list of the 20 best ELD devices in 2024. You can find out the best possible match for you.

You can choose any of the above devices according to your needs and requirements. Apart from this, you can also consider the following factors:

  • Installation process
  • Cost and subscription price 
  • FMCSA certified 
  • Contract 
  • Warranty
  • Customer service 
  • Additional features

Finally, you should choose an ELD that can help you beyond compliance. You should ensure that the device is FMCSA-certified but don’t restrict yourself to it.

You can find several ELDs that provide advanced features that will help you to streamline fleet operations. It also doesn’t mean that you put pressure on your budget. You can choose an affordable solution, such as Matrack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are ELDs important for owner-operators?

A: ELDs are important for owner-operators because they help them comply with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations, which aim to improve road safety by reducing driver fatigue and preventing accidents caused by excessive driving hours. Additionally, they can help owner-operators better manage their time and workload.

Q: What should owner-operators look for when choosing an ELD?

A: When choosing an ELD, owner-operators should consider features such as ease of use, compatibility with their vehicle and other devices, automatic recording of HOS, real-time tracking, and compliance with FMCSA regulations. They should also consider the cost of the device and any ongoing fees associated with its use.

Q: Are there any ELDs specifically designed for owner-operators?

A: While there are no ELDs specifically designed for owner-operators, there are many ELDs on the market that can meet their needs. Some ELDs offer additional features such as load tracking, IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reporting, and maintenance tracking, which can be useful for owner-operators.

Q: How do I install an ELD?

A: Installation of an ELD varies depending on the device and the make and model of the truck. Some devices can be self-installed, while others require professional installation. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and FMCSA regulations regarding ELD installation and use.

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