Verizon Connect Reveal Review

Verizon Connect Reveal Review

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By James Johnson

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is one of the most preferred tools used in the fleet industry for providing tracking and compliance solutions. The Verizon Connect Reveal ELD offers a feature-rich, versatile, and innovative logging device for truck drivers and managers. This product helps view the real-time location of vehicles and drivers’ behavior and receive notifications for taking appropriate and prompt actions. 

This article will discuss Verizon Connect Reveal Review, Cost, and Features. So stay with us till the end.

The map view facilities guide you in deciding on suitable routes that save time and fuel. The hardware is easy to install and works on a reliable fleet management software platform with GPS tracking and automated reporting facilities. Verizon Connect ELD has various features to bring efficiency and productivity to operations while following all compliance requirements.

The Company Overview

The company was known as Telematics, which specializes in GPS tracking. Verizon acquired the company and continued to offer some best products and services to truck operators. Verizon Connect Reveal ELD is one of their latest models in the ELD category that essentially provides support to mid-sized commercial vehicles. The company believes innovation and adaptability are the keys to success, so it introduced the device with the most advanced technological features.

The device has become a preferred choice due to its ability to make vehicle operations more compliant and convenient. The device has received an overwhelming response from the drivers and managers as an efficient online management tool and ELD solution.

The Features of Verizon Connect Reveal ELD

The device has features and capabilities to support fleet management activities effectively. It helps businesses to remain resourceful, efficient, and safety compliant. The advanced features are as follows:

  • It allows electronic DVIR generation with necessary checkpoints
  • It offers automated HOS reporting and alerts for HOS limits
  • It is capable of handling scheduling and order management
  • It is compliant with the FMCSA regulations for ELD
  • It has accurate GPS tracking abilities
  • It updates and informs about the duty status of drivers
  • It integrates with a fuel card facility to manage fuel cost

Device Cost: No cost for hardware installation

Subscription: Monthly charge of $35 (Basic) + $10(E log) + $35 (tablet)

Verizon Connect Reveal ELD Pricing

The company aims to provide reliable services to the owners and operators of smaller fleets at an affordable cost. The device installation in the vehicle carries no cost. The monthly subscription plans allow avail of the facilities of software. The monthly charges vary depending on the features and services you avail for your fleets. One has to go through the various pricing options and decide on the best one that suits the budget and business needs. The plans are as follows:

Plan-1: This is the most cost-effective plan offered by the ELD provider. You will get the hardware installed in your truck and access the latest version of the software platform for just $35 per month. It provides a GPS tracking facility and offers different compliance and reporting tools.

Verizon Connect Reveal Review
Source: Verizon Connect

Plan-2: The electric log facility is an added feature in this plan. In this case, you need to subscribe to the electronic logs plan with an additional charge of $10 per month.

Plan-3: If the drivers do not want to use their device, there is a provision for a software-enabled smartphone or tablet. You need to pay an additional subscription of $15 per month for this dedicated device. The user should expect to pay a total of $60 per ELD unit per month to avail of all the facilities. This plan also permits the drivers in your team not to use their cell data for the ELD.

Verizon Connect Reveal ELD Key Features

This device provides a superior blend of features to make it reliable and efficient. The capabilities of this device promote it as an ideal ELD product for fleet owners. 

  • Real-time Tracking

It allows the managers to get a real-time and continuous update on the vehicle movements and driving behavior through the effective GPS tracking solution. The unit collects relevant data on drivers and shares those data as reports to the concerned to help them manage the activities of drivers. You can keep track of individual vehicles and drivers through the mobile app or website. The GPS acts through a key-reader installed in the dashboard and generates a unique log for the driver operating the truck. The system permits the website access to the authority to utilize the fleet and driver-monitoring features and take decisions accordingly.

  • Alerts and Notifications

The alert and notification features are crucial as it enables drivers and fleet managers to take immediate actions if something goes wrong. The messaging facilities notify you through the mobile app about real-time events. You can set the alert feature according to the issues you need to address like start and stop, speeding, idling, zone deviations, breakdown, and accidents. This is essential from a safety and productivity point of view and ensures better asset and resource utilization.

  • Route Replay

This feature allows the software to track the engine’s running status. It provides an easy way to calculate the Hours of Service of drivers. You will be able to view details of all the trips made by any vehicle in your fleet by tracking when the driver turns on the engine and when it shuts down. This process gives a clear record of the date-wise trips made by trucks. You can analyze this data to identify the starts and finishes and the long stops or excessive idling time of vehicles.

Fleet managers can view the truck movements and driver activities for a specified period. This feature also has the advantage of going through the previous route display to address any customer complaints that are received later. The customers prefer Verizon Connect Reveal ELD for this feature as it helps avoid downtime, reduce unproductive hours, and optimize travel routes.

  • Fuel Card Integration

It is a unique feature of Verizon Connect Reveal ELD that allows monitoring the extent of the cost incurred on fuel. A fleet company spends a significant amount of money on fueling, so it is necessary to keep track of this and control costs. The system records the data whenever a fuel card is used for a purchase and prepares a report accordingly. The review of this report gives a clear idea about the fuel purchase frequency, time, location, and vehicle details with driver information. It helps to track any unusual or unauthorized access or excess fuel purchase. The fuel efficiency report also guides you to analyze which truck runs less efficiently and decide on corrective actions. 

  • Fleet Maintenance Information

This feature helps operators manage truck maintenance schedules more effectively. You will be able to create maintenance schedules for the various vehicles in your fleet. The service schedules are generally prepared based on the historical maintenance data and criteria such as mileage, usage hours, and service date. You can program the system in a manner that sends a notification to you, along with the service technician and other team members, to inform you that maintenance is due as per schedule.

This feature ensures that the trucks remain in good condition and helps you to reduce costs due to repairs, replacements, and breakdowns. The maintenance information also allows managers to plan proactively the allocation of vehicles and drivers to maintain the duty hours.

  • Integration with other applications

The latest design of electronic logging devices has integration features that make them compatible with other services in fleet management. Verizon Connect Reveal ELD supports integrated features that serve as reliable tools for connecting with several business applications you may be using in your operations.


Customers of Verizon Connect Reveal consider it one of the best ELDs that provide cost-benefit, flexibility, and reliability. These GPS-enabled, cloud-based ELD with many advanced features offer several benefits to service-based fleet businesses. You can achieve numerous advantages with such a tool installed in your vehicles. The mobile app helps you manage the various aspects, including FMCSA compliance and DOT regulations.

The real-time tracking solution informs you about the position of trucks and the status of drivers. You can manage the routes and guide drivers on the go to optimize the travel time and save fuel costs. You can also update your customers about the location of the delivery trucks and when they will be arriving. The device generates automated alerts to inform about any potential risks or unusual driving behavior that may cause accidents.

Truckers use the fleet maintenance solution to plan the maintenance of vehicles as per schedule. It ensures the good working condition of automobiles and minimizes chances of breakdown and repairs. The visibility of transport in real-time and access to updated information are the most powerful features of this ELD solution. The software is very much suitable for small and medium-sized transport business operations.

The mobile app provides simple procedures to record drivers’ duty status and allows DVIR completion as a regulatory mandate. The tracking system plays a crucial role in effective fleet management as it guides you through planning suitable routes, responds to changing traffic conditions, and optimizes truck movement. It ultimately helps to achieve savings in terms of time and fuel consumption.

The telematics hardware combined with reliable fleet management software builds a robust system that helps to address day-to-day challenges faced. The fuel card compatibility is a unique feature, useful in controlling fuel cost by keeping track of fuel use. The device offers a range of solutions for compliance like HOS records, ELD logbook maintenance, and DVIR report generation. The driver behavior monitoring feature enables fleet managers to ensure that drivers follow the set guidelines about route selection, safe practices, and mandatory reporting. These comprehensive reports also allow managers to make suitable decisions regarding resource allocation, manpower utilization, and corrective actions.

The device’s features help manage the resources, improve asset utilization, and reduce non-productive movements. The system ensures to keep you updated with the current ELD mandate requirements and ongoing changes. As such, it is clear that the Verizon Connect Reveal ELD ensures FMCSA ELD Mandate compliance and has much more to offer to help in successful fleet management.

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