What are Daytime Running Lights (DRL)?

daytime running lights benefits and rules

Daytime Running Lights, or DRLs, are vehicle lights for the daytime. You can usually find these low-intensity lights at the front of the trucks and sometimes at the back. Most times these LED lights are automatic and turn on at specific actions, such as: When the vehicle is in motion When it is in gear … Read more

How to Drive a Semi-truck: 8 Tips for Beginners

how to drive a semi truck

Driving is an easy skill to learn. Usually, if you can ride a bicycle, driving anything on wheels will not be a huge problem. However, the size of the vehicle matters. You may be able to drive a commercial vehicle, such as a school bus, in busy city traffic. But driving a semi-truck is another … Read more

7 Rookie Truck Driver Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

mistakes rookie truck drivers make

The initial phase of one’s truck driving career combines anticipation and challenges. New drivers are often termed “rookies” for about their first year, a period marked by intense learning and adaptation. During this time, they hone their driving skills and grapple with managing their time efficiently, understanding the nuances of the industry, and building relationships … Read more

8 Truck Driver Injury Prevention Tips You Should Know

truck driver injury prevention tips

The life of a truck driver is one of constant motion, with the engine’s hum and the road’s rhythm as constant companions. However, this profession, which is vital to our economy, comes with challenges. The statistics from 2020 are a testament to this, revealing 415,000 reported crashes involving large trucks and passenger cars. Among these, … Read more

How many miles do truck drivers drive in a day?

average truck driving miles

We sent out a survey to 500 truck drivers and asked them a question that we wanted the answer to: how many miles do they drive every day? And you will be surprised that, on average, a trucker might cover between 200 and 300 miles daily, with some even clocking over 100,000 miles annually. This … Read more

4 Best Ways to Maintain Your Truck Tires

truck tire maintenance tips

Maintaining tires is like giving a truck a pair of sturdy, reliable shoes. Regular tire inspections are like health check-ups, catching any issues early, such as wear, tears, or incorrect pressure. This proactive approach prevents bigger problems down the road, much like regular exercise keeps a body healthy.  Additionally, well-inflated, balanced tires ensure the truck’s … Read more

What is Reefer Fuel?- Complete Guide By YourBestFleet

reefer fuel

Reefer fuel is an indispensable component in the logistics sector, especially when you consider that as of 2019, the global refrigerated transport market was valued at approximately $15.5 billion. This specialized fuel powers the refrigeration units in trucks, shipping containers, and rail cars, ensuring that perishable goods like food and pharmaceuticals are kept at the … Read more

8 Must-Have Truck Driving Skills to Master – YourBestFleet Guide

essential truck driving skills

When someone thinks of truck driving, they only picture a person driving a truck and nothing more. There is a long-standing misconception that to become a truck driver, one only needs a license and driving skills. Although these are the basics, a truck driver’s job has several other requirements. Some of these requirements are inherent … Read more

8 Best ELD For Trucks [Review and Guide]

eld for trucks

Every year around 700 truckers and others die due to truck collisions. These accidents result from overworked, fatigued, and sleepy drivers. Unfortunately, several people are affected by it drastically – both financially and physically. This problem grew huge and needed to be curbed from its roots. Therefore in 2019, FMCSA  and DoT implemented ELD rules … Read more