Omnitracs MCP Review

Omnitracs MCP Review 2024

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By James Johnson

Omnitracs MCP

Omnitracs (formerly Qualcomm) is a renowned name in ELD manufacturing and provide comprehensive solutions with a wide range of tools and technology. It is a popular device among truck operators because it is easy to use and compatible. The devices have customized designs and demonstrate adaptability to the changing requirements. Fleet managers and vehicle operators have been using it to streamline their operations and improve reliability, safety, and compliance.

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The utility of a logging device is to access data from vehicle diagnostics and analyze it to provide relevant information to fleet managers. Omnitracs (formerly Qualcomm) is a renowned name in ELD manufacturing and provide comprehensive solutions with a wide range of tools and technology. It is a popular device among truck operators because it is easy to use and compatible. The devices have customized designs and demonstrate adaptability to the changing requirements. The fleet managers and vehicle operators have been using it to streamline their operations and improve reliability, safety, and compliance.

Omnitracs MCP devices have features that efficiently streamline fleet operations by tracking and navigating truck movements. The devices demonstrate adaptability to the changing requirements and provide drivers with a unique experience with customized features.

In this article, we will discuss Omnitracs MCP Review. Also, you can find the installation and related concepts. So stay with us till the end. Whether you are a new or a seasoned fleet manager, you need to check out this article by YourBestFleets.

Omnitracs Company Overview

The Omnitracs ELD manufacturing company was established in 1988 under the ownership of Qualcomm, which was a leading name in telecommunication. The company has observed steady growth over the years and now supports around 1200 fleet operation clients across international borders. The company ventured into the ELD technology to serve small to large fleet operators who look for convenient yet advanced technological solutions at affordable prices.

The company offers a range of customized solutions for clients and allows them to choose the most suitable one. The products are certified by FMCSA to meet the technical guidelines. They are reliable, security compliant, and supported by compatible hardware plans and services. The company has been offering ELD solutions for over 15 years and has established itself as a trusted name in the transportation industry. 


Benefits Provided By Omnitracs MCP

The Omnitracs devices help customers achieve many benefits in terms of improved efficiency, cost control, and assured compliance, which results in overall customer satisfaction. The various benefits that one can get from the use of Omnitracs ELD are listed as follows:

  • Cost-effective in terms of IT investment
  • Reliable and on-time customer support
  • 24/7 tech support from the operation center.
  • Records navigation data and progress report
  • Maintains hours of service data for drivers
  • Auto-update features with GPS compatibility
  • Regular firmware updates to improve system efficiency

The system sometimes shows connectivity issues that get resolved through a firmware update. It will also improve the main menu and dashboard features to make it more user-friendly for customers.


Omnitracs MCP installation

The ELD units can be easily fitted in the car’s dashboard and synchronized with the mobile or tablet to conveniently access the device and data.

Omnitracs MCP Review
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The company also offers a central dashboard facility that allows fleet operators to visualize the complete details of operations. The company offers three types of products as follows:

  • MCP 50
  • MCP 110
  • MCP 200

All these three devices are covered under some monthly subscription plan as follows:

Device Cost:: The device installation cost is around $200 to $800

Subscription: Monthly charge is $19.95 (core plan), $27.95 (compliance plan), $39.95 (premium plan)

We will discuss in detail the features and compatibility of these products.


Omnitracs MCP50

MCP 50 allows an easy user interface and compatibility with different fleet management software. This device is relatively easy to install in your vehicle. After installation, you will get thorough training on the operation of the device that makes you confident to handle the device most effectively. The company assures you to provide all necessary technical support as and when required. The MCP50 price is the US $120.00.

The device provided by the company helps the managers to comply with all regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), especially regarding the hours of service (HOS). It gives a comprehensive view of vehicle efficiency, asset utilization, and driver performance to help you make informed decisions. The essential features of Omnitracs MCP50 are: 

  • Reporting Critical Events

This feature ensures the vehicle’s safety by generating alerts in critical driving events such as overspeeding, hard braking, lane diversions, stability control, or any emergencies. These features, along with real-time tracking and navigation, help fleet managers gain control over risky driving behaviors and reduce the chances of accidents. 

Assuring safety also helps avoid unnecessary expenses incurred due to non-compliance fines, repair costs, high insurance premiums, and legal liabilities. This software is the preferred choice of several truck drivers and operators because the features help prevent risks and save money.

  • Analytics And Data Handling

This device maintains a log of all critical data electronically, avoiding the hassle of keeping hard copy documents. It analyzes the data and generates visual interpretation through graphs, dashboards, and tables that help make decisions and take appropriate actions.

  • Automated IFTA Reporting

International Fuel Tax Agreement Reporting (IFTA) compliance is mandatory for truck operators and is often associated with fines due to violations. This device uses advanced features to monitor deviations and alert the manager about any probable violation of IFTA compliances due to driving behavior. The device accesses data from the odometer through the vehicle GPS and generates messages relevant to IFTA reporting. This unique feature ensures more reliability and safety in operations.



Omnitracs MCP110

MCP110 is an effective ELD tool for efficient monitoring and safety compliance. It is easy to install, user-friendly, and supports a relatively higher bandwidth. It uses satellite signals for communication and provides a satisfying user experience through enhanced customer service. The cost of this device is the US $520.00.

The device establishes constant communication with all your fleet vehicles and collects data that is compatible with different Qualcomm platforms with easy accessibility. The solution keeps track of speeding, idling, vehicle efficiency, and performance to help you improve vehicle efficiency and driver productivity. The software has the feature of automated load assignments considering drivers’ workflow and capabilities, which leads to better utilization of assets and resources.



Omnitracs MCP200

MCP200 is the high range of Omnitracs designed to enhance customer service by solving all fleet management-related issues. It is a handy tool for back-office users and drivers to streamline the workflow and boost productivity and efficiency of operations. The cost of this device is the US $799.00.

The device is Wi-Fi enabled and has facilities for scanning and storing contents for real-time use in the car and delivered as video to fleet managers as reference. The device is effective for navigation and progress and tracking fuel consumption, engine performance, and maintenance requirements. It offers a comprehensive solution to improve efficiency in terms of operations and cost.


Other Features And Capabilities of the Qualcomm device

Qualcomm ensures an enhanced driving experience by giving access to customers to the different management tools specially designed for improved efficiency and accuracy. The use of such tools will allow getting complete visibility and information update at every stage and gives full command over the control of operations. They are equipped with advanced technological features ranging from process automation, unified management, and flexible integration options. The regular upgrade helps make these tools more compatible and customized. The salient features of these tools are: 

 Analysis And Reporting  

The tools installed in the vehicle dashboard are configured to collect vehicle and driver performance data. Subsequently, it analyzes the data to produce meaningful information that keeps you updated about individual vehicles’ real-time locations and situations and the entire fleet. 

The system generates KPI reports that represent all data comprehensively. The analysis and management of the information help control cost, improve safety, and identify focus areas. The robust and efficient intelligence system to monitor and analyze real-time information makes this solution a preferred choice for the transport industry.

 Transportation Management System 

Transportation Management System is an essential capability of Qualcomm technology to integrate the processes, teams, and activities through an effective management system. The objective is to seamlessly manage the workflow, planning, load assignments, and delivery. It offers a unified fleet management online platform for the customers with the help of third-party service providers. The automated features help integrate and share helpful information across functions and systems to improve adaptability, optimize operations, and better capacity utilization. These technical solutions have supported transport operations to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

 Omnitracs Load Board 

Load Board is an associated feature of the transportation management system and offers convenient access to a wide range of carriers, brokers, and private fleets through a unified online platform. The two systems coordinate to provide customers with a simplified and effective management platform. This solution resolves the challenges of asset and capacity utilization and helps capture opportunities for profitable loads and revenue generation.


Long Term Benefits of Omnitracs MCP

The users of Omnitracs ELD are going to achieve some long term benefits, which are listed as follows:

  • Customer Satisfaction: The solutions enable fleet operators to manage and deliver consignments as per customer requirements by streamlining the movements of vehicles.
  • Real-time Management: The web-based and user-friendly access to the services allows to monitor the fleet in real-time from any device and ensures better control.
  • Simplified Integration:  The unified platform allows integrations and connections with the leading third-party systems and carriers to share and handle critical information.
  • Reduced Risk: The system provides better visibility with a regular update about the fleets, thereby helping assess and mitigate risks.
  • Broader Reach: The platform allows connectivity with a wide range of transportation professionals and provides an opportunity to expand the reach ensuring business growth. 



Omnitracs is known to be one of the leaders in the ELD sector. The range of Electronic Logging Devices manufactured by Omnitracs is designed with robust features that aim at providing customers with a convenient and cost-effective solution. The products are equipped with handy functionalities for drivers and fleet managers. The tools have a range of functionalities across different models and provide significant benefits to fleet operators by ensuring efficiency, safety, and compliance as per FMCSA and DOT guidelines. The devices are intended to provide reliable support to fleet operations and show adaptability to changing requirements.

Omnitracs devices help you keep compliant, track every event, record progress, improve overall fleet safety, and eliminate unnecessary costs. From the user’s point of view, it gives an enriching experience by getting access to advanced technological tools and digitized applications for maintaining and tracking records. The tools receive regular firmware updates to keep them updated and more efficient. Omnitracs MCP can analyze data and convert it to valuable information that guides the users in making appropriate and timely decisions.

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