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By James Johnson

Fleet owners/managers in the USA or Canada, you know the importance of electronic logging devices (ELDs) for your truck drivers. Especially for out-of-state trips, ELDs track service hours and address driver fatigue.

To comply with FMCSA rules, choose FMCSA-certified ELD Devices. It replaces traditional paper logbooks and records vital information like date, time, location, engine hours, miles traveled, driver details, vehicle status, and duty status. Compliance requires automatic logging at least once every 60 minutes.

Discover the top 10 FMCSA approved ELD devices in 2024, including features and prices, in our blog post. Select your ideal ELD device for your fleet from our certified list.

Top 10 FMCSA-Approved ELD in 2024 – A review

In addition to ensuring that your company complies with the FMCSA law, an ELD should also monitor the drivers’ speed, fuel use, etc., to enforce safety regulations and boost your revenue. Keep reading to find out the best electronic logging devices for 2024.

Matrack ELD

Matrack FMCSA approved ELD

Drawing from our market experience, it is one of the finest FMCSA approved ELD devices in the market. It is ideal for large fleet operations and offers various useful features at a reasonable price. The GPS monitoring program provides a reliable, effective, and user-friendly platform to help you monitor essential assets and moving vehicles.

Our investigation demonstrated that this GPS tracking program offers a positive user experience and operates through an intuitive app on iOS and Android devices. It provides reliable reports that assist fleet managers and drivers in making decisions to improve output, safety, and customer service. Matrack’s salient characteristics include the following: 

  • Free hardware device with zero configuration that can be installed within 5 minutes.
  • You get automated IFTA calculations and other audit reports within minutes. 
  • You can use the DOT Inspection mode to allow a DOT officer to see logs immediately from a mobile device. Additionally, the platform can send ELD data directly to FMCSA servers for safety checks.
  • You can create analytical reports for vehicle performance, such as HoS complaint log reports, IFTA, state mileage reports, DVIRS, accident reports, and more, with a single click and no extra costs.
  • You can optimize delivery routes and keep tabs on driver behavior.
  • You receive real-time alerts when violations are about to occur to help prevent breaches and ensure that drivers adhere to the law throughout their shifts
  • It recognizes the necessity of a co-driver and is aware of the added expenses. So it forgoes additional pay for co-drivers.
  • It provides excellent customer support, with a guaranteed response time of 10 minutes. 
  • Since Matrack creates the hardware and software in-house, it doesn’t rely on third parties to resolve your issues.

This solution works for all types of vehicles, and the services can be accessed for as little as $19.95 per month, with no commitment or additional costs.

Samsara ELD


Our analysis shows that Samsara is one of the most reliable software for real-time tracking of assets and vehicles. It enables you to access engine diagnostics information to ensure business productivity and efficiency. 

Due to its user-friendly software, drivers can quickly prepare vehicle inspection reports and log their status as being on duty. For drivers, Samsara enables a variety of personalized workflows to enhance the driving experience and boost compliance and safety. The following are this software’s key features:

  • Managers can quickly create a unique mobile experience that keeps drivers safe and compliant without writing any code with the help of workflow builders and app designers.
  • You can confidently approach DOT audits and certify logs using pre-built reports in one location.
  • Gain immediate visibility into the compliance performance across your fleet so that you can quickly see hazards and take appropriate action to stop infractions.
  • You can easily integrate your compliance data into existing systems to guarantee reporting accuracy and maximize administrative efficiency to make informed decisions.
  • Use geofencing and AI-powered annotations to automate the most time-consuming processes, such as maintaining unassigned HOS and annotating yard moves.
  • Drivers may better plan their days and proactively prevent penalties using countdown timers and real-time alerts.
  • Drivers receive guided workflow prompts to finish activities at the appropriate times, ensuring they complete safety inspections, validate their logs, and more.
  • With Inspection Mode, you can quickly display and transmit only the necessary information to DOT officers during roadside inspections.
  • Keep your drivers compliant at all times, including in places without cellular reception, by eliminating the cost of cellular data plans.
  • Streamline deployment and give drivers greater flexibility by adding this functionality to any certified iOS or Android mobile without requiring specialized hardware.
  • With Samsara’s Vehicles Gateway, you can connect it to the car’s diagnostic port without any technical knowledge.

Samsara takes an open stance when it comes to pricing. There are no additional fees; you must pay one subscription charge to access the complete platform. Depending on the features and services you select, the membership is payable annually in advance and costs typically between $27 and $33 per vehicle every month.

Motive ELD


The Motive device is a user-friendly electronic logging device ensuring truck drivers adhere to safety regulations and maintain correct records. Based on our observations, it is a game-changer for the trucking sector due to its data accuracy, usability, and robust safety features. 

The following are its salient characteristics: 

  • Get real-time visibility into your assets’ location, use, and condition, such as equipment and cars.
  • With an ELD that drivers adore and compliance solutions that automate procedures, complex laws may be made more straightforward, reducing risk.
  • Utilize Motive’s industry-leading AI Dashcam and automated driver instruction to avoid accidents and safeguard your drivers.
  • You can take a proactive approach to risk management and decrease HOS violations and time spent on ELD compliance chores by up to 50%.
  • With the free Motive Card, you can save money at the pump. With up-to-the-minute notifications sent directly to your Fleet Dashboard, you can keep track of every dollar spent.
  • You have complete transparency into all facets of fleet management, including compliance, tracking, safety, and fuel costs.
  • With predicted CSA scores, intervention levels, and violation breakdowns, risk can be reduced with this solution.

It is perfect for fleets of all sizes, provides excellent value, and raises the bar for compliance and safety. However, it costs $149, and a monthly subscription for each vehicle ranges from $20 to $35.

Garmin Elog

Garmin eLog Compliant ELD

A simple way to ensure that your HOS recording conforms with FMCSA ELD requirements is to use a Garmin eLog-compliant ELD. After putting it to the test, we could conclude that you can be sure that your HOS recording conforms with FMCSA ELD standards if you use Garmin eLog. It automatically logs precise driving time, makes driver duty status easily accessible, and lets you rapidly view the number of driving hours left for the day or week.

As per our observations, Garmin’s features also include:

  • A straightforward setup.
  • Securely store the records on your compatible smartphone, which is viewable via Bluetooth or the FMCSA’s web services.
  • It precisely and automatically logs driving time, makes driver duty status easily accessible, and lets you rapidly view the number of driving hours left for the day or week.
  • Your records are hosted on your smartphone instead of the cloud to enhance your data’s safety. You can easily view them anytime with the free Garmin eLog app.

GarminElog is priced at $249 for a device, with an interest-free payment for the renewal after a year. 

BigRoad DashLink

BigRoad DashLink ELD

DashLink solution from BigRoad is an easy-to-use tool that supports drivers logging their service hours into the system and guarantees FMCSA compliance. Through our trial and error, we discovered that setting up is simple and quick. The iOS and Android mobile apps allow you to control the hardware connected to your truck’s diagnostic port.

The following are BigRoad Dashlink ELD’s salient characteristics: 

  • Vehicles that are OBDII and EOBD compliant are supported. 
  • You can utilize the app on your mobile device if your Bluetooth connection is active.
  • It provides a private transport option.
  • It is capable of keeping precise service records.
  • Regular upgrades enhance diagnostics and increase the ability to modify logs while driving. 
  • The smartphone app is simple to use, automatically tracks duty states, updates traffic conditions, and displays the remaining HOS. 
  • The solution connects two drivers to the same truck to operate as a team. 

As per our expertise, it may lack some of the more sophisticated capabilities of other ELD systems, but it still provides a cost-effective alternative. The owner-operator package costs $234 a year. However, prices vary based on the package.

Teletrac Navman Drive

Teletrac Navman US

After putting it to the test, we found that it is among the best fleet management FMCSA approved ELD devices for keeping track of maintenance logs and digital inspection schedules for your vehicles. The main attributes of this software are as follows:

  • View color-coded icons for real-time engine diagnostic alerts.
  • Better route planning is made possible by advancements in fleet management technology. 
  • Recognize maintenance issues or trends immediately to maintain your vehicles in good shape. 
  • Monitor the cost of maintenance for all of your fleets.
  • It generates automated maintenance alerts.

The monthly base price for Teletrac Navman ELD is $25 per vehicle. One benefit is that the product has a 12-month warranty, which offers assistance with any problems. With automatic renewal, contract length options range from 12 to 60 months. Additionally, if you give 30 days written notice before the contract expires, you can end it. Early termination necessitates paying all unpaid costs at a discounted rate of 3%.


Eroad Ehubo ELD



The Ehubo from EROAD is a high-end and dependable ELD device renowned for its robustness, user-friendly software, and precise data capture. Based on our first-hand experience, it might not be the most affordable choice and doesn’t have some cutting-edge features. But it shines at offering a straightforward and solid answer.

The main attributes of this software are as follows:

  • Email log transmission and hourly recap displays.
  • It is compatible with older CMVs without ECM and may connect to the diagnostic port on the car. 
  • It is an integrated device with a small screen and a user interface that is carefully thought out. 
  • The user-friendly back-office solution, Depot, provides facilities for editing logs, allocating unidentified driving time, filing IFTA reports, chat messaging, geofencing, maintenance tracking, and monitoring safety occurrences.
  • It has adaptable, geofence-enabled rule sets for your companies. 
  • Drivers that exceed short-haul exemptions are instantly detected by the “Smart Short Haul” feature, assuring compliance.
  • With personalized notifications for crucial priority areas, drivers’ and management’s response and mitigation times would be improved. You can select from email, SMS, the messaging tab, pop-ups, or push notifications.

Pricing plans range from $35 to $60 per month, including tech assistance and a hardware guarantee. With various help channels and extensive training materials, EROAD’s customer service is well-regarded.

Verizon Connect ELD

Verizon Connect ELD

Verizon Connect ELD offers solutions that satisfy the operational needs of midsize fleets. It provides unique reporting tools that allow users to access data for up to two years. It aids companies in continuing to be resourceful, effective, and safe. The following are some of the software’s features:

  • It produces reports electronically with the required criteria.
  • Automated reporting for HOS.
  • Precision in GPS tracking.
  • It provides gasoline expense management by integration with a gasoline card facility.
  • Fleet managers may have more control over the operation of their fleet with automatic driving status updates anytime a vehicle drives, stops, or idles.
  • It provides you with the dependability and versatility required to simplify complying with hours of service laws.

With no activation cost, the pricing for Verizon Connect is customizable according to your fleet size. The features for each fleet size include a dashcam, roadside assistance, equipment, asset tracking, and more.

GPS Trackit ELD

GPS Trackit ELD- FMCSA Approved ELD Devices

The GPS Trackit ELD updates tracking information every 30 to 60 seconds. On this user-friendly web platform, you can access various automatic reports. After using this product, our team discovered that it offers tools for interactive real-time mapping of the locations of vehicles, traffic patterns, and potential risk factors along the route. 

The following are the key characteristics of this software:

  • Displays driving performance reports and takes appropriate action.
  • It notifies drivers of harmful and risky driving behaviors.
  • Your drivers can log their hours and leave the house more quickly using GPS Trackit’s ELOGS.
  • The electronic logbook software solution goes beyond compliance, assisting drivers in avoiding violations and streamlining regular logging operations with a robust array of HOS logging and DVIR recording functions. 

With no activation cost and a 30-day money-back guarantee, the GPS Trackit ELD Fleet pricing starts at $23.95 monthly, making it a cost-effective and dependable choice.

My20 ELD Device

My20 ELD 

The edge computing technology used by My20 is intended to go above what is required by the FMCSA ELD standard and offer fleets the best possible 5G ELD coverage and compliance. All HOS data is computed by edge-computing ELDs in the cab, resulting in more detailed logs, quicker processing times, and greater security. 

The following are some of the software’s features:

  • It is an all-in-one solution that combines straightforward, robust, and efficient features. 
  • It streamlines every aspect of your drive while allowing you to earn more money.
  • Voice-over turn-by-turn directions are available for trucking-specific routes.

The subscription includes TOWER, fuel management reporting, and document workflow, starting at $219. 

ELD Rule by FMCSA – What do you need to know?

The FMCSA announced the ELD final rule in December 2015. The rule’s final compliance deadline was set for the end of 2019 in its timeline, and it came into force on December 18, 2017. 

It aims to improve safety and reduce the paperwork burden associated with commercial motor vehicles (CMV). It stipulates that they must use electronic logging devices to record drivers’ HOS automatically.

The final rule’s primary requirements are: 

  • Commercial drivers who prepare records of duty status (RODS) and hours of service must utilize electronic logging devices.
  • It establishes requirements for ELD certification and registration with FMCSA and performance and design standards.
  • Outlines the supporting papers that drivers and carriers must maintain.
  • Prohibits the abuse of drivers based on linked technology (such as fleet management systems)

It also highlights remedial provisions to prevent drivers and operators from being harassed. Such devices have some added benefits too.

Benefits of an FMCSA Approved ELD

Besides complying with the regulations, such solutions offer plenty of benefits to drivers, fleet managers, and carriers. The key benefits are as follows:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking: Due to GPS tracking features, fleet management can easily follow and monitor drivers while on the road. So fleet managers no longer have to call drivers to check in since they can access real-time driver location data. Managers can even let clients know the driver’s precise location and expected arrival time, and drivers can continue driving safely without being distracted.
  • Boosts vehicle and driver safety: According to the FMCSA, ELDs save nearly 1,844 vehicle accidents and at least 26 lives. This represents a general 11.7% decrease in crash rate vs vehicles without the in-cab technology. Robust real-time vehicle tracking, fault-code surveillance, better route management, decreased driver weariness, and enhanced driving behavior are just a few of the capabilities that can help prevent accidents.
  • Increases CSA ratings: Your Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores are based on crash records, roadside inspections, investigation findings, and regulation specifics. These scores highlight your dependability and safety measures. So your goal must be to keep your CSA scores low because high scores can lead to more compliance checks, higher insurance costs, and fewer clients. 

These solutions help you monitor your drivers’ actions to ensure they drive safely and follow the law. It can also reduce the number of HOS breaches and prevent log-falsification incidents.

  • Determines risky driving practices: It gathers information to monitor unsafe driving practices such as excessive acceleration. These solutions are necessary to collect this data, which helps identify at-risk drivers and associated liabilities over time.
  • Boosts energy efficiency: Despite the high fuel cost, fleets may save a lot of cash by streamlining operations and cutting down on fuel waste. Specific electronic logging devices allow fleet managers to monitor each driver’s idle time, which is essential for cutting down on fuel waste and costs. Fleet managers can detect drivers who idle for an excessive amount of time by gaining visibility into this data. This information can significantly enhance your business’s bottom line by improving efficiency and maximizing utilization rate.

Keeping these benefits in mind, choosing a solution that lets you maximize your return on investment is vital. But how do you choose the best solution for your fleet?

How to Choose an FMCSA Approved ELD for Your Fleet?

To ensure optimal performance, you must pay close attention to the minor aspects when investing in such a solution, whether for a single vehicle or the entire fleet. It is a good idea to look for the features listed below to ensure that you won’t miss anything:

  • Compliance with FMCSA regulations: Choose a device that has FMCSA approval. They are the only compliant solutions in addition to being efficient at recording HOS data.
  • Ease of installation and use: If you have a large fleet with numerous devices, ease of installation may significantly impact the cost. Some vendors charge extra for installation personnel, which can add up rapidly. On the other hand, anyone can set specific systems in minutes, making them a more flexible and affordable option for your fleets.
  • Compatibility with your fleet management system: Many solutions come equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope to detect jarring events like crashes, hard braking, and hard turns. Harsh event data can instruct drivers on safe driving, and historical location data can be used to clear innocent drivers of unfounded accusations.
  • Reliable real-time data: Software that can help you improve CMV security and prevent loss is crucial. For instance, some devices use geofencing features and permit you to construct a virtual barrier around any site. By utilizing the system’s real-time GPS capabilities, you can recognize whenever a vehicle enters or exits your geofence, enabling you to identify potential security threats or theft proactively.
  • User-friendly interface for drivers and administrators: For the comfort of truckers, electronic logging systems must include a straightforward user interface. Remember that you won’t be exempt from non-compliance citations if you fail to provide data to the enforcement agents because your drivers don’t understand a complex system. High-end solutions must therefore have a well-designed interface.
  • Data security and privacy protections: Security gets neglected frequently. It is crucial to include safe coding techniques, such as including backups into the device’s operations and avoiding shutdowns that can endanger the safety of the driver and other road users.
  • Customer support and training options: Since these solutions are a relatively new technology, fleet managers and drivers may still need time and guidance. An excellent customer service and training team, particularly one with a 24/7 support service, can make all the difference.

Matrack ELD – Why Do You Need It?

Drawing from our experience, this is the ideal option for fleet managers and owners that want to adhere to FMCSA regulations without going over budget. With Marack, you may save over $2000 per vehicle and eliminate any upfront hardware purchase and installation costs.

It is FMCSA-certified, guaranteeing that you adhere to all the rules. The services can be accessed for as little as $19.95 per month without commitment or additional costs. Additionally, installation from Matrack is simple; it won’t take long for you to get started. Both drivers and managers will find it simple to utilize and manage all the necessary data available, thanks to the user-friendly design and straightforward interface of Matrack ELD. 

With this device, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Manage the drivers’ duty timings to prevent hefty fines.
  • Keep tabs on how well your staff adheres to safety and route restrictions to encourage responsible driving.
  • Set alerts and get instant notifications when a car crosses a queue.
  • You get hassle-free access to tracking history for a certain period.
  • Spend less time looking through countless piles of logging.
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry to increase productivity and efficiency in your company. You even get the opportunity to minimize all manual data entry-related errors.
  • You don’t need to pay extra for co-drivers.
  • Get quick query resolution over call and SMS.
  • Say goodbye to fuel receipts by using Matrack’s Amex Fuel Card to import fuel card data quickly.
  • Lifetime device warranty.

Don’t wait any longer to comply with the electronic logging device rule—start taking advantage of this cutting-edge, high-quality product right away!


It can be challenging to pick the solution that best suits your fleet since so many options exist. But you can consider the essential factors listed here for a solution.

Or you can pick one from our list of top 10 solutions that meet your budget estimate and features requirement. All the listed devices are FMCSA approved ELD devices and provide top-notch customer support. The listed solutions also guarantee strong returns on your investment and will make your drivers more content.

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