Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist For Class A CDL – A Complete Guide

Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist For Class A CDL

Driving a Class A CDL vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer or semi-truck, necessitates considerable responsibility and attention to detail. Performing a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle before getting on the road is vital in ensuring the efficiency and safety of the driver as well as other motorists on the road. You can ensure a smooth … Read more

7 Best Dashcams with Parking Mode for Truckers/Fleet

Best Dashcams with Parking Mode for Truckers

You might be concerned about the fleet vehicle safety when parked at a place. The dashboard cameras with parking mode will give you the best solutions by monitoring your vehicle and surroundings and keeping a record of events in case of any attempt of theft or tampering. Dashcams with parking mode have features that sense … Read more

8 Best ELD for Old Trucks 2023

Best ELD for Old Trucks

If you are a driver or fleet manager living in the US, you already know what an ELD is, and whether you fall under the scope of the rule. The ELD rule of December 2019 mandates that every commercial carrier, fleet operator, and truck company must install an FMCSA-approved ELD – (Find out our curated … Read more

Top 10 Samsara Alternatives You Can Choose

Samsara Alternatives

As a fleet business owner, what are your primary concerns? Your vehicles should run with a high degree of productivity and efficiency, and at the same time, your drivers remain safe and compliant with the rules.  You don’t have to worry, as numerous service providers offer readymade fleet management solutions to handle the issues you … Read more

9 Best Real-Time GPS Fleet Trackers For Fleet Owners

9 Best Real-Time GPS Fleet Trackers

GPS tracking is a term being used every day across the globe. Four decades back, had anyone told you the future would have mobile maps and pinpoint locations accurately, you would have laughed it off. That is how technology has advanced far beyond our wildest dreams. The utility of GPS has moved way ahead from … Read more

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide

Fleet vehicle maintenance

An efficient and profitable fleet operation requires proper maintenance of vehicles to ensure improved productivity, better asset utilization, and avoid unnecessary costs due to breakdown and technical issues. A well-planned maintenance schedule with clear process steps enables fleet managers to maximize the efficiency and reliability of fleet operations by avoiding downtime and potential faults. It … Read more

10 Best ELDs for Sale in 2023

Best ELDs for sale

According to FMCSA(Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), from December 16, 2019, every long-haul commercial vehicle in the United States must have an ELD installed in it. The drivers must track HoS (Hours of Service) using only registered and compliant electronic logging devices. Therefore, we planned to help you by making a curated list of the … Read more

10 Best ELDs for Owner Operators 2023

10 Best ELDs for Owner Operators

An owner operator is a truck driver who owns and operates a trucking business. They are different from company drivers as they own a truck and drive at their will.  Today there are almost 350,000 owner-operators out there in the USA. They all are responsible for all expenses and management of their business. If you … Read more

Transportation In The Future: How Artificial Intelligence Fleet Management Will Shape It

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Fleet Management Will Shape It

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Transportation Technology has reshaped our lives in many ways, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest inclusion on the list. AI is a technology that empowers machines to perform tasks in a manner that resembles applying human intelligence. It can be beneficial to make manual tasks faster and more accurate. … Read more

ELD Compliance Rules Every Trucking Company Must Know

ELD Compliance Rules

Introduction The modern fleet management technology brings an innovative and reliable solution to many challenging operational issues with the help of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD). The system works on a hardware and software combined platform, with GPS tracking and automated reporting facilities. It has become the most preferred tool in managing fleet operations by … Read more