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Transflo ELD Review 2024

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By James Johnson

Transflo ELD

Transflo ELD is a modern-day solution that aims to connect drivers with the back office. Rather than simply providing ELD compliance, Transflo takes one step forward and directs to dispense a complete fleet solution. With its technology, Transflo focuses on ensuring driver safety, simplicity, and efficient fleet management.

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  • Expensive for small fleets
  • Software freezes sometimes
  • Long-term contract

Transflo ELD is a modern-day solution that aims to connect the drivers with the back office. Rather than simply providing ELD compliance, Transflo takes one step forward and directs to dispense a complete fleet solution. With its technology, Transflo focuses on ensuring driver’s safety, simplicity, and efficient fleet management. 

Built on an open platform, the Transflo ELD is customizable according to the fleet’s demand. If you want to know about this valuable yet affordable ELD solution, check the article till the end. In this article, we will analyze Transflo ELD and its features carefully. 

About Transflo

Transflo is one of the leading telematics solutions distributors, document management, invoicing, and business process automation. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA, Transflo provides valuable solutions at an affordable cost to thousands of fleets and commercial truck drivers. Owing to its powerful and innovative technology, around 8 out of 10 fleet brokers use Transflo.

The company works on five unique values, market-driven, innovative, collaborative, business-savvy, and passionate. 

Transflo ELD Highlights

  • Plug and play device
  • Advance and accurate engine diagnostic
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Vehicle location history
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Equipped with a built-in accelerometer and odometer
  • Accident Reconstruction

Technical Specifications

FMCSA Certified

If compliance is one of your top priorities, you can get it with Transflo ELD. The device is FMCSa-registered and certified, ensuring full compliance with relevant regulations. 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Transflo ELD, just like many other ELDs, is BYOD. You can easily connect the ELD with any device-be it android, iOS, or Microsoft tablet. In case your device is not compatible, you also have the option of renting the device from the company. 

For a mobile phone to be eligible, it should have an 8 MP camera, flashlight with auto-focus. Android should be 2.2 or higher, and iOS should be 6.0 or higher.


The Transflo ELD has an application that you can download from the play store or the iOS store. The application helps the users to access the features of the Transflo ELD. 

Web Portal

The Transflo ELD and telematics also has a web browser to ensure that users can access its features from any device- desktop, tablet, android, or iOS. 


The Transflo ELD has an app to ease access to several features. This app works seamlessly on both android and iOS. 

Cellular Connectivity

Transflo ELD has an in-built cellular chip. This chip ensures that the device will work even if there is no connection. The data is collected and stored on the device till the network is retrieved. 

Pricing and Subscription

Transflo ELD will cost you twice, one while purchasing the hardware and other monthly subscription charges. The cost of the hardware is $109.99. 

Apart from the hardware cost, the users have to incur another expense. The company offers two different subscription plans: 

Standard Subscription

DVIRs, IFTA fuel tracking, HoS tracking, DoT compliance, and GPS tracking are some features of this plan. For this plan, the users have to pay $28 per month.

Fleet Subscription

This plan includes other features plus vehicle analytics. Vehicle analytics feature diagnoses the vehicle thoroughly and provides data of gas usage, speed, engine fault code, and driver behavior. For this plan, the users have to pay $31 per month.

Key Features of Transflo ELD

Transflo ELD

Easy to Install Device

The Transflo ELD is easy to install without any professional help. You can install it in only a few minutes. You need to plug the hardware into the CMV and download the app. After this, connect the ELD with your device. 

Driver’s Safety

Transflo ELD and telematics aim to provide modern solutions to fleet problems and ensure driver’s safety. To achieve this objective, it offers a unique feature called a driver’s scorecard. 

Driver’s scorecard is a comprehensive report of the driver’s behavior, safety, and compliance record. 


Stay in compliance with the ELD rule with this Transflo ELD. The device is fully registered and certified by FMCSA. 

Real-time GPS Tracking

Stay updated with the real-time location update of your fleet with this feature. GPS tracking helps you to monitor your fleet and ensure asset recovery in the situation of theft. You can also use this to reduce idle time and vehicle misuse. The ELD pings you the real-time location updates every 1-30 seconds. 

Accident Detection

Transflo has different features to help you avoid any mishaps. But even after this, if an accident does occur, the device can help you to send immediate help. How? Transflo telematics has an accident detection feature. That sends urgent notifications with live location to the back office for immediate assistance. 

Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction is a unique feature of Transflo ELD. The device captures the accurate data of the vehicle during the accident. Anyone can use this data to assist the reconstruction of the event and reduce or deny their liability. 


With the Transflo ELD, DVIR fleet compliance is faster and easier. How? Drivers can easily log in their details with this intuitive and certification process. The device will automatically generate the report and store it in the cloud for the back office to access.

IFTA Fuel Tax Reports

Another feature of the Transflo ELD is the IFTA fuel tracking report. Every fleet manager can relate to the chaos it comes with document management. Documenting and generating the IFTA fuel tax report is time-consuming and labor-intensive work. With the Transflo ELD, the drivers can scan and upload the related documents such as fuel receipts, and the device will generate the IFTA fuel tax report. 


Transflo ELD offers you a complete document management solution. You can rely on this device for digital imaging, receipts management, invoicing, document upload, and many more. Fleet managers can also upload the documents of the drivers and keep them organized in cloud-based storage.

Hours of Service

Drivers can use the HoS feature to stay on schedule, track work hours, and thus help you to remain to comply with the HoS rules. This feature is beneficial for both drivers and fleet managers. The drivers can easily log their working hours and edit them using the app. And the fleet managers assign the work to them accordingly. 

Vehicle Diagnostics

If you have chosen the fleet subscription plan, then you can access this feature. The vehicle diagnostic covers every aspect of the vehicle and helps you optimize its performance. This feature includes fuel usage, speed, engine data, fault codes, driver behavior, and other relevant data. Thus you can spot any petty issue with your vehicle and solve it before it becomes a big problem and burn a hole in your pocket.

Save Time and Money

Transflo ELD solution helps you to save time and money by automating paperwork. Paperwork has been a tedious and time-consuming activity that requires a lot of labor. But with Transflo telematics, you can upgrade the documentation process and save both time and effort. Overall, this will ultimately result in profit generation.

Benefits of Transflo ELD

Transflo ELD and telematics are beneficial for both fleet managers and drivers. 

For the Fleet Managers

  • Real-time GPS tracking and map-based tracking facility helps them to monitor their fleet and reduce the communication gap in-between. 
  • The Transflo ELD has different features to ensure the safety of the drivers. It also helps you to monitor their driving behavior. 
  • Ultra-accurate vehicle diagnostics
  • Accident detection and reconstruction.
  • It helps to monitor Fuel consumption.
  • Reduce idle time and vehicle misuse with the vehicle’s location history.

For the Drivers

  • Record their duty time and remain in compliance with HoS rule.
  • Easy to use application.
  • Automatic electronic logging.
  • Different features streamline and simplify the driver’s day-to-day activity. 

Who Can Buy Transflo ELD? 

Transflo ELD and telematics is a modern-day solution and is one of the best solutions for electronic log tracking. But if we consider the initial cost and the features, we can conclude that the Transflo ELD is best suited for large fleets and heavy-duty vehicles. 

Pros and Cons

+ Easy to set up

+ GPS tracking

+ Cellular connectivity

+ Compact design

+ User-friendly App

Expensive for small fleets

Software freezes sometimes

Long term contract 

Customer Reviews

  • Tannile Bates, Owner (Unity Transport, LLC)

” I’m able to easily and efficiently keep an eye on my driver’s hours and location. I’m also able to dispatch and communicate with my driver and pull paperwork as soon as it’s turned in.”

  • Bonnie Ramsay, CIO (Halvor Lines)

” Transflo has helped Halvor save money. The app is so configurable, and it’s a great tool for communication.”


We can conclude the review of Transflo ELD here. We hope to have helped you make a decision. If you have any queries, you can comment down below. Our experts will help you to solve them. Also, if you are using or have used this device, let us know your experience below. 

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