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Top 5 Affordable ELD Devices (Maximize Compliance on a Budget)

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By James Johnson

Using ELD devices can save lives and prevent injuries. It’s incredible. According to a report by FMSCA, when ELDs are used effectively, they protect an average of 26 lives and prevent around 562 injuries yearly. That’s a significant impact on safety!

So, if you’re a truck driver or fleet operator, investing in affordable ELD devices is not just about following regulations; it’s about making a real difference on the road. Using these devices can help keep yourself and others safe, reducing the chances of accidents and injuries.

With such impressive statistics, it’s clear that affordable ELD solutions are an essential tool for enhancing safety in fleet operations. So, let’s ensure you have the right budget-friendly ELD device that meets your needs and helps you achieve those life-saving results.

How to Choose an Affordable ELD Solution?

It’s now mandatory to have electronic logging devices (ELD) installed for commercial drivers, regardless of their fleet size. With so many options in the market, finding the best cheap ELD device that meets your needs and complies with FMCSA regulations can take time and effort. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you make a smart decision.

The following tips will guide you in choosing the right affordable electronic logging device without compromising on the necessary features:

Identify your needs

Start by determining what features you need from an ELD in a budget and the specific problems you want to solve. This way, you can focus on your requirements and avoid paying for unnecessary extras that won’t add value to your system.

Easy integration

If you already use a fleet management system, consider an ELD that seamlessly integrates with your existing software. This saves you additional costs and improves the overall efficiency of your fleet operations.


Look for a budget ELD that offers a simple installation process that you can handle without professional help. A user-friendly device will also save you time and money on training and support for your drivers.

Compare ELD providers

Once you know what you need, research different ELD providers and compare their products and services. Read reviews, testimonials, and ratings to understand the reliability and reputation of the suppliers and their products.

Price comparisons

Compare the prices of different ELD providers that offer the same features and facilities. Consider the hardware cost and any monthly or yearly subscription fees. Be cautious about hidden costs like setup fees, installation fees, or charges for support and training.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the most affordable ELD solution that meets your requirements.

Factors Affecting the ELD Cost

Several factors can impact the cost of an ELD solution, including budget, functionality, and alignment with daily operations. Consider the following factors to select the best solution for your fleet and manage costs effectively.

BYOD vs Vehicle-installed ELD

You have two options: Bring Your Device (BYOD) and Vehicle-Installed ELD. When searching for an effective solution for managing Hours of Service (HOS) and ensuring safety compliance while keeping costs in check, it’s necessary to understand which option suits your needs best. Let’s explore these options and find the one that works best for you.

Bring Your Device or BYOD

  • The BYOD (Bring Your Device) option allows using your digital device.
  • Drivers can install an app on their smartphone or smartphone to track Hours of Service (HoS).
  • BYOD solutions are typically more cost-effective compared to dedicated hardware devices.
  • It saves money on training as drivers are already familiar with using digital devices.

However, acknowledge the potential limitations, such as the risk of device loss or damage, limited battery life, and the potential for distractions that could compromise safety.

Vehicle-installed ELD

  • Vehicle-installed ELDs are mounted devices on your trucks that monitor and record driving data.
  • They provide real-time reports and ensure compliance with rules.
  • These devices are fixed-wired and may require professional help for installation.
  • You can have peace of mind regarding their durability, data handling, processing capabilities, and reliable features for enhanced safety and control.
  • Vehicle-installed ELDs typically include a GPS component, eliminating the need for separate tracking devices.

You have a choice between two hardware options to comply with the mandate: Vehicle-installed ELD or BYOD. The BYOD option has become popular lately because tablets and smartphones have better data handling capabilities. 

However, the vehicle-mounted electronic logging device offers distinct advantages over BYOD. It gives you more control over expenses, provides a higher return on investment, and comes with additional benefits. 

So, while BYOD may be convenient, the vehicle-mounted ELD is a smarter choice for long-term cost savings and overall benefits.

ELD Installation

Plug-and-play ELDs are popular among owner-operators because they’re cost-effective and convenient. However, there can be some security concerns. On the other hand, wired devices require careful installation but are difficult to remove once installed. If you opt for a wired device, choose a vendor with experienced professionals who can handle it properly.

A high-quality installation reduces the risk of problems and ensures smooth functioning and compliance. It indirectly helps you save money by avoiding unnecessary expenses. 

Remember that some ELD suppliers charge one-time hardware fees, which can increase upfront costs.

App Support

Having user-friendly app support for your ELD can be the quickest and most convenient way to ensure compliance. Certain apps are designed to simplify the process of downloading and operating them. They can be customized to meet your specific needs. 

Advanced apps go the extra mile by offering embedded guidelines, customizable checklists, and other helpful features that make fleet management more affordable and convenient. Remember that you may have to pay monthly charges to cover software costs and app updates but the benefits and convenience they provide make it worthwhile.

Training and Technology Support

Your drivers must be trained to use the electronic logging device (ELD) to prepare the necessary reports and logs for compliance. The ELD provider should offer training resources for your drivers, which may involve some costs. A good vendor goes above and beyond by providing additional training support without extra fees. 

Having reliable customer support and technical assistance is crucial for resolving any issues quickly and ensuring compliance with regulations. So, choose a vendor that offers comprehensive training and support to help you navigate the ELD requirements smoothly.

Service Plans

You’ll find that many companies offer ELD solutions with no upfront cost, instead providing regular subscription plans. This can be a great way to save money on hardware expenses. However, some providers may require upfront payment, monthly subscriptions, additional leasing, installation, access fees, and system maintenance charges. 

If you manage a fleet with a mix of vehicles performing both long and short hauls and you have seasonal operations, monthly plans might not be the best fit for you. It’s important to carefully evaluate these plans to ensure they align with your long-term cost-saving goals. Take the time to assess and compare different options before making a decision.

The Top 5 Most Affordable ELD Devices

ELD devices are a must for long-haul vehicles and have amazing benefits. As an owner-operator, finding an affordable ELD solution that combines cost-effectiveness, reliability, efficiency, and compliance is essential. The good news is that plenty of options are available, and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve compliance. 

Modern ELD devices are versatile, with easy app connectivity, and can handle a large volume of records at a relatively low cost. So remember, it’s not about the price; reliability matters most. 

Here, we’ll introduce you to some quality electronic logging devices that meet all FMCSA requirements while being reasonably priced.

Matrack ELD

Matrack ELD - best cheap eld device

Our research findings indicate that the Matrack ELD has emerged as a preferred brand among fleet operators seeking cost-effective GPS tracking and FMCSA-compliant solutions. This device stands out for its user-friendly features, allowing easy data monitoring and real-time decision-making. 

Additionally, it offers a compact design, hassle-free installation, and a lifetime warranty. What makes it even more appealing is the option to acquire the ELD without any upfront cost, accompanied by a nominal annual subscription fee. This combination presents a compelling proposition in terms of return on investment.


  •  It assists in IFTA fuel tracking
  • It provides real-time location tracking
  • It generates violation alerts
  • It serves fleets of all sizes


  • ELD installation is free
  • A Monthly subscription starts at $19.95 per month with no contracts.

Gorilla Safety ELD 

Gorilla safety ELD

Gorilla Safety ELD has become quite popular in the United States for its simple and affordable electronic logging solution. Our team discovered that this low-cost ELD system is a perfect fit for small fleets and owner-operators. It’s incredibly easy to install with its plug-and-play process and can be conveniently moved between vehicles. 

With GPS tracking, you can monitor your vehicles’ real-time locations. The integrated mobile application provides convenient access to all the features and functionalities. It efficiently tracks hours of service and generates compliant e-logs, ensuring you have peace of mind during roadside inspections.


  • It offers easy installation and usage
  • It automatically tracks driving time
  • It supports IFTA Fuel Tax reporting
  • GPS tracking provides real-time location information 


  • The cost of the hardware is $175
  • Monthly subscription fees start from $19.99

BigRaod’s Dashlink ELD

BigRoad DashLink ELD

Based on our experience, the BigRoad DashLink is a fantastic option for quickly and affordably meeting ELD mandate requirements. This system has all the necessary features to simplify and speed up your process. Plus, it offers cool features like fuel tracking and notifications for violations, downtime, and delays, which help you make informed decisions.

The best part is that the DashLink solution package provides a convenient plug-and-play hardware installation. You don’t have to worry about any upfront hardware costs. Instead, you can choose from various monthly subscription plans based on your needs. It’s a hassle-free way to ensure ELD compliance while keeping your budget in check.


  • It is easy to install and user-friendly
  • It offers real-time GPS tracking solutions
  • It provides two-way messaging facilities
  • It provides data for fuel consumption tracking  


  • $19.50 per month
  • $1440 per year 

Blue Ink Technology (BIT) ELD

BlueInk Technology ELD 

Blue Ink Technologies has designed a device specifically for commercial road truck drivers, and let me tell you; it’s pretty impressive. Our analysis shows that it offers an affordable and user-friendly solution, even if you have yet to gain experience with LEDs. It’s a no-frills tool that does the job effectively and without breaking the bank.

The Blue Ink Technology (BIT) ELD provides straightforward compliance and tracking solutions. You make a one-time purchase and say goodbye to those pesky monthly charges. 

All you need to do is plug in the device and use the Blue Ink Tech app on your smartphone. It’s perfect for small fleets, as it helps you keep track of your Hours of Service (HoS) logs, perform DVIRs, and generate reports on IFTA mileage calculations and maintenance needs.

The best part? The free account gives you full compliance and all the necessary features. If you want extra bells and whistles, you can upgrade to the premium service for just $30 monthly. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an ELD solution that’s both cost-effective and reliable.


  • It offers easy app access through a smartphone 
  • It has convenient plug-in and operation options
  • It helps in the IFTA Fuel Tax report generation
  • Provides Geofencing alerts on safety zone violation


  • $295 per month for the BYOD device
  • $30 per month 

Garmin ELD

Garmin eLog Compliant ELD

Garmin, a newcomer in the ELD market, has made a name for itself by offering FMCSA-compliant solutions. Our research shows that the Garmin eLog ELD is a fantastic choice for managing, tracking, and sharing hours of service records. And here’s the best part: you won’t have to worry about ongoing costs like monthly or annual subscription plans.

This device keeps track of the driver’s duty status and creates e-logs, storing them in the GPS-enabled digital device. It’s super convenient because you can access the logs through USB and Bluetooth during roadside safety checks instead of relying on a cloud platform.

The best thing is that this easy-to-install device provides smooth and accurate navigation features and offers automated reporting. You can get your hands on it with a one-time purchase price of $249.99, and there are no monthly fees to worry about. 

Garmin is a top-notch ELD investment if you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to be FMCSA compliant.


  • It offers a free mobile application
  • It syncs with different smartphones 
  • It stores real-time data on the phone
  • It plugs in with 6-pin and 9-pin ports 


  • $249.99 initial cost for hardware and no monthly cost


With the ELD mandate, every commercial trucker must have an ELD. As an owner-operator, finding a model that meets the requirements without hurting your profit margins is crucial. But here’s the thing: a cost-effective ELD sometimes means going for the cheapest option. You need to consider the cost aspect and ensure you’re getting real value for your money.

The affordable ELD devices we’ve mentioned above ensure full compliance with the regulations and offer reliability and efficiency at an affordable price. Armed with the information we’ve provided, you’ll be much better positioned to make a smart choice. Look for the most affordable option that delivers the highest value. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re making a cost-effective investment in your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   What are the advantages of ELD with no monthly fees? 

Ans. ELDs with no monthly fees give the flexibility to switch vehicle types performing both short and long haul and operate in certain periods of the year without needing to pay monthly fees for the non-operating season. 

  1. What can be the disadvantages of the BYOD option? 

Ans. In the BYOD option, drivers use their smartphones, which can be damaged or misplaced, incur additional costs on data plans, and may cause distracted driving while checking the phone.

  1. Is it worth paying for cloud services in ELD?

Ans. Cloud services may incur an additional $10-$15 per month, but your data remains secure in the cloud. You also don’t have to worry about running out of space or losing data on your device.

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