ELD Compliance Rules Every Trucking Company Must Know

ELD Compliance Rules

Introduction The modern fleet management technology brings an innovative and reliable solution to many challenging operational issues with the help of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD). The system works on a hardware and software combined platform, with GPS tracking and automated reporting facilities. It has become the most preferred tool in managing fleet operations by … Read more

How To Be Safe On Road? 10 Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

10 Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

Since the first truck was built by the German automotive giant Daimler (now Mercedes-Benz) in 1896, the truck industry has come a long way. Followed by Ford & Chevrolet, subsequently, in 1917-18, the growth has been phenomenal. Trucking has become an integral part of trade and commerce. Over the years, trucks have evolved from four-horsepower … Read more

Preventative Maintenance for Semi-Trucks – A Comprehensive Guide For Fleet Manager

Preventative Maintenance for Semi-Trucks

Do you know one of the biggest challenges a semi-truck fleet manager faces? It is the sudden breakdown of a vehicle. However, this problem can be eliminated with an effective preventive maintenance plan.    So, what is preventive maintenance? Just like our body requires food & exercise every day to remain healthy, semi-trucks also need daily … Read more

Comprehensive guide to IFTA reporting for your fleets

IFTA reporting for your fleets

What is IFTA? International Fuel Tax Association(IFTA) is an agreement between the 48 contiguous states of North America & 10 provinces of Canada to simplify motor-fuel tax reporting by interstate motor carriers. The idea behind this association was to reform and consolidate the then-existing ambiguous fuel tax reporting for carriers and jurisdictions. Here we have … Read more

Start a Successful Trucking Business – 8 Easy Steps

Trucking Business - In 8 Easy Steps

Many of America’s largest truck companies started with drivers, trucks, and their dreams. Like any other business, the trucking business is challenging, and success is often long-awaited. But it is possible. The basic steps to start a trucking business are the same whether you start with one truck or a fleet.  The trucking and cargo … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About ELD Mandate And ELD Compliance

ELD Mandate And ELD Compliance

It has been a long time since the ELD mandate came into effect. Now nearly all commercial motor vehicle drivers use electronic locking devices to track their service hours and comply with the regulations. While there are still a lot of debates regarding the impact of the ELD rule, you must know that as it … Read more

The Shift From AOBRD vs ELD – What To Expect?


The AOBRD and ELD are well-known terms in the trucking industry. The Automatic Onboard Recording Device (AOBRD) is known to have grandfathered the ELD. Back in the day, AOBRDs was a technological marvel. Of course, technologies keep evolving with time. Thus the ELD was born. Both devices track Hours of Service (HoS). They also exhibit … Read more

9 Tips to Choose The Right GPS Tracking For Commercial Vehicles

Tips to Choose The Right GPS Tracking For Commercial Vehicles

The functioning of many businesses has gone through significant changes due to technological advancements, and commercial vehicle operation is no exception. You should never miss the opportunity to take advantage of using  GPS tracking for commercial vehicles can increase your efficiency in cost and operations. In today’s world, information is power. The GPS-based tools and … Read more

Fleet Tracking Solutions Buying Guide – How To Select the Best Fleet Tracker Device?

Fleet-Tracking Solutions Buying Guide

A fleet business owner-operator may find it challenging to ensure control over commercial vehicle operations to achieve fuel efficiency, resource optimization, and safety compliance. An efficient fleet management system utilizes modern tracking technology to achieve these targets. A successful fleet management system uses GPS tracking facilities to track real-time locations of fleets that help optimize … Read more

3 Benefits Of Fleet Dashcams With Live Streaming

3 Benefits Of Fleet Dashcams With Live Streaming

As a fleet manager, you may be concerned about the safety of your team out on the road at far destinations as you do not know how they are doing. What are the roads or weather conditions?  Are your drivers following safe practices? Live streaming by dashcams provides you with a solution to these questions … Read more