10 Best Fuel Cards To Enhance Fuel Efficiency

Best Fuel Cards for fleet business

Gasoline prices worldwide are increasing, and the transportation industry is facing significant challenges as a result. In the United States, prices have reached record levels of $4-$6 per gallon, making fuel expenses one of the largest costs for fleets. To tackle this issue, fleet managers and business owners are turning to fuel cards, which offer … Read more

Top HOS Rules You Must Know in 2024

hos rules guide

The term “hours of service” represents the maximum time drivers can be on duty. Drivers’ HOS rules include driving time, rest breaks, and the length of each interval, helping to ensure they remain awake and alert. Drivers must take breaks to limit the total number of hours they drive.  FMCSA enforces working hours restrictions by … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About ELD Mandate And ELD Compliance

ELD Mandate And ELD Compliance

It’s been a long time since the ELD mandate was put into effect. Nowadays, almost all commercial motor vehicle drivers use electronic logging devices to track their service hours and comply with the regulations. While there are still debates about the impact of the ELD rule, it’s important to know that it’s a mandatory rule, … Read more

7 Best Fleet Tracking Solutions For Small Fleets

The 7 best tracking solutions for small fleets

The GPS fleet tracking system is commonly used in transportation industries, such as trucking business and car services, to track vehicles, equipment, and drivers. Telematics enables businesses to learn where their goods and machinery are in near-real-time and provides crucial data concerning fleets and driver efficiency. Once you understand what a telematics solution is, you … Read more

10 Best Fleet Management Softwares in 2024

fleet management solutions

Modern technology has empowered people with tools and techniques to make human tasks faster and more accurate. The effective use of technology can make the business process smoother and more streamlined. The transportation sector utilizes modern technology in fleet management for tracking, recording, and reporting, which helps get better control over vehicle operations. The fleet … Read more

AT&T Fleet Complete Review

AT&T Fleet Complete Review

One of the most significant objectives of fixing an ELD in the vehicle is to provide tracking solutions and help to maintain guidelines for compliance and safety. A driver must fix an ELD system in the truck that allows him to record driving hours electronically. AT&T Fleet Complete is ideal for this function with its … Read more

7 Tips for Reefer Truck Drivers – YourBestFleet Insight

tips for reefer truck driving tips

Transportation and logistics is a vast industry. You need to transport goods, you need a truck. You need to transport people; you can choose cars, vans and buses based on the number of people travelling. While these are some general solutions to basic requirements, transporting special goods needs specialized solution. For example, perishable goods. These … Read more

7 Benefits of Becoming a Truck Driver

benefits of becoming a truck driver

If you can describe yourself as a patient, self-reliant person with an adventurous bone and great physical health, then a career as a truck driver is the best call for you. Being detail-oriented also assures that you can adhere to safety regulations and manage logs accurately. Having a genuine interest in traveling and seeing different … Read more

How To Find Truck Driving Jobs With No Experience

truck driving jobs for beginners intro image

The trucking industry plays a crucial role in the American economy, ensuring goods are moved efficiently from one place to another. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by May 2022, there were about 1,984,180 heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers in the country, with an average annual wage of $53,090. These numbers highlight the … Read more

Life of a Truck Driver: What is Career as a Truck Driver Like?

career as a truck driver

The open road, the hum of the engine, and the ever-changing landscape—such is the life of a truck driver. This profession, often romanticized in popular culture, is the backbone of the U.S. economy.  Without truck drivers, the nation would come to a standstill, as they are responsible for hauling a staggering 70% of the nation’s … Read more