Best 4K Fleet Dash Cams For Fleets

5 Best 4K Fleet Dash Cams For Fleets

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By James Johnson

The trucking industry had two main assets – the vehicles and the drivers. As fleet owners and managers, the safety of these two is vital for smooth business operations. You cannot be everywhere at all times, but with fleet dashcams, you surely can have a set of eyes on your trucks and drivers. Apart from ensuring that your drivers are practicing safe driving and that your truck is in good condition, a dashcam can have multifold benefits for your business. 

Benefits of Dashcam

Dashcams offer solutions to all these issues by recording incidents around the vehicle while on the move and when parked. These are surveillance cameras that detect any potential risks on the road and guide drivers with visual and audio alerts. It helps drivers maintain safety regulations and improve driving performance. 

One of the benefits of dashcams is transparency. The driver-facing dashcam monitors the driving behavior, and if it detects any reckless driving activities, it will send immediate notifications allowing you to control the driving behavior and ensure safety. Dash cam thus serves as an effective safety tool for commercial fleets by reducing the chances of accidents. 

Your vehicle may get involved in an accident, and you suffer fraudulent claims harassing your driver. These cameras produce reliable visual evidence with an unbiased view of events and help to prove the drivers’ innocence. You can also get an advantage on insurance claims by installing dashcams in your fleet. 

It captures crucial visual information about vehicles and drivers with real-time recordings of events. You can install dash cams to identify the culprit in an accident, damage, theft, or tampering with your vehicles. 

You can pair your dashcam with a fleet management system to get critical visual references of routes, speed, location, and driver behavior throughout the day. 

The advanced dashcams have high-resolution imaging features capturing detailed images even under poor lighting and adverse weather conditions.

As a fleet business owner, you can achieve several benefits from dash cams that protect you in case of an accident, eliminate fraud attempts on your business, keep your drivers accountable, or reduce your insurance premium. It is a worthwhile investment to equip your fleet vehicles with in-car video cameras and get peace of mind. 

This article will provide details about feature-rich dashcam options suitable for fleet operations to help you find the best one meeting your business needs. 

Best 4K Fleet Dash Cams For Fleets

If you want to invest in the best 4K dashcams to equip your fleet vehicles, here are some of the most popular and feature-rich options available on the market. These dashcams have superior image quality and are tailored for fleet operations. Also, these high-resolution 4K dashcams are becoming a preferred choice to get a clearer view of details like number plates, road markings, and traffic signals. 

Various trusted brands with relevant criteria offer the best solutions for your fleets. You can select the one that most suits your purpose and your budget. We are providing you with the details about dashcam options with suitable features for fleet operations. It would guide you to find the best one that meets your business needs. 


Matrack Dashcam

Matrack dashcam

Matrack Dashcam is one of the best tools to keep your fleet safe, efficient, and productive. The dual-facing cameras let you view the incidents in front and behind the vehicle. One of the significant features of this camera is the resolution that ensures clear and detailed capturing of images. These recordings provide solid evidence in case of accidents or damages by giving fleet managers a vivid view of the incident involving vehicles and drivers. 

The camera alerts drivers in potentially dangerous situations and guides them to follow safety guidelines. It has lane and driver-facing cameras that give you the most comprehensive vision of the surroundings and driving behavior. All these features provide immense benefits to fleet owners by ensuring the safety of drivers and vehicles.

The AI-enabled sensor detects the potential danger and immediately sends the driver an audio alert in case of distractions or unsafe practices. You can also get alerts during lane changes and when there is a possible collision risk. These cameras are appropriate for fleets with parking surveillance mode that record the vehicle and its surroundings even when it is at rest.

It uploads video footage of an event to the cloud platform with tagging based on severity. The managers can access the videos anytime to analyze driving behaviors and risk assessments. Integrating the dashcam with the fleet management system allows fleet owners to monitor vehicle status and identify maintenance needs. It offers fleet owners a comprehensive security solution. 

The salient features of this device include the following:

  • High-resolution front dash and interior cameras
  • Lane departure and forward Collision warning
  • Fast integration with any existing FMSdashcam 
  • 4G LTE wireless, Wi-Fi, and Can Bus support 
  • Driver monitoring system to detect driver fatigue and distraction
  • GPS-enabled geofencing, motion alerts, and real-time tracking
  • Online report access through the internet 

Nextbase 622 GW


The Nextbase 622GW has powerful features that are most desirable for any fleet owner. The excellent 4K video quality provides a clear, detailed, and accurate view of number plates, etc., that serve as crucial visual references for fleet managers to take real-time and future actions. It is easy to install with magnetic fittings that enable convenient mounting on your vehicle windshield and recording images accurately. The dashcam has an image stabilization feature that ensures smoother and more detailed image capturing, even in fast-moving footage.

It offers SOS features that can alert local emergency services by sharing the location if a crash is detected. It could be life-saving in case of accidents or facility managers dealing with dangerous situations. 

The camera software includes functions for boosting video quality in poor lighting conditions, at night, and during bad weather. The camera captures video through a 140-degree wide-angle lens to provide a comprehensive view of the vehicle. 

The dashcam supports the latest technology like Alexa voice control and performs functions like playing music, making calls, or reading the news. A motion sensor detects unusual movements in parking mode and keeps records of incidents. The built-in G-Sensor activates the camera automatically and starts recording in case of any bump or shock. These features enable fleet managers to provide added security to the vehicle. 

The key features of this device are as follows:

  • Offers 4K resolution at 30 fps, 1440 at 60 fps, and 1080P at 120 fps. 
  • Digital image stabilization that avoids vibrations during motion and gives clear footage.
  • Option to add rear camera module @ 1080p/30fps.
  • Emergency SOS response to alert local emergency services.
  • It has a 3-inch color touch screen with a clear display.

 Thinkware U1000

Thinkware U1000 dashcams

The Thinkware U1000 shoots video with sharp 4K resolution making key details like road signs and vehicle number plates highly legible. You can mount the camera on the windscreen and rotate it up and down to cover a 150-degree wide-angle view. It is expensive, but this feature-packed, high-quality dashcam can serve you better than many dashboard cameras. 

The camera solves the power supply problem with a hard-wiring kit to provide constant power to get videos continuously on the move and record incidents while parked. The camera starts recording as soon as the car is turned on and switches off when the engine shuts off. The parking mode with motion and impact detection records images to provide visual evidence of any attempt of theft or vandalism. 

The in-built GPS tracking technology allows the fleet manager to locate the exact position of trucks and set a geofencing zone for receiving alerts as and when the camera detects movement beyond the predefined zone. 

The advanced features of this device are as follows:

  •  It includes the option of a rear camera that can rotate 360 degrees. 
  • It is connected to a Wi-Fi network for better coverage.
  • It sends live videos you can access through the Thinkware cloud-based app.
  • Super night vision technology ensures high image quality in low-light conditions.
  • Thermal protection mode prevents overheating and automatically turns the dashcam off while saving all the video files.
  • Parking surveillance mode automatically captures footage on sensing an impact or motion so that you have evidence of hit-and-runs or the identity of culprits.
  • Provides road safety warning systems that facilitate avoiding front collisions and lane departure. 

 Miofive 4K Dashcam

Miofive Car Dash Cam

This camera has a premium design, a user-friendly smartphone application, and excellent 4K video recording features. Miofive captures footage in high resolution with or without daylight, using seven sets of lenses that give sharp and clear video recordings with good color accuracy and balanced exposure. This camera gives four times more details than traditional camcorders. 

It provides a larger display that is adequate for navigating the simple menu system and checking the view. It has integrated GPS technology that provides actual speed and location data to fleet managers. Fleet owners need not buy an extra SD card as the 64G storage has ten times longer lifespan than the general external memory cards and allows extended hours of recording storage. 

The Miofive app allows fleet managers to view, playback, and download videos on phones for further reference. You can enjoy easy access to driving records at the ultimate speed of 5GHz Wi-Fi. It facilitates the quick transfer of video files from a dashcam to a smartphone which is a great advantage considering the larger file size of 4K recordings.

This cam has the following advanced features:

  •  Sony IMX 415 sensor that captures 4K high-definition footage.
  • It takes clear, bright-colored photos and videos in low-light conditions using Starvis technology.
  • The built-in GPS gives you the exact location in the event of an accident, which is crucial for roadside assistance and insurance claims.
  • G-sensor allows recording images in time-lapse mode while parked.
  • Larger display with wider viewing angles, sharper color reproduction, and better contrast values.

 RED TIGER F7N 4K Dual Dashcam

RED TIGER F7N 4K Dual Dashcam

This brand offers high-quality image capturing using front and rear cameras to provide a clear view. You can read most details from street signs, license plates, etc. The wide-angle view captures all pedestrians and vehicles around the vehicle, minimizing chances for lane diversions or collisions, etc. The 4K car camera has built-in Wi-Fi with an easy connection to your mobile app for previewing, playback, and downloading videos conveniently. 

The built-in GPS can easily detect your driving route, speed, and other information, which becomes your important guiding tool. The dashcam can automatically monitor and record the view of the surrounding environment in parking mode. The camera automatically locks the video when the built-in G-sensor detects a sudden shock or collision. 

The primary features of this device include the following:

  •  The high-resolution lens gives a clearer view of details like number plates, road markings, and traffic signals. 
  • A combination of a large aperture and a 6-glass lens with HDR technology ensures capturing clear images at night.
  • The camera automatically turns on when the built-in G-sensor detects a sudden shock or collision and starts recording in parking mode.

Dashcam Usage Tips

The usage of dashcams must ensure efficiency and reliability with convenient access to video footage for preview and download. You must consider some factors while choosing dashcams for your fleet.

Get an SD card: Dashcams record high-definition images and videos that require large storage space to save. Most dashcams come with a storage memory card, but you can use a separate SD card to enhance the storage capacity as per requirement. MicroSD cards have storage capacities for multiple video files and enable fleet owners to save and access footage for future use.

Confirm power backup status: Most dashcams work through the vehicle’s power source that requires the engine to run. You need the camera to continue recording even when the ignition is off, for which a hardwiring kit is available. It draws power from the truck battery through the fusebox and supplies it to the dashcam. Another solution is to attach an external battery pack that powers your dashcam without putting any load on the truck battery.

Check phone compatibility: Car dashcams with associated phone apps are preferred for their user-friendly interface and allow managers quickly check camera settings and review footage as per requirement. Internet connectivity can upload recordings to the cloud storage and be accessible through the phone. It is the most convenient way to utilize the benefits of dashcam features at your fingertips.

Fleet Dashcam Specifications That You Should Check

 The angle of view: Dashcams must have a wide-angle angle of view to capture events happening around the truck.

Resolution: The high-resolution cameras provide detailed and sharper images with more clarity.

Storage space: High-resolution video means a bigger file size which requires more storage capacity or the installation of an SD card.

Installation: The installation process of the device should be convenient.

Parking mode: The camera can keep recording while your vehicle is parked and record suspicious activity or attempted theft.

Night vision: A dashcam with night vision can offer protection and security at night and low light conditions.

Remote access: Devices with Wi-Fi connectivity can communicate with your smartphone app for controlling settings or checking video.

Voice control: Voice control and alerts guide drivers with safety instructions.

GPS tracking: GPS-enabled cameras can detect a collision and notify the emergency services with location details.


Dashcams offer great safety solutions for your fleet by recording video footage on the road and while parked. This article gives you a fair idea of how a fleet business owner can achieve several benefits from dashcams that protect accident claims, keep your drivers accountable, and maintain a close watch on truck status.

In this article, we have selected some dashcam brands that specifically suit fleet businesses with more robust and reliable features like high-quality images, timely alerts, location tracking, constant surveillance, and remote access to videos for preview and analysis. 

We hope this article will guide fleet owners to find an ideal dashcam as an indispensable tool to keep fleet operations safe, reliable, and efficient.

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