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DriveELD Review 2024: Cost and Features

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By James Johnson

As per the ELD rule, all carriers and drivers need to use self-certified electronic logging devices for their vehicles that can record driving hours and maintain electronic logs. DriveELD provides effective solutions in this regard. The basic facilities are tracking vehicle status at any time, recording driver’s duty hours, and monitoring driving behavior. The device can help fleet managers to achieve benefits beyond compliance like route navigation, automated notifications, storage of records, and real-time tracking. 

The device is easy to install and operate, accessible through any smart device, and compatible with almost every commercial vehicle. The online platform allows easy completion of reports that satisfy ELD regulations.

This article will discuss DriveELD Review, Cost, and Features. Also, you can find how DriveELD operates and related concepts. So stay with us till the end.

Company Overview

DriveELD is renowned for developing a variety of engineering and software solutions. This reputed company introduced the ELD solution to help small and large trucking companies and independent operators. The company makes the devices easy to maintain and use. The devices have many features that work together through a robust online platform that helps manage operations in real-time. DriveELD is adaptable to changing scenarios and continues to evolve ELD solutions to remain relevant and compliant with the requirements of fleet businesses.

The Device functionalities 

DriveELD has proven its capability to meet all the ELD requirements. This electronic logging device works synchronized with the DriveELD web portal and DriveELD app. This combination allows you access to innovative features and tools to stay in complete control of your operations. The working principle of the system follows some simple steps as mentioned below.

Connect Hardware: Connecting the device is easy and does not create any issues for smooth driving.

Create Carrier Account: Download the free DriveELD app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and sign up to create an account. The information must include the driver’s photograph and the HOS rules applicable to them. 

Connect To The Vehicle: After creating a driver account, you will be able to see the carriers of your fleet connected to you. It helps with smooth communication and feedback through the web portal.

The pairing of ELD: Pairing of ELD and Android devices is a must. It allows you to access the app and utilize the various functionalities. You may need to update the firmware if required.

Create and Edit Logs: Start creating the e-logs and edit them as per change in location, time, and duty status. You can put specific remarks which will be visible as annotations.

Monthly Fees & Costs

Device Cost: There is no upfront cost for the device and hardware installation.

Subscription Cost: There are two monthly plans to choose from. The base plan has a subscription charge of $15 per month per truck, and the mid-plan fee is $20 per month per truck.

Key Features

DriveELD is a feature-rich product that provides several facilities to fleet managers and operators to address their day-to-day challenges and remains compliant and productive. The key features are as follows:


DriveELD Review
Source: DriveELD
  • Document and Receipt Scanning

It creates logs electronically, and it is possible to edit and scan the reports online. This feature supports roadside inspections as Inspectors can check and send e-logs to the FMCSA right from the DriveELD App.

  • Fleet Tracking Dashboard

The system gives the complete picture of vehicle location, HOS record, and drivers’ status on a fleet tracking dashboard. You can keep track of vehicles using interactive mapping with GPS coordinates. You can also track the status of your drivers for a certain period and allocate loads accordingly.

  • On-Device Data Storage 

The device collects data and stores it securely utilizing a cloud-based platform. The stored record can be accessed online anytime. Even if you lose connection to your device, you can still access the data at a later time after restoring the function.

  • Proactive In-App Notifications

Fleet managers get notifications of all driving issues that require prompt resolution. You can set up alerts for specific events like speeding, sharp turns, hard braking, and impacts. You will also receive notifications if any logs need to be updated to prevent HOS violations. You can set up alerts to inform you about vehicle diagnostics and maintenance needs. 

Advanced Features

The device has some advanced features that provide reliable support in fleet management by making the process more convenient and cost-efficient. These features are as follows:

  • Closed Workflow Through Vehicle Inspection Report

This feature allows drivers to monitor the working condition of their vehicles regularly and create inspection reports to inform fleet managers. Managers can review them and take decisions or actions to address any issues. It completes the workflow and helps to maintain vehicles in good working condition.

  • IFTA Fuel Tax Monitoring And Reporting

The system can record the distance traveled by vehicle and fuel consumed through the mobile app. You can download trip reports and other records from the online platform and analyze them to calculate mileage and fuel efficiency. The authentic reports help calculate fuel tax accurately.

  • On The Route Navigation

The device allows mapping the most suitable routes for the trucks considering travel time, road conditions, traffic flow, and type of load. It uses a navigation tool to identify roadblocks, traffic hassles, and entry restrictions to inform drivers and managers to make decisions about route scheduling. It also locates fuel stops, parking spaces, resting areas, etc., on the route to help drivers. This feature guides drivers and fleet managers to plan suitable routes considering the fuel economy, dispatch scheduling, travel time, and distance. 

  • Effective Communication And Messaging

The system allows effective and transparent communication between drivers and dispatchers through speech-to-text messaging, PDF creator, image capture, and video recording. It helps avoid confusion or ambiguity and makes fleet operations smooth and hassle-free. Real-time communications allow managers to control driver behavior, provide guidance, and receive feedback.

PT30 Electronic Logging Device

The system requires fixing the electronic logging device (PT30) into your vehicle’s port and pairing it to the DriveELD App. The device is compact, sturdy, and easy to install without any professional expertise. The installation kit contains a long cable that makes it easy to fix the device conveniently at any part of the truck. It supports all types of ports available in vehicles. The device design fits the needs of any truck manufacturer and operator. After installation, you need to pair it with your display device via Bluetooth.

DriveELD App

DriveELD app is a smooth-running and modern app for drivers available for easy and free download. The app allows them to record their daily activities and create logs as per regulatory requirements. DriveELD app works seamlessly with both Apple and Android devices. This user-friendly app provides facilities for signing and editing e-logs effortlessly. The addition, deletion, or modifications in the report can be possible easily through the mobile app.

Drivers can avoid distractions and focus on the road while the app takes care of the Hours of Service and other formalities. It will also notify you about any pending issues that need attention so that you can take immediate action to resolve those. It ensures the smooth running of vehicles while maintaining compliance. This app also has a feature that allows drivers to take photos of any important subject or event like accident damages and keep the fleet managers updated.

Advantages and Limitations


  • It ensures full ELD regulation compliance
  • It is simple to install within minutes
  • It is easy to operate with user-friendly features
  • It is compact and durable to withstand a long time
  • It supports app synchronization via Bluetooth
  • It provides reliable and timely customer service 
  • It offers affordable prices for truckers


There are a few features that are still in the development phase. You may experience poor connectivity issues sometimes between the device and the app.

Final Overview

DriveELD is a powerful solution that enables fleet owners to streamline their operations, stay compliant, and reduce operational costs. The fleet owners and drivers consider it a reliable, affordable, and simple ELD solution available in the current market. As an FMCSA registered and DOT-certified tool, this solution makes it easy to log Hours of Service and Driver Inspection Reports. Fleet tracking and DVIR are the most significant features to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency. The device comes with an integrated DVIR solution that checks and confirms the appropriate functioning of vehicle components. It is suitable for both large fleets and small owner-operators. 

The compact device fits easily into the truck dashboard with no complications. It is simple to use and connects with any android device through the mobile app. 

The mobile app is easy and free to download and works through a user-friendly interface that helps drivers access all the applications without formal training. This solution fulfills all ELD mandate requirements of fleet operations. This system allows for effortless log management and compliance with ELD rules. The hardware and software combined to ensure that your HOS (Hours of Service) logs are completely compliant according to the FMCSA law. The automated reporting process eliminates paperwork and saves your time in handling administrative work. 

The system allows clear communication between drivers and fleet managers through the DriveELD App. It can increase awareness and make the drivers and managers more responsive to real-time situations. The automated workflow framework helps streamline the entire fleet operations and improve productivity by avoiding distractions. The digital platform applies a modern and user-friendly interface that makes online activities more efficient and convenient. You can synchronize the ELD with your mobile app and start getting a unique user experience through its advanced features and functionalities. The web portal gives a clear view of the driver’s duty status and informs you about traffic conditions so that you can reschedule your routes. It ultimately helps to save time and fuel consumption.

One of the best benefits of using DriveELD is cost-effectiveness. It is economical compared to other ELD products and services in the market. You can also cut down costs for commercial fleet businesses in the long run by incorporating this ELD solution. It works well for both small and large carriers to meet the needs of owner-operators of fleets of all sizes.

The product has become extremely popular among fleet managers and drivers as an advanced online management tool suitable for any vehicle. The tracking facility allows fleet owners to make informed decisions quickly and ensures improved service and customer satisfaction. The accurate and authentic reporting based on engine data, guides fleet owners in making informed decisions. Fleet managers get information on vehicle conditions daily through DVIR and plan accordingly to resolve technical issues. These features make fleet management convenient and hassle-free, saving time and money. It also ensures better utilization of assets and resources. The timely decisions and corresponding actions help you achieve better productivity, save fuel costs, and remain compliant with safety guidelines.

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