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J J Keller ELD Review 2024 – Features, Cost, Compliance and More

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By James Johnson

J J Keller Log

JJ Keller ELog is a logging device integrated with the compliance management software Encompass. The system supports fleets and improves the management of federal and state regulations and compliance formalities.

Product Brand: J J Keller Log

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Product Price: 199

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  • Stored in the cloud for up to 6 months
  • User-friendly
  • Suitable for fleets


  • It presented issues when AORBD upgrade in 2019 to ELD
  • Connection issues
  • Poor customer service

It is crucial to choose the best logging device for vehicles that fulfills the requirements of compliance, safety, and efficiency. Customers may not need lots of flashy features or advanced mechanisms but require a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-use tool to help you manage the fleet operations. The JJ Keller ELog is a logging device integrated with the compliance management software Encompass. The system supports fleets and improves the management of federal and state regulations and compliance formalities. 

In this article, we will discuss J.J. Keller E-Log Review. Also, you can find Features, Costs, Compliance, and More related concepts. So stay with us till the end. Whether you are a new or a seasoned fleet manager, you need to check out this article by YourBestFleets.

The E-log app integrates with all digital devices and helps drivers create electronic logs and feel secure. The device avoids paperwork, saves time, and allows minimal distractions. The E-log is designed according to DOT regulations and ensures that you always remain on the right track. It is an efficient tool that sends the compliance information to the engine and to Encompass. It analyzes and represents the data for taking improvement actions.

The Company Overview

J.J. Keller is a renowned name in ELD and DOT regulatory compliance and thereby truck owners rely on its product and services. J.J Keller Associates was founded in 1953 and has established itself as a leading service provider in safety compliance in the automobile, construction, human resources, and other sectors. The core business focuses on transportation and fleet management, especially tracking solutions. 

The company continuously updates and adapts itself to the changing technological scenario and customer requirements. It has enabled them to carry out a smooth and seamless transition from the paper logbook to Elogbook to comply with the FMCSA regulation. The company has achieved a prominent position in the ELD sector by providing tools and services that aim at fleet safety and compliance.

What is JJ Keller E- log?

The company has a robust compliance management system named Encompass, and the Electronic Logging Device functions in combination with Encompass. The users choosing ELog will automatically get the benefits of all tools and features of the management software. The user will benefit from the regulations and compliance features associated with the system. The ELog acts as a black box fixed at the diagnostic part of the vehicle to receive data and communicate through Bluetooth with a connected digital device like a smartphone or tablet. 

J.J. Keller E-Log Review
J.J. Keller E-Log Review

The company also provides an Android tablet compatible with the J.J Keller system and can be used as an electronic logbook. This tablet is a dedicated device that will not allow the installation of unauthorized apps. The E-log app provides an easy and flexible E-Log solution for fleet managers and permits drivers to view the display on Apple or Android devices. It is a comprehensive fleet management tool to achieve regulatory compliance, performance improvement, and profitability.

Device Cost: The installation cost is $199 for hardware and $349 for a tablet device.

Subscription: The software plan charge is $15 per month (own device) and $33.50 (tablet)

Benefits Offered by J.J. Keller E-Log 

The benefits offered by an electronic logging device influence the purchase decision of fleet owners. The significant benefits of the J.J. Keller E-Log are as follows:

  • It serves small and large fleet management enterprises providing flexible solutions at affordable prices.
  • It offers flexibility to use with mixed types of vehicles in a fleet to enable better control.
  • It can manage regulatory compliance with the help of electronic onboard records.
  • It helps address the risk factors on time by taking proactive actions as it gives a combined view of compliance and performance.
  • It keeps track of driver safety logs, hours of service (HOS), and FMCSA compliance.
  • It is one of the best and most trusted companies in the ELD category and assures reliable and efficient service.

J.J. Keller E-Log Cost and Pricing

The provider offers flexibility in using different modes and combinations that incur variable costs. The schemes available are as follows:

  • The cost of device hardware is $199. The training fees for installation and operation depend on the number of fleets.
  • The price of a dedicated tablet is $349. The users of this official tablet need to pay a monthly charge of $59 per vehicle and an additional fee of $33.50 for the software plan
  • If the driver uses his device, the fee will be $25.50 per month per vehicle, and the additional monthly charge of $15 for activating the data plan. 
  • There is a facility for attaching a specialized Co-pilot navigation tool synchronized with the tablet. In this case, the upfront cost is $548 plus a charge of $59 each month.
  • The ALK CoPilot GPS helps in the navigation for drivers and costs $10 per month.
  • There are monthly plans as well as for three years.

Activation of Device

The system installation involves two steps. Mount the physical device and activate the software to use all features and facilities. These components are as follows:

Installation of the Electronic On-Board Recorder(EOBR)

You will receive the EOBR with cables, connectors, and accessories. The installation guide provided can guide you to install the black box in your vehicle easily using simple steps. It takes around 20-30 minutes to fix the device. You have to plug in the six- or nine-pin Deutsch connector and mount it in the vehicle cab.

Installation of the Software

The software installation requires a Windows mobile phone or laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity and is compatible with J.J. Keller E-logs. You can use your device by upgrading it or buying a new one from the provider. The company will provide a hyperlink that you have to use to install the mobile app. The successful installation of software applications on mobile ensures the driver with superior ELD support.

As the device and software get installed, the system generates a unique user identification and password for the user to access the system. The user name and password configuration are applicable for all applications of J.J. Keller E -Logs and tools and features associated with Elogs.

The Device Components and Accessories

The E-Log installation kit guides new users to conveniently follow the setup process of the Encompass and the device. It also helps you with the installation of the device in the truck. It also tells how to install the mobile app and pair it with the device. The installation kit contains the following items:

  • ELD connection cable and adaptor
  • A two-door sticker to read e-logs
  • A start guide for the drivers
  • Technical support guide
  • Roadside inspection guide
  • Paper logbook as backup
  • Warranty card

This installation enables you to access a few additional resources to ensure that your ELog runs successfully. You will get intimation about the username and password through email, which you will use to log in to the mobile app. You can get 24/7 technical support through the mobile app to resolve any issues concerning the device’s functioning or software applications. 

There is also a recommended option called Standard Implementation Package that will enable you to receive eight webcasts delivered by the J.J Keller SME (subject matter experts) to enhance your knowledge of the application of the system. The members of the fleet management team can access the webcast as per their requirements.

Key Features of J.J. Keller E -Log

  • It lets you integrate with a series of mobile devices at a time via a single mobile app.
  • You can control vehicle performance through the ELD as you can access the Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and Hours of Service (HOS).
  • The mobile app is versatile, simple, and updated regularly to meet the new requirements of the fleet management system.
  • The system has GPS tracking and navigation facilities as an add-on in the back-office tool.
  • The robust Encompass software provides reliable support in fleet management by handling compliance-related challenges.

Limitations and Areas of Improvement

It has an elaborate and detailed web management software that requires thorough training and expertise to handle operations, data access, and analysis. There are a few instances of discrepancies in the app regarding hours of service records across different locations: the subscription plans and pricing are complicated, as found by many users.

Why Customers Choose J.J. Keller E-Log

 J.J. Keller E-Log treats its consumers as partners and aims to provide reliable support in a changing environment that calls for critical safety compliance. The company is committed to delivering excellent customer service and training opportunities to ensure that the system works efficiently. The customer review company is an industry leader in the Department of Transportation compliance, so you can be assured to meet all the DOT compliance requirements with this tool. 

The J.J. Keller E-Log is an ideal choice for fleets that strive for improvements in their compliance management. The fleet operators looking for a reliable solution to comply with FMCSA rules and avoid risks of penalties will benefit after installing the device. The products have various functionalities that are extremely useful to drivers and fleet managers. 

The device provides flexible pricing facilities to meet the requirements of different customers. The tool is most suitable for truck drivers who need a reliable application-supported platform and hand-free access to critical information on ELD. Apart from real-time solutions, fleet managers will enjoy the long-term benefits of improved efficiency and better resource utilization. 

Final Overview

J.J. Keller E-Log provides valuable support to fleets for improving their compliance while going beyond logs. The app is a convenient solution for the fleet management system that collects the truck data from different work zones to store in an online server in real-time. The ELD offers reliable regulatory compliance and performance management for a wide range of mixed-type fleets. It logs DVIR and Hours of service data of drivers for critical safety and compliance. 

The Encompass system and the E-log tool combined enable fleet owners to standardize crucial functions, like recording engine data, driver qualification, driver performance, e-logs recording, and vehicle inspections. Its ELD app displays e-logs for FMCSA compliance, keeping drivers relaxed. The automatic data collection saves time and avoids distractions for drivers. The system facilitates real-time tracking and control of vehicles using the device. At the same time, the powerful back-office tools allow owners to access and analyze information for making informed decisions to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity. 

The device provides easy and user-friendly login facilities. It gets support from a robust Encompass software platform to carry out tasks with efficiency and reliability. It means you remain updated with all real-time information and records from anywhere and anytime. 

The digital platform records data by accessing the controlling components of automobiles and provides information regarding time, engine hours, location, and distances, which relates to the personal identification information of the drivers, carriers, and vehicles themselves. The excellent customer service and support help drivers and managers enjoy the full benefits of the features and enable business enterprises to streamline their fleet management system.

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