GPSTrackit ELD Review

GPSTrackit ELD Review

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By James Johnson

GPSTrackit ELD

GPSTrackit is one of the leading fleet management, telematics, and video telematics solution providers in the transport industry. It has been in the industry serving customers for more than 18 years with its cloud-based, IoT fleet solutions. It also provides world-class customer service to resolve issues. Their solutions are easy to use, adaptable, and can get your business instant ROI.

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GPSTrackit is a comprehensive & easy-to-use ELD solution by one of the leading fleet management solution providers- GPSTrackit. Now that the ELD rule is in effect, you can switch faster from paper logs to this mobile-friendly and efficient solution. It can help you to comply with the prevailing rule, avoid violations, and boost productivity in your fleet. You and your drivers can use this to log their working hours and stay on top of all compliance effortlessly.  

GPS Trackit ELD is well-known in the market with a varied client base. YourBestFleet bring you GPSTrackit ELD review.

In comparison to any other ELD in the market, this one can help you:

  • Generate and transmit reports faster
  • Save time and reduce human error
  • Get maximum storage and easy retrieval

Still, need more reason? Well, check out this article. Here we will cover everything you need to know about the GPSTrackit ELD review. 

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is only to educate and inform the reader. The product review is based on personal use and client reviews posted on various consumer websites. We suggest the reader use their own discretion while purchasing any product.”

About GPS Trackit 

GPSTrackit is one of the leading fleet management, telematics, and video telematics solution providers in the transport industry. It has been in the industry serving customers for more than 18 years with its cloud-based, IoT fleet solutions. 

It also provides world-class customer service to resolve issues. Their solutions are easy to use, adaptable, and can get your business instant ROI. 

Pricing And Subscriptions

The company does not disclose the price of the hardware. You can go to the website and get your custom quote. 

How Does GPS Trackit ELD Works? 

GPSTrackit ELD Review

GPS Trackit is a simple plug-in-play hardware. You have to plug the device into the ECM port of your vehicle. It will start pulling data directly from the engine and uploading it to a cloud platform. You can view these data on your smartphone or device via a mobile application or web portal. 

Best For

GPS Trackit serves more than 12,000 fleets worldwide. It includes fleet vehicle tracking companies, fleet management operators, small and large owner-operators, etc. Please have a look when you are interested to know more about  GPS Trackit features.

Product Highlights

  • BYOD & Hardware Packages

GPS Trackit offers both BYOD and hardware package options. You can choose one that works fine with you or according to your company’s demand. 

  • Reduce Human Error

A logbook error can lead to some critical DoT violations and burden you with unnecessary penalties. But humans tend to make errors, so avoid them altogether by switching to an automatic electronic logging device. 

  • Ditch Paper Logs

Paper logs are a time-consuming and tedious method of calculating working hours. Why should you go through an ordeal when you can automate the process with GPS Trackit ELD. It can help you to go greener and reduce your carbon footprint in your fleet while boosting efficiency.

  • Reduced Audit Risk

GPSTrackit ELD can help you to avoid penalties and stay one step ahead of DoT. 

  • Minimize Violations

GPSTrackit is a 100% FMCSA-compliant device. It provides HoS logs, 

  • Easy-To-Use Interface

GPS Trackit ELD is designed specifically for the convenience of drivers. It is easy to adapt, and your employees can learn to use it in a few days with basic training. It has an easy-to-use interface, so they won’t struggle to log in to their duty status or access different features via mobile application. 

  • Save Time And Money

You can save both time and money by switching to this ELD solution. How? 

  • Reducing fuel consumption by restricting vehicle idling, monitoring driver behavior, etc. 
  • You and your drivers can shift focus from tedious document work to revenue-generating activities. 

Streamline various fleet operations. 

  • Eliminates Surprises

With the help of this ELD solution, you can monitor fleet activity and ensure there is no false surprise in your upcoming journey. 

Key Features

  • Automatic HoS 

GPSTrackit ELD provides you with accurate HoS logs and protects you from violations. 

  • Driver Safety 

You can improve driver safety in your fleet with the help of this ELD. The ELD provides a detailed driver’s driving behavior report with a real-time alert on speeding or any reckless driving activity. 

  • Fuel Tracking 

You can control reckless driving activities in your fleet with the help of the GPS Trackit ELD solution. It thereby helps you to limit unnecessary fuel consumption. With location tracking, you can reduce vehicle idle considerably.

  • Simple DVIR & Inspection 

Roadside inspection mode assists drivers in sending their working logs via multiple electronic data transfer options. They can complete DVIRs in no time by following some easy steps. 

  • Integrated Dashboard

You can avoid hassle and reduce errors in your fleet with the help of a simple and user-friendly dashboard. It can help you stay on track with various compliance monitoring within your fleet. 

So you can get it all in one place:

  • HoS status of different vehicles
  • Extensive real-time reporting
  • Minute-by-minute logging
  • Individual driver’s driving behavior
  • And many more. 


  • Real-time Location Tracking

GPSTrackit ELD helps you monitor vehicles in your fleet in real-time. You can always know where your truck is and when it will complete a specific task. And then schedule another job. Also, it can help you to provide immediate backup to your drivers in emergencies. 

  • Preventive Maintenance Alerts

You can also avoid unexpected breakdowns in your fleet with the help of preventive maintenance alerts. Now you won’t have to mug up different dates. You can add the schedules on the dashboard and leave the rest. 

  • Free Unlimited Training

To adapt to the new ELD solution without disturbing your fleet activities, you can take training programs by the company. They will train you and your drivers to work with the strange software. Even after training, if you recruit a new driver, you can avail another training program without any extra cost. 

Customer Reviews

Chad Katemann

Excellent Customer Service

“Jennifer Walden has provided timely, professional, and thorough customer service to help us upgrade our cameras & provide a future roadmap. Impressed so far and am excited to continue working with GPS Trackit.”

Debra Clauser

Very reliable and affordable

“We have been using GPS TrackIt since about 2017. We have liked them from the start. They were more economical than all the other brands, and other brands tried to say they would not be reliable then. They have worked great, and their customer support is great along with any technical issues. They are very helpful and always there to help. In these times that is hard to find. Great customer service and a reliable GPS for our 26 truck fleet. Highly recommend it.”

Final Words 

GPSTrackit ELD is one of the best choices if you are looking for an easy and affordable solution without binding yourself to any contract. 

So don’t wait anymore and visit the website now!

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