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Top 10 Samsara Alternatives You Can Choose

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By James Johnson

As a fleet business owner, what are your primary concerns? Your vehicles should run with a high degree of productivity and efficiency, and at the same time, your drivers remain safe and compliant with the rules. 

You don’t have to worry, as numerous service providers offer readymade fleet management solutions to handle the issues you face in everyday operations.

You must have heard about Samsara which offers technology-driven solutions through effective tracking and reporting on fleet movements. But why should you stick to one? Explore similar systems from competitors to find the best solution that suits your needs. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Samsara alternatives. 

Samsara Fleet Management Solution


Top 10 Samsara Alternatives


Let’s know what benefits Samsara provides you with its technology solution for fleet operations. The features include GPS tracking, ELD compliance, routing and dispatch, reporting, and alerts.

The popular solution from the above is live GPS tracking that shows you where your vehicles are in real time and how they perform. But there is more to it. 

Reporting tools enable you to plan preventive maintenance, while integrated dash cams and automatic alerts for speeding, idling, and geofences help protect your assets and drivers. 

In addition, Samsara’s FMCSA-approved ELD solution makes your fleet operation more safety compliant. The user-friendly access to mobile apps brings complete control of your operations to your fingertips. 

Some of the key features of the Samsara fleet management system include the following:

  • Global position system (GPS) for real-time location tracking of the moving vehicle,
  • Wireless communication system to transmit relevant information to the connected digital device,
  • Sensors to capture, analyze, and access video data are taken outside and inside the vehicle,
  • Predictive analysis systems for diagnosis and recommending solutions for potential problems,
  • Alert and notification systems to enable quick and proactive actions, and
  • Advanced data analysis system and report generation to assess performance and compliance. 

Key Benefits of Using Samsara

Location Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking helps you monitor your vehicles on the move. You get to know where they are stuck so you can plan the routes accordingly. If you want to restrict your vehicle movement within a virtual boundary, the geofencing facility allows you to get alerts whenever the truck crosses that boundary. 

Fuel Management

Your fuel efficiency is an important parameter to control costs. With fuel cards to identify and monitor inefficient activity and unauthorized purchases, you can keep a check on your fuel usage. 

Vehicle Diagnostic

Maintaining your vehicles in good running condition is crucial. You can get regular reports on technical issues that help you quickly identify vehicles needing service. Accordingly, you can proactively protect vehicle health and avoid road breakdowns. 

Alerts And Reports

An effective and productive fleet operation depends on alerts and notifications. It lets you know about unsafe driving behaviors such as excessive speed, harsh braking, sharp turns, etc. You can get consolidated reports on a single web platform for evaluation and analysis.

Improved Back-Office Efficiency

Your back-office work becomes more streamlined and efficient by eliminating time spent on tedious paperwork for report generation, as all reports are accessible through apps or portals.

Factors For Selecting The Best Solution

You can’t deny the tremendous influence of advanced technology on the automotive sector for improving efficiency, performance, and safety. 

The GPS-powered hardware devices have multiple features that meet all your needs, and the robust software support makes the system convenient and reliable. The options are endless, each offering attractive features and benefits. 

What factors should you look at when considering an effective fleet management system? Customers usually look for need-specific products experts suggest that your focus should be on the following parameters that make fleet management solutions reliable, efficient, and customer-friendly.

Flexible Network Connectivity 

The GPS tracking system works with a device which is the hardware part, and there is a software part. The two systems have to work in perfect synchronization with the help of stable network connectivity and compatibility with different digital devices. 

You may have an iOS or Android operating system, so there must be flexibility in operation through the mobile device without disruptions. 

The Reliability of the Device

Your vehicle may travel through states and countries with varying weather conditions.  The device must have a robust configuration to function optimally. 

The device manufacturer must ensure that its hardware is well-protected to work effectively even with exposure to water, heat, dust, or under extreme weather conditions. 

The devices must have a good battery backup because you may be unable to recharge them while on a journey. 

Alerts and Notifications

As already highlighted, the GPS-based system generates alerts if it detects any deviations from specified norms. It may be due to deviation from routes, harsh driving, or assessing potential hazards. 

You set up alert configuration as per your requirements so that you can take necessary actions to control vehicle movement or prevent unauthorized access. It would help manage and protect valuable assets by minimizing the chances of theft and misuse. 

Monitoring Vehicle Diagnostics

You would appreciate the importance of maintaining fleets in good running condition. The GPS tracking system maintains vehicle performance records and indicates any technical issues or potential faults. 

You can take necessary actions regarding the maintenance of vehicles to keep them in good health and avoid unwanted breakdowns and repairs. 

Ensuring Compliance

The GPS-enabled Electronic Logging Device (ELD) comes into practice to ensure drivers are not overworked and fatigued and comply with safety rules. It improves your reliability as a fleet business owner by ensuring safety, compliance, and better driving performance. 

The Different Types of Trackers For Vehicles 

As you compare the features, you need to know the trackers’ different working modes to provide support to fleet operations. Each mode has specific benefits, so you can determine what might work best for your business. These tracking modes are as follows:

Satellite-Based Tracking:

This standard GPS tracking system can provide you with real-time tracking updates irrespective of location or network connectivity. Your trucks may be traveling through remote areas with poor network coverage, but still, you can use the device as a convenient way of tracking.

Cell-Based Tracking: 

It is a type of track you may prefer because it uses cell towers for network connectivity. It gives you the convenience and affordability of handling cell phones and getting tracking updates. 

App-Based Tracking: 

You can download an app on your phone, and you are ready to get location updates and necessary alerts about your fleets. These apps offer user-friendly access to data according to your requirements and offer convenient solutions since there is no need to fix devices on the vehicle.

Samsara Alternatives



GPS Vehicle Tracker | GPS Vehicle Tracking System - Matrack Inc.


The Matrack system made your fleet management more efficient through automated tracking and updated reporting. It is one of the best fleet management systems besides Samsara and is perfect for large trucking operations.

It provides many significant features that help you monitor and control vehicle movements in real-time while ensuring driver safety and efficiency. 

The Matrack fleet management software is one of the best software solutions in the market. It provides a satisfying user experience on IOS and Android platforms to monitor vehicles and valuable assets.

It guides you and your team with accurate and timely reports to make actionable decisions that eventually lead to better productivity, safety, and customer service.

Key Features of This System Are As Follows: 

  • Automated reports for IFTA compliance
  • Analytical report to assess vehicle performance
  • Tracking driver habits and optimizing delivery routes
  • Clear data visibility through a mobile app 

Get the relevant fleet management data to make informed decisions and act quickly to improve driver safety, notify customers, strengthen security, cut costs and change unwanted driver behaviors. 


Verizon Connect

Top 10 Samsara Alternatives


Choose from various customizable GPS tracking solutions Verizon connect offers through its fleet management solutions. If you are handling middle and larger-size fleet operations, Verizon can be your trusted choice. 

If you want to search your trucks quickly, Verizon Connect enables you to do the same by providing a clear map display and customized alerts. With Verizon fleet management solutions, you can improve fleet operations, reduce fuel wastage, increase worker productivity and encourage safer driving.

This fleet management system has features and capabilities to support your business to remain resourceful, efficient, and safety compliant.

The key features include the following:

  • Electronic report generation with necessary checkpoints
  • Automated Hours of service reporting for drivers
  • Accurate GPS tracking abilities with customized alerts
  • Integration with a fuel card facility to manage fuel cost
  • Track driver behavior like speeding, idling, and harsh driving
  • Access historical data for up to two years


Top 10 Samsara Alternatives


Motive is one of the leading fleet management platforms capable of offering solutions to manage your fleet operations effectively on a single platform. It provides service to over 120,000 companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 businesses. 

Motive’s GPS tracking allows your team to track every vehicle in real-time and store tracking data so that you can view historical routes at a later date. Intelligent dashcams allow you to view incidents on the road while at the office. 

You need better visibility and control over fleet operations. A motive fleet management system makes vehicle tracking more accurate and convenient while ensuring driver safety, compliance, and cost-efficiency. 

The key features include the following:

  • Handy geofencing alerts
  • Live map of vehicle locations
  • Video footage and live streams
  • Digitization of driver logs and vehicle inspection reports 


Top 10 Samsara Alternatives

Geotab is renowned for its innovative technology solutions in vehicle management. Whether your fleet size is small or large, they have the solutions to suit your needs. Using its GPS fleet tracking, you can view the vehicle locations in real-time and complete trip history.

The system helps you control fuel consumption with alerts to make immediate decisions to improve fuel efficiency to improve routing, vehicle speed, and idling times.

You can set alerts with the Geotab system to audit vehicle maintenance, engine performance, and driving habits. Driver-Vehicle-Inspection-Report (DVIR) and other critical operational information help you make faster and more proactive decisions toward improving efficiency. 

Key features of this system are:

  • Creates and merges real-time data into analytics reports.
  • Asset and driver tracking and routing 
  • Maintenance reminders to enhance predictive maintenance 

GPS Insight

Top 10 Samsara Alternatives


When you are thinking about reducing fleet operating inefficiencies that cost valuable time and money and are also worried about the safety of your assets on the roads, GPS Insight offers all-encompassing fleet software solutions. 

You can set up immediate alerts for selected incidents, including risky driving practices and zone deviations. You can also display up to 200 service reminders for any vehicle group, showing upcoming or due alerts. 

Additionally, you can map routes, communicate with drivers, and save them for quick and easy future access, all from a single dashboard. Get quick information about idle hours, distance traveled, speed, gas mileage, and more for 30 days.

The special features are as follows:

  • Get notifications in case of long idle hours
  • Alerts on service needs of vehicles
  • Provides driving distance, time, and directions for a route 


Top 10 Samsara Alternatives


Take a safety-first approach to your fleet operations through Azuga’s end-to-end fleet management platform. It allows you to increase productivity and reduce risks through various customized features. 

You can access various reports that indicate your vehicle and driver performance in real-time, allowing you to make informed decisions. Azuga’s user-friendly mobile app makes your tracking process simpler. When a driver uses the mobile app, data is captured from every vehicle, creating a comprehensive trip log. 

There may be some road events that you want to capture, so use the dual-facing dashboard camera that gives you a clear picture of what’s happening on the road. You and your team can breathe easy with Azuga electronic log generation, which meets regulations for HOS and DVIRs with the help of an Electronic Logging Device.

Azuga offers the following key features:

  • AI-based tracking software
  • Alert system for distracted and risky driving
  • Online training videos to coach drivers
  • Generates driver scorecard by tracking safe driving habits 


Fleet Management Software for IT Leaders | Fleetio


You can think of the Fleetio fleet management system as the brain behind your fleet operations. You get efficient solutions like fuel cards to save fuel, GPS devices to track vehicles, and maintenance alerts to plan scheduled service for the fleet.

Cost control is one of your primary concerns. With real-time metrics like fuel consumption, cost-per-mile, maintenance trends, and downtime, you remain confident and assured to maintain your operations more efficiently and profitably. 

Underutilized assets and resources might cut into your profits. The simple, intuitive reports you get through the app help you make quick, accurate, and actionable decisions to utilize your vehicle and drivers. 

The salient features offered by Fleetio are as follows:

  • Track maintenance activities and costs through standard consolidated reports
  • Set service schedules and reminders across your fleet
  • Keep track of utilization for every vehicle 


Omnitracs IVG Review | Best Truck GPS - Unbiased Reviews


Safety in vehicle operations is your primary focus, and the advanced feature of Omnitracs system helps ensure safety by generating alerts for critical driving events such as over-speeding, hard braking, lane diversions, stability control, or any emergencies. 

These features, along with real-time tracking and navigation, help you gain better control over driving behaviors and reduce the chances of accidents. 

This way, you can control unnecessary expenses incurred due to non-compliance, repairs, high insurance premiums, and legal liabilities. It enriches the user experience by accessing advanced technological tools and digitized applications for maintaining and tracking records. 

Key Benefits Achieved:

  • Maintains a log of all critical data electronically
  • Generates messages relevant to IFTA reporting
  • Web-based and user-friendly access to the tracking data in real-time


Fleetmatics Reveal and Work have become Verizon Connect | Verizon Connect


The biggest advantage of this system is its user-friendly process that is easy to install and operate. This system suits small and medium enterprises to monitor and organize vehicle movements and streamline dispatch activities. 

Your final objective is to improve productivity and optimize costs, so this system can be an ideal solution to efficiently track truck movements, optimize routes for time and fuel saving, and identify the non-productive use of trucks. 

Your safety concern is also taken care of by activating early alert systems that notify you about potential risks, breakdowns, or maintenance needs.

It has the following key features: 

  • Data presentation in the dashboard and lives map visibility
  • Geofencing facilities to determine boundaries for the safe area of operation.
  • Customized mobile apps to remain compliant with FMCSA regulations. 

Big Road

Top 10 Samsara Alternatives


The BigRoad system is an efficient and convenient system that allows you to go through every data about the vehicle, view the route history, and monitor driver performance. All these data give clear visibility and help you plan for every truck in the fleet most effectively. 

The web portal gives a clear view of the driver’s duty status and informs you about traffic conditions. You can then reschedule your routes and achieve savings in terms of time and fuel consumption. 

At the same time, it makes you relaxed as you can ensure compliance with all necessary regulations and service requirements. 

The main features of the system include the following:

  • Innovative yet user-friendly mobile applications
  • Access and record the route history of a vehicle for better coordination and control.
  • Updated inspection reports allow fleet managers to take proactive measures. 


The transport sector industry is experiencing rapid progress, so it is necessary to keep pace by utilizing possible benefits from technological advancements. When you go for an efficient fleet management system, you can be sure that logistics, fuel management, maintenance, and operational issues are addressed.

In this article, we have listed some of the best fleet management solutions as efficient as Samsara. We hope that this list guides you in identifying suitable features and how to utilize them to improve your fleet operations’ cost and efficiency metrics. 

By getting insights about several fleet management solutions, you become more equipped to choose and decide on the best one for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What features should I look for in a Samsara alternative?

A: The features you need in a Samsara alternative depend on your specific use case and business requirements. However, some essential features to consider are vehicle tracking, driver safety monitoring, fuel management, maintenance tracking, and reporting.

Q: Are Samsara alternatives more cost-effective?

A: The cost-effectiveness of Samsara alternatives varies depending on the provider and the features included. Some alternatives may be more affordable, while others may be more expensive.

Q: Can I integrate Samsara alternatives with other software systems?

A: Most Samsara alternatives offer integrations with other software systems, such as accounting software, dispatch systems, and maintenance management software, among others.

Q: How long does it take to implement a Samsara alternative?

A: The implementation time for a Samsara alternative depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the solution, the size of the fleet, and the number of features required. However, some alternatives can be implemented in a matter of days, while others may take weeks or months.

Q: How can I choose the right Samsara alternative for my business?

A: To choose the right Samsara alternative, you should consider your business requirements, budget, and the features you need. You can also read reviews and compare pricing and features from different providers to find the best fit for your business.

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