PeopleNet ELD Review

PeopleNet ELD Review [2024] : Worth it or not?

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By James Johnson

PeopleNet ELD is one of the most reliable electronic logging devices in the market. Given that PeopleNet has been a market leader in communication and tracking facilities since 1994, their premium fleet management solutions and ELDs are unparalleled. All of their GPS and compliance devices are reliable, sturdy, easy to use, and user-friendly. 

PeopleNet ELD is completely in compliance with all ELD rules stipulated by the DoT and is FMCSA-approved. This ELD fully complies with HoS rules and is listed in FMCSA-compliant devices. It records daily log reports, violation reports, driver logs, and driver payroll.

PeopleNet ELD connects directly to the engine and collects information about fuel consumption, tire pressure, vehicle location, overspeeding, fault codes, etc. With all these insights, you can track your vehicle’s health and know when it needs maintenance. It offers the best communication with the vehicle using 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G, and GPRS. The best part of this device is that multiple drivers can use it simultaneously, and it records each e-log separately. Would you like to know more about the product? Click on PeopleNet ELD.

Key Features of PeopleNet ELD

PeopleNet ELD device

PeopleNet is a fully-featured ELD, offering both basic and advanced features to meet the diverse needs of users. In the basic plan, you gain access to features such as fuel consumption reports, pressure reports, overspeeding alerts, fault code detection, real-time vehicle tracking, HoS reporting, FMCSA compliance, and DVIR. On the advanced side, PeopleNet ELD includes 4G LTE connections, weigh station bypass, an advanced navigation system, integrated and multidirectional cameras, as well as OEM embedded display integration.

Beyond these, the ELD stands out with additional noteworthy features, including messaging for improved communication between fleet managers and drivers. The driver’s insight feature aids managers in tracking overspeeding behavior, contributing to cost reduction and preventing asset degradation caused by idling, harsh braking or acceleration, and overspeeding.

Key Highlights of PeopleNet ELD
Reliability and durability
Full compliance with ELD rule
High initial cost
DVIR and HoS reports
4G connectivity
Excellent customer care service
Packed with multiple features

PeopleNet ELD Specifications

The key specifications of PeopleNet ELD are:

High-Quality and Reliable ELD

PeopleNet ELD collects authentic and accurate data, making it reliable. The hardware is GPS-enabled and designed from a sturdy and strong material, which makes the device durable. It can withstand harsh terrain and weather. 

Accurate HoS and Engine Data

PeopleNet ELD is designed in compliance with FMCSA-approved specifications, which is why the Hours of Service records are authentic and tamper-proof. The data is recorded in real time with no room for error. 

Customer Care Support

Another benefit of PeopleNet ELD is its customer care support. They provide top-notch customer care services to its users, as it firmly believes in after-sale services. Their customer care department has experienced tech experts who will listen to your queries, and help resolve them. 

Advanced 4G LTE Connection

PeopleNet ELD is the most reliable ELD out there because of its advanced and fast 4G LTE connection. This enables drivers and fleet managers to send and receive data without any delay. This feature is further enhanced by the integrated messaging platform. Moreover, when 4G connection is not available it automatically switches to 3G or GPRS.

Better Tracking

This device comes with an in-built GPS navigation system. This helps fleet managers to get a real-time location update of their vehicles and manage their fleet efficiently.

Compatible with Different Devices

This device is very compatible with desktop as well as android and iOS devices. Moreover, the mobile application is super easy to use and controlled by both fleet managers and drivers.

Easy to Use

Unlike most ELDs, this ELD is easy to use. It has a highly responsive touch screen and a hard button. Many customers have reported it to be the best owing to its ease of function. It is a fast operating system fully packed with features.

Moreover, it has a simple user interface that provides navigation that is simple and understandable. It also sends an alert to the driver whenever their duty time is over. The below tutorial will guide you through PeopleNet ELD’s operation.

KPI Report System

One of the most loved features of the PeopleNet ELD is the KPI report system. Fleet managers highly praise this feature as this helps them to access real-time reports as well as analyze historical trends. This also provides a comprehensive metric for managers to keep an eye on engine performance such as fuel efficiency, RPM velocity, and monitor idle time.

Pricing and Subscription of PeopleNet ELD

Apart from quality, PeopleNet ELD is also known for one more thing- its hefty price. The starting price is around $1,200 per vehicle and then $43 per month. This cost is huge for a small fleet organization or small business. However, large-sized fleets might want to invest in PeopleNet ELD, given its stellar features. It is comparatively costly but is packed with high-functionality features, is accurate, and compliant. Thus, it can be considered a good long-term investment. 

Is PeopleNet ELD Compliant?

peoplenet ELD

This ELD has complete compliance with the FMCSA’s ELD rule. With this electronic logging device, you can easily avoid any kind of punishment and fines. PeopleNet ELD is self-certified and is fully compliant with the ELD rule. Moreover, by complying with this ELD rule not only avoid fines and punishment but also manage your fleet efficiently.  

Customer Review (FinancesOnline and ELDDevices)

  • Frederique

PROS: Its ability to monitor trucks at all times, anytime is what I like most. If anything happens, we’ll be able to spot them in no time. We can see if they are traveling in the right direction and so on.

CONS: The server is both bad and good. There are times when it takes some time to load. It’s also not user-friendly sometimes. It does, however, meet our needs.

  •  Anonymous 

Worst ELD device out there. Long wait times on the phone, horrible account manager, bad customer support and they close almost all of their tickets without resolution. They’ll give your drivers bad advice encouraging them to run their logbook illegally as their customer support is not educated on the regs. I wouldn’t recommend PeoplenNet to ANYONE. Yes, it’s that bad. They have nothing but data diagnostic events which WILL trip up a driver’s logbook.

  • Laura Hayes

Do any of y’all have issues when logging in or out, changing from on-duty to off-duty and the time changes from 1 to 5 minutes, then goes back to 3 minutes. I have a video of the system doing this and it cost me my safety bonus from my place of work. Will you compensate for the loss? Because what was on my Peoplenet in the truck was way different than what the computer showed at the dispatch office. Anyone else had this problem?

Final Verdict

Here is what we like and dislike about PeopleNet ELD:

What Do We Like the Most?

Despite its high initial cost, PeopleNet ELD is still one of the popular choices among fleet operators and drivers owing to its multi-functionality, features, and accuracy. It also provides top-notch customer care service.

The features are as follows:

  • Engine Monitoring
  • Fuel consumption report
  • HoS compliance
  • Camera and navigation
  • 4G LTE connection
  • Drivers report
  • Vehicles insight
  • KPI reporting
  • Excellent customer support service

What We Disliked the Most?

Despite so many features, PeopleNet ELD has some drawbacks also.

  • High Price
  • Costly Monthly Subscription
  • Hard Installation Process

Why consider PeopleNet ELD?

PeopleNet ELD is a perfect option for big businesses and fleet operators. It is worth your heavy initial investment owing to its features, functionality, and customization. However, small businesses and fleet operators may not find it feasible, owing to its high upfront costs. Moreover, PeopleNet also charges huge installation costs.

Though this device may be more expensive than the other ELDs in the market, it is still one of the popular choices as it is reliable and has several features. It also provides excellent tech support to help its customers. One of the advantages for fleet operators is that it has an easy-to-use interface and functions. You can use this device to keep a better track of your fleet, and also manage your business efficiently.

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