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Fleetmatics Reveal Review 2024- Features, Pricing, & Plans

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By James Johnson

Fleetmatics Reveal

Fleetmatics is a renowned name in the telematics and fleet management software category, providing web-based and cost-effective solutions to businesses. Fleetmatics has collaborated with its sister companies, Verizon Telematics and Telogis. Now it carries a new brand name Verizon Connect. This famous company is based in Ireland and works with a vision to revolutionize the vehicle businesses with the most advanced technical tools. The company has rich expertise in mobile-based applications that makes fleet tracking much more convenient, accurate, and fast. It provides customized and end-to-end solutions for automobile manufacturers and vehicle operators.

Product Brand: Verizon Connect

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  • Poor customer service
  • Not focused on trucking or ELD
  • Many advanced features are still not available
  • The system can be a bit slow and cumbersome to navigate
  • Features required by the ELD mandate are still in progress

The ELD technology is rapidly developing and adapting to the customers’ requirements. An electronic logging device is mandatory for vehicles and can be synchronized to access, record, and deliver relevant automobile and driver performance information.

Fleetmatics Reveal has incorporated the most suitable software and hardware configuration to provide reliable, hi-tech vehicle tracking solutions. 

This article will discuss Fleetmatics Reveal Review, Cost, and Features. So stay with us till the end.

It acts as an effective fleet management tool that uses advanced technology to monitor and provide details about various efficiency-related parameters for vehicles.

Company Overview

Fleetmatics is a renowned name in the telematics and fleet management software category, providing web-based and cost-effective solutions to businesses. Fleetmatics has collaborated with its sister companies, Verizon Telematics and Telogis. Now it carries a new brand name Verizon Connect. This famous company is based in Ireland and works with a vision to revolutionize the vehicle businesses with the most advanced technical tools.

The company has rich expertise in mobile-based applications that makes fleet tracking much more convenient, accurate, and fast. It provides customized and end-to-end solutions for automobile manufacturers and vehicle operators.

Product Features of Fleetmatics

The Fleetmatics Reveal products offer a range of features based on GPS tracking technology that help to monitor and control the driver and the routes. The system allows you to locate your trucks in real-time and receive updated reports to keep you secure and compliant. The two most preferred features are the mobile app and connectivity with remote devices. The basic features which make this device so beneficial are as follows:

  • Simplify and optimize vehicle routes to save on fuel costs.
  • Provides relevant data to manage schedules, monitor activities, and control deviations.
  • Keeps records of all tracking information about fleets and duty hours of operators to make suitable decisions.
  • It acts as a good management tool to improve productivity and enhance compliance. 
  • Reduces paperwork and makes record-keeping more accurate and up to date.

 Fleetmaticss offers two kinds of products and service plans to match the business needs.

Fleetmatics Reveal: It takes care of small and medium scale transport operations  

Fleetmatics Reveal+: It has specialized features compatible with large-sized fleet operations. 

Device cost: No installation cost

Subscription: Monthly charge is $35 per month(Reveal) and $35 per month(Reveal+)

Our discussion will focus on Fleetmatics Reveal, which aims to provide tracking solutions for small and medium enterprises.

Who Should Use Fleetmatics Reveal?

It is a user-friendly tool that is easy to install and operate. This device is preferably used by fleet managers of small and medium enterprises to monitor and organize their vehicle movements and streamline dispatch activities. The final objective is to improve productivity and optimize costs, so this product design is compatible with local vehicle operations.

It can efficiently track van movements, optimize routes for time and fuel saving, and identify the non-productive use of trucks. Any business manager would prefer Fleetmatics Reveal to improve efficiency and asset utilization that helps to save costs.

Features of Fleetmatics Reveal 

This product offers a wide range of facilities to make it an ideal option for many fleet owners and drivers. The salient features of this product are as follows:

  • It provides real-time tracking of vehicle performance, driver behavior, location, time, and activities with necessary alerts as per configuration.
  • It displays data presentation in the dashboard and lives map visibility to locate the vehicle position.
  • It helps in driver monitoring and management for control of unproductive activities.
  • It allows Geofencing facilities to determine boundaries for the safe area of operation.
  • It supports integration with fuel cards to manage fuel consumption, expenses, and mileage tracking.
  • It offers a customized app and mobile synchronization.
  • It diagnoses any technical problem in the automobile and generates service requests.
  • It supports an advanced 4G/LTE network that allows more reliability and service connectivity.
  • Provides customized mobile apps to remain compliant with FMCSA regulations.

Long Term Benefits 

The device provides many facilities using advanced techniques and can benefit the fleet businesses in real-time and in the long run. The benefits are as follows:

  • It makes the transport operations more efficient and responsive to real-time situations.
  • It helps to improve customer service by gaining sufficient savings in time and cost.
  • It makes vehicles more fuel-efficient by managing appropriate routes of shortest travel.
  • Managers are able to control the activities of drivers and ensure safety.
  • It helps to avoid unnecessary costs due to non-compliance or repairs.

The fleet owners can make timely and appropriate decisions based on the updated information that will lead to better productivity and profitability in business operations.

  • The Special Features

The device has built-in features to provide users flexibility, reliability, and need-based solutions.

  • Easy Installation and Setup

It works with a convenient user interface which you find is quite simple as you learn through the operations. The software design is in line with other popular navigation systems and is just suitable for medium-sized fleet operations. It represents data, generates relevant reports, and provides route mapping facilities. The independent owner-operators have two options regarding the system logins; as an administrator or as a driver for access and edit purposes.

  • Clear Visibility of Fleets

It uses GPS technology and delivers efficient tracking solutions for vehicles. Clear Visibility about trucks keeps you updated about what is happening on the roads. This feature helps manage driver and vehicle movements with better accuracy and speed, thereby saving time and giving customers a satisfying experience. It ensures better asset utilization and productivity by getting the work done with limited resources and time. It helps avoid costs related to unnecessary movements and missed opportunities leading to higher profitability.

  • Dashboard and Map View

The dashboard or central console is the main area to access data and visualize reports. This device allows you to get a clear view of daily operations, current trends, and the status of key performance indicators affecting the business.

Fleetmatics Reveal Review
Source: Verizon Connect

The drivers and field supervisors also can access detailed data about the progress of the entire fleet. The map view is clear with a high-resolution display and bright indicators that help to optimize the routes.

  • Asset and Worker Safety

The system keeps track of vehicle location and movements. When you notice any unusual activity, you can take immediate action to control and prevent any unauthorized access. You can maintain the safety of your asset and driver by activating an early alert system that notifies you about potential risks, breakdowns, or maintenance needs. The ELD provides data on service hours that helps to manage workload balancing and engage and utilize drivers properly. One can use in-cab alerts to guide drivers and encourage them to drive more efficiently, safely, and economically. 

  • Improved Customer Service

The software enables business owners to get to customers quickly and respond to their requirements more efficiently. It helps to build trust and reliability in the mind of customers by getting better customer service. The fleet trackers provide both operators and customers with updated truck information and help plan the delivery schedule accordingly. The transparency of information keeps customers more satisfied.

  • Customer support

Fleetmatics has gained a reputation for providing timely and reliable support to its customers who have purchased the technology solutions. The Fleetmatics Reveal also got recognition for best customer service in 2014. The company engages a strong customer support team that remains well connected with customers to acknowledge their requirements and builds up an effective fleet management platform that takes care of the customers’ business needs. The mobile apps allow direct and live communication facilities to resolve issues. It guides you with video tutorials and study materials for understanding the operating procedures of the device.

Fleetmatics Pricing and Plans

The cost of using these facilities and the technology depends on the type of device you choose, the number of vehicles you need to track and support, and any other upgrade features. The Fleetmatics Reveal offers zero upfront cost and requires monthly subscription charges to avail of the back-office services and software plans. 

The company gives a demo on software operations to help you understand the features and decide on the services that best suit you. This feature makes this device quite popular as you get the opportunity to use it for test purposes before making final purchase decisions.  

Limitations and Improvement Areas

Fleetmatics has achieved a key position in the field of GPS fleet tracking. But, they are operating in the medium and small fleet business sectors. Over-the-road trucking and integration with extensive transport management is still not their core business. A transport business involving a large fleet may find this device not so beneficial for their business operations. 

The upgraded model (Fleetmatics Reveal+) provides advanced features like ROI analysis, accident tracking, inventory management, truck route navigation, and both-way messaging to ensure more security and compliance. 

Specialized Feature: Fleetmatics Reveal Fleetmatics Logbook

Fleetmatics has designed a dedicated mobile app for android users to help them stay up-to-date and compliant with ELD regulations. This app is called REVEAL ELD Logbook that needs to be installed separately on your digital device. This solution is compatible with Android-powered tablets and will have phone support soon. 

The Fleetmatics reveal users can install and use this app with a Logbook login. This device allows users to be FMCSA complaints by marinating all records and details about vehicle performance as per ELD rules and helps to get a clear idea about hours of service (HOS).


One of their most popular tracking solutions is Fleetmatics Reveal (Verizon Connect Reveal). The software is applicable for businesses handling small and medium-sized transport operations. The aim is to help them manage their resources, reduce unsanctioned movements, and optimize costs. 

This basic fleet management solution is widely utilized by fleets, as the system is quite reliable and gives easy access to various features. The well-designed dashboard for data visibility and generation of relevant electronic reports reducing elaborate paper works are the most significant advantages for drivers, field managers, and office administrators. The system uses user-friendly and straightforward login facilities and is powered by robust network connectivity across countries. 

That means you will be able to receive location updates and browse web-based maps from anywhere and anytime. The cloud-based digital platform records data and information by accessing the controlling components of automobiles. 

That configuration of devices allows record time, date, engine hours, location, distances, and personal identification information of the drivers, carriers, and vehicles themselves. This excellent fleet tracking tool enables business enterprises to streamline their operations most efficiently and cost-effectively.

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