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Samsara Dashcam – Complete Review by YourBestFleet

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By James Johnson

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Samsara is a company that offers a wide range of products and services. Renowned for its expertise in Fleet GPS tracking devices and real-time vehicle monitoring dashcams, Samsara empowers businesses involved in fleet management through cloud-based software and artificial intelligence solutions.

Samsara’s cutting-edge dashcams are advanced camera systems installed in vehicles, delivering invaluable assistance across diverse sectors and organizations. With Samsara dashcams, commercial fleet operators can enhance driver behavior, elevate safety standards, and optimize operations. These innovative devices also facilitate seamless delivery operations for transportation and logistics companies.

Here, you will find a comprehensive review of the Samsara Dashcam, detailing its features, performance, and overall user experience.

Types of Dashcams

The Dual Dashcam

The Dual Dashcam captures front and interior images, providing a comprehensive monitoring solution. This allows for monitoring driver behavior, ensuring passenger safety, and capturing events within the vehicle. 

Front-Facing Dashcam 

Front-Facing Dashcam focuses on recording the road ahead, providing clear video footage of driving incidents and enhancing overall fleet safety. Both dashcams offer high-definition recording, real-time streaming, and AI-powered incident detection, bolstering fleet management efforts.

Comparison between Dual and Front-facing Dashcam Options

The dual-facing dashcam offers comprehensive coverage by capturing both the road ahead and the vehicle’s interior. This ensures safety and security in various scenarios. On the other hand, the front-facing dashcam focuses solely on recording the road ahead, making it ideal for essential video monitoring and incident recording.

Features of Samsara Dashcams

The Samsara Dashcam offers a range of features to enhance fleet safety and efficiency. These features include high-definition video recording, AI-powered event recognition, real-time video streaming, cloud storage for footage, GPS tracking, driver teaching tools, and integration capabilities with other fleet management systems. With these functionalities, fleet operators can effectively monitor driver behavior, improve safety, and gain valuable insights to optimize their operations.

The Samsara Dashcam is a game-changer in fleet management, significantly improving road safety. Here are some remarkable features:

Real-Time Incident Detection

The dashcam promptly identifies critical events like accidents or sudden stops, instantly notifying the user to take appropriate action.

Event Records

The dashcam captures crucial driving incidents, such as crashes or bumps, with the event record feature. These recordings serve as valuable evidence that can be utilized in the future.

Data Transfer And Storage

The dashcam allows for the secure saving and storage of videos. This means the recorded videos can be accessed anytime, ensuring important footage is readily available.

Preventive In-Cab Coaching

The dashcam goes beyond mere prompts by serving as a real-time guide for drivers, offering tips that reduce the likelihood of accidents.

AI-powered Camera

Equipped with a high-definition camera powered by AI, the dashcam can recognize objects, read signs, and analyze driving quality, enhancing overall monitoring capabilities.

Affordable and Easy to Use

This state-of-the-art device provides exceptional functionality, comes at an affordable price point, and is straightforward to install, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for fleet operators.

Samsara Dashcam – The Benefits For Your Fleets

The Samsara Dashcam offers numerous benefits that can be leveraged by any sector reliant on automobiles. Here are the key advantages:

HD footage of critical events

The dashcam records high-definition footage of important events, providing clear and comprehensive evidence for accident analysis and liability evaluation.

Fleet-wide Visibility through Integration with FMS

By integrating with Fleet Management Systems, the Samsara Dashcam enables operators to obtain fleet-wide visibility, allowing for effective tracking and management of their entire fleet.

Improved Safety and Accident Reduction

The dashcam facilitates driver behavior monitoring, enabling real-time in-cab coaching to minimize accidents.

Enhanced Driver Training and Performance

If the dashcam identifies areas where a driver’s skills and behavior require improvement, it can provide targeted training to enhance performance.

Protection Against Fraudulent Claims

The captured videos and footage serve as valuable evidence to counter and refute false accusations.

Improved Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

The dashcam assists in route planning, automatically optimizing vehicle performance and reducing fuel costs.

Customer Service and Dispute Resolution

The Samsara Dashcam boasts a proactive customer service center with a 24/7 helpline, ensuring prompt assistance in any issues and contributing to effective dispute resolution.

Samsara Dashcam delivers a wide range of benefits, encompassing safety enhancements, cost savings, improved training, and reliable customer support.

Samsara Dash Cam – Technical Specifications

  Dual-Facing AI Dashcam Front-Facing Dashcam
Camera Angle A wide-angle lens captures the road ahead effectively. A wide-angle lens is useful for capturing the road ahead.
AI-Powered Features Event detection, object recognition, and driver monitoring. Event detection, loop recording, and time-lapse recording features.
Storage Cloud storage with indefinite capacity. Local storage with expandable memory options.
Connectivity Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity Built-in GPS
Integration Effortlessly integrate with fleet management systems.
Additional Features Real-time recording, driver coaching tools, and live tracking. Event tagging, G-sensor for impact detection, WDR for improved low-light performance, and a built-in microphone for audio recording.
Display Screen Inbuilt LCD for live recording and playback.

The above table shows just a few of the specifications. Please refer to the below link for a comprehensive list.

Installation Guide for Samsara Dashcam

Installing the Samsara Dashcams is straightforward. Here are the steps to install both the Dual-Facing Dashcam and the Front-Facing Dashcam:

Installation of Samsara Dual-Facing Dashcam

  1. Choose a suitable spot on either the windscreen or dashboard that provides a clear view of both the front and inside of the vehicle.
  2. Utilize the provided mounting hardware to securely attach the Dual-Facing Dashcam in the chosen location.
  3. Ensure that the dashcam remains stable during vehicle motion.
  4. Connect the power adapter to the power supply.
  5. Adjust the camera to achieve maximum coverage for comprehensive monitoring.

Installation of Samsara Front-Facing Dashcam

  1. Locate an appropriate position on the windscreen that offers a clear view of the road ahead.
  2. Use the mounting hardware provided to fix the Front-Facing Dashcam in place.
  3. Verify that the power adapter remains stable even when the vehicle is in motion.
  4. Connect the power adapter to the power source.
  5. Adjust the camera for optimal road coverage, providing a broader perspective.

Following these simple installation steps, you can easily set up the Samsara Dual-Facing Dashcam and the Front-Facing Dashcam for effective monitoring and enhanced fleet management.

Pricing Guide of Samsara Front-Facing Dashcam and Samsara Dual-Facing AI DashCam

Model Cost of Device Cost of Installation Cost of Subscription Any Contract Activation and Deactivation of Service
Samsara front-Facing Dashcam $299 $100 $12 per month No Log into your account and cancel your subscription
Dual-Facing AI Dash Cam $499 $150 $24 per month No Log into your account and cancel your subscription

Our Observations and Recommendations

Our experience with Samsara Dashcams has been highly positive, and the following reviews will provide insight into their benefits:

User Experience And Customer Support

Operating the dashcams is user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience. Additionally, Samsara offers proactive 24/7 customer support, promptly addressing any queries or emergencies.

Camera Quality and Features

The dashcams deliver high-quality video footage, capturing crucial details with exceptional clarity. They are equipped with advanced features like event detection and object recognition, enhancing safety and monitoring capabilities.

Software and Analytics Capabilities

Samsara’s software provides robust analytics capabilities, enabling users to efficiently manage and analyze dashcam data. This capability aids in informed decision-making and enhances overall fleet operations.

Integration with other Samsara Products

The dashcams seamlessly integrate with other Samsara fleet management solutions, creating a comprehensive platform for monitoring and managing all aspects of fleet operations from a single interface. This integration enhances efficiency and streamlines fleet management processes.

Why Choose Samsara Dashcam?

Samsara Dashcams have garnered positive feedback due to their user-friendly nature, excellent camera quality, advanced features, powerful software analytics, seamless integration capabilities, and the ability to choose between dual and front-facing options based on specific needs. 

Samsara Dashcams offer outstanding features that significantly enhance fleet safety and management. Here are some notable characteristics:


Samsara Dashcams are designed to be user-friendly, requiring no technical expertise for installation or operation. They can be effortlessly used by anyone.

Multiple-Facing Dashcams

Users can choose between Dual-Facing or Front-Facing Dashcam options based on their needs. The Dual-Facing Dashcam provides a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s front and inside. At the same time, the Front-Facing Dashcam focuses on maximum road coverage.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Samsara Dashcams function as safety devices with features that prompt drivers to avoid accidents based on real-time recordings. Users may be eligible for insurance premium discounts by taking advantage of these safety features.

Enhanced Safety

Samsara Dashcams prioritize driver safety and contribute to community safety. They help identify risky behavior, safeguard against accidents, and promote a safer driving environment.

These exceptional features make Samsara Dashcams an ideal choice for fleet operators looking to enhance safety, simplify usage, select suitable dashcam options, and potentially reduce insurance premiums while promoting overall safety and well-being. 


The Samsara Dashcam is an excellent addition to services that enhance fleet management. Two types of Samsara Dashcam are available to cater to different monitoring needs. 

The dual dashcam captures the vehicle’s front and interior images, providing a comprehensive monitoring solution.

On the other hand, the Front-Facing Dashcam focuses on recording the road ahead. Both dashcams are user-friendly, making installation and usage hassle-free. They offer high-definition recording capabilities and real-time streaming.

Samsara Dashcams serve as valuable safety devices by effectively identifying risky behavior and safeguarding against accidents. Their features and functionality make them particularly suitable for routine transportation and delivery services, prioritizing safety while striving to increase operational efficiency.

By incorporating the Samsara Dashcam into their fleet management strategy, services can benefit from comprehensive monitoring, enhanced safety measures, and improved operational efficiency, aligning with their commitment to safety and optimized performance.


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