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Rand McNally ELD Review 2024 – Pricing & Features

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By James Johnson

Rand McNally ELD

Rand McNally ELD is the electronic logging device that ensures HOS compliance. It also can track fuel efficiency, allows two-way messaging, and sends alerts. It has a wide range of features suitable for fleet managers. It provides solutions with GPS navigation using telematics hardware and routing software. It has developed an array of fleet tracking products and services by leveraging the power of innovative technology. It offers solutions from commercial truckers for overall fleet management.

Product Brand: Rand McNally

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  • Some drivers report that the system can be buggy
  • Not as user-friendly as some other devices available
  • Rand McNally’s tablets have touchscreen issues making them tough to navigate
  • Some devices are bulky and might rub the driver’s legs
  • The device might lose connection from time to time

Rand McNally ELD is the electronic logging device that ensures HOS compliance. It also can track fuel efficiency, allows two-way messaging, and sends alerts. It has a wide range of features suitable for fleet managers. It provides solutions with GPS navigation using telematics hardware and routing software. It has developed an array of fleet tracking products and services by leveraging the power of innovative technology. It offers solutions from commercial truckers for overall fleet management. 

This article will discuss Rand McNally ELD Review, Products. So stay with us till the end.

About the Manufacturer

Rand McNally is a famous American company providing software, hardware, and electronics for several years. This well-reputed company has entered the fleet management markets with trusted mapping and reporting systems supported by robust hardware and software. 

About Rand McNally Products

Rand McNally’s ELD device works in conjunction with mobile apps and web applications that give access to e-logs. The logs and data are stored online in a cloud-based system that you can access as per requirement. Rand McNally ELD offers flexibility to choose from a wide range of solutions and select the best, meeting the business needs and budget. We will discuss the most popular Rand McNally tools and products, which include Electronic logging devices (ELD 50, DC 200, DC 200S), Bring your device (HD 100), and Truck services (TND 740, TND 760).

Before choosing any product or solution from this wide range of options, you should know the features of each product and what benefits it offers. 

Here we have reviewed some of the ELD products most commonly used by fleet owners as a management solution. We will highlight the salient features of these advanced devices, including installation, working, features, benefits, drawbacks, and service plans.

Device Price: Varies from $150 to $550.

Subscription Cost: Monthly plan varies from $20 to $40.

Rand McNally ELD 50

This device reads driving status and engine data to help manage the fleet operations effectively and comply with the FMCSA regulations. The android device connected via Bluetooth serves as a display for the presentation of logs.


The installation process involves three steps:

  1. Pugging the device connector in a 9-pin diagnostic port
  2. Download the Rand McNally DriverConnect app and install it on your phone /tablet.
  3. Connecting the device with your phone through Bluetooth

Immediately after installation, you can access the web portal and GPS that starts recording data. 

Working Principle

This electronic logging device works through the DriverConnect web portal. The primary purpose is to ensure compliance with the ELD mandate by creating Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and Hours of Service. The web portal allows viewing of the location and status of trucks.

Key Features

  • Access to DVIR through the online portal, thus meeting HOS regulations and ensuring ELD mandate compliance.
  • You can view vehicle status and access e-logs through the web portal.
  • The DriverConnect app is a user-friendly interface where drivers can receive or send messages, view DVIRs, and certify logs.
  • The DriverCOnnect app allows easy uploading of e-logs from the device.
  • Customized gauges can record engine-driven data that indicates coolant, oil level, battery condition, and other engine-related parameters.
  • You will be able to store extensive log history for up to six months on the DriverConnect web portal.
  • The ELD 50 device sends notifications to your tablet or smartphone for any compliance issues. 


The hardware installation cost of the device is $149.99.The subscription charges start from $20 a month. You can select the basic plan and upgrade to an enterprise plan to get extra features like critical event reporting, engine diagnostic, and driver scorecards.

Web Portal and App

  • Web Portal is like an online back-office tool for fleet owners and managers that helps to monitor the vehicle status. 
  • The user-friendly mobile app provides an easy solution for drivers to record e-logs, prepare DVIR and send messages.


The device attachment occupies space. Its touch screen is slightly rigid for navigation purposes.

Rand McNally HD 100

This high-end BYOD solution by Rand McNally provides text-integrated messaging, HOS logs, alerts, duty status tracking, complete DVIRs, and other facilities to make the fleets FMCSA compliant.

Rand McNally ELD Review
Source: Rand McNally


The black box is mounted inside the truck by connecting to the diagnostic port. The cable provided with the device builds the necessary connection between the vehicle and the device.

Working Principle

After installation, the HD 100 starts collecting driver performance data, Hours of Service, and vehicle diagnostics, visible through the web portal.

 Key Features

  • It performs all compliance-related activities like automated HOS, alerts and warnings, DVIR, and web-based real-time access to data.
  • It supports communication through email messaging and PDF format attachments for optimized fleet operations.
  • It allows storing six months’ records of daily logs and duty hours.
  • Provides fuel tax reports, miles traveled up-to-date DVIR entries and current HOS status.

Benefits offered

  • The device helps your fleet comply with regulations related to FMCSA rules. Rand McNally ELD is ready to provide updates according to changing laws to ensure continued compliance.
  • HD 100 helps increase fleet efficiency as you can improve fleet visibility, monitor driver performance, review reports, and record driving status through the efficient e-log system.


The hardware cost is $300.You need to pay a minimum of $20 per month for the Electronic Log. You can opt for additional messaging facilities at the basic plan ($30 per month). The enterprise plan comes with extra features and charges $40 per month.


This device does not provide navigation facilities and Bluetooth connectivity.

Rand McNally DC 200

DC 200 is an ideal device providing a fleet management solution to owner-operators and small fleets.


This process is quite simple and involves plugging the device into the diagnostic port (6-pin or 9-pin) using a cable.

Working Principle

After installing the device, you need to Download the DriverConnect app and subscribe to a service plan. The device works in pair with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. 

Key Features

  • The DC 200 comes with a modem that helps to track multiple vehicles and create HOS reports. 
  • The diagnostics gauges map the engine data to generate reports on different parameters that indicate engine performance and efficiency.
  • The DC 200 enables an extensive E-Log history storage on the portal that you can view and print. 


The device costs about $400. There are two service plans: Compliance Plan ($19.99) and Core Plan ($24.99).


The device is not very beneficial for large fleet operations.

Rand McNally DC 200S

It is an advanced model and only works with the TND 740, meaning you cannot pair it with other e-log devices. It is compatible with fleets of any size, from small to large.


The device is fixed in the vehicle diagnostic port, and both the DC 200S and TND 760 get power simultaneously through a single cable.

Working Principle

After successful attachment of the TND 740 to the DC 200 S in the vehicle, your device will flash a sequence of green/red lights. You have to proceed with the DriverConnect app pairing by starting the engine. You may also need to update the TND 740 with the newest software and match current ELD rules. 

Key Features

  • The Rand McNally ELD DC 200S is a simple device that can be installed easily.
  • DC 200S ensures ELD compliance with all service plans. You will get the DriverConnect app preloaded. 
  • The cellular modem enables real-time tracking, messaging, and vehicle mapping by automatic synchronization with the web portal.
  • The app has advanced features that help drivers make DVIR, track duty hours, and communicate through messages and notifications.


The device cost is $399, and there are two types of subscription plans: Compliance Plan ($19.99) and Core Plan ($24.99).


It can only work with the TND 740

Rand McNally TND 740

The Rand McNally ELD TND 740 includes all the significant features that fleet managers and professional drivers need. It has a Quad-core processor with plenty of storage space that makes activities faster. 

Key Features

  • GPS Vehicle Navigation System
  • Truck-Specific Routing
  • Free Map Updates
  • Vehicle Inspection Reporting and Driver logs
  • HOS Alerts and Warnings
  • Advanced Lane Guidance
  • Driver Scorecard

Benefits offered

  • The software can analyze and display spots like parking places, toll plazas, etc., on a specific route. 
  • TND 740 can display different route information simultaneously to decide on possible alternatives. 
  • E-log data are stored and accessed for up to 6 months. The analysis of this data gives valuable information to operators and fleet owners.
  • You can set the device for customized warnings for dangerous slopes, sharp curves, speed limit changes, hard brakes, narrow roads, etc.


The device cost is about $400, and after pairing with the DC 200S, you will have to pay around $800 for hardware.


It requires an external WiFi connection for full functionality.

Rand Mcnally TND 760

The TND 760 is one of the latest offerings by Rand McNally ELD that provides all the crucial features for managing and optimizing fleet operations. The activities include electronic driver logs, vehicle inspection reporting, and HOS alerts.


The device is easy to install and does not require any wire, fuse, or adaptor. Just plug the device into the diagnostic port of your truck.

Working Principle

After installation, the device links with the Rand McNally ELD Connect portal that you can access through a cellular signal or WiFi.

Key Features

  • In addition to HOS alerts and warnings, the users can access data via the Connect web portal.
  • Truck-specific routing facilities offer information like repair centers, overnight parking, and dining options for the vehicle and driver.
  • It facilitates users to send and receive PDF attachments and view logs.
  • TND 760 has a GPS tracking feature that helps you view real-time information online.


The up-front cost of this unit is about $550, and the monthly service plans are competitive in pricing. The three monthly subscription plans are Electronic Logs (about $20), Basic Plan ($30), and Enterprise Plan ($40). 


The back-office tools need an update. The interface is not so user-friendly.


Rand Mcnally ELD offers various devices with unique features. The TND 760 has the most robust communication and navigation technology, while the HD 100 is a low-cost BYOD device. ELD 50 is a compact electronic logging device with easy-to-install ELD hardware that allows viewing e-logs and HOS data. The flexible service plans are of great advantage to fleet owners. They can select the one with the most relevant features that serve their business needs. 

Most of the devices are capable of providing benefits to ensure compliance, productivity, and cost savings. The devices work efficiently in conjunction with the web portal and mobile app, accessible through any android device. The report preparation, review, and storage facilities are the most useful features acknowledged by all customers. The automated features like messaging, fuel purchase reporting, mileage reports, and vehicle diagnostics are most suitable for large fleet operations towards ensuring safety, efficiency, and profitability.

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