Top 8 ELDs with No Monthly Fees in the US

Top ELD for Owner-Operator with No Monthly Fees

Since installing the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is mandatory for any long-haul commercial motor vehicles operating across the United States, many owner-operators, drivers, and fleet managers look for affordable options. Consequently, more and more companies are entering the ELD market. The companies have launched their ELDs with no monthly fees so that the owners can comply with the FMCSA’s ELD rule at a low cost.

ELDs with no monthly fees help small fleet managers and owner-operators become compliant without incurring a lot of costs on the logging and navigation. You will be required to incur the initial cost for purchasing the device, but that is a one-time expense. You won’t have to pay any monthly fee after that. But before buying these ELDs you should ensure that these are FMCSA approved.

What is the Meaning of FMCSA-Approved ELD?

There are many ELDs available in the market but you should install the ones that are FMCSA approved. FMCSA-approved ELD means that the Electronic Logging Device should be compliant with the ELD rules. The ELDs maintain the HoS (Hours of Service) and drivers’ duty timings and facilitate the owners.

The ELD manufacturing companies make sure that their devices meet the technical standards set by FMCSA. If the ELD stands by all the ELD rules, then it is approved and registered with the FMCSA. They have to self-clarify their devices and register them on the FMCSA website. After the inspection, It is clarified whether their ELD is approved or not. FMCSA has a list of registered ELDs that buyers can check before buying.

If you use an unapproved ELD that fails to comply, then you will have to bear the loss of steep fines and penalties.

Benefits of Using ELDs with No Monthly Fees

The ELDs with no monthly fees have solved many issues for small fleet managers and owner-operators, especially in monetary terms. They are unable to afford the ELDs with a high monthly subscription. Using these ELDs is a smart choice for the managers, owner-operators, and drivers who work seasonally. Here are the benefits of the ELDs with no monthly fee for owner-operators.

Lower the Total Cost

If you are on a tight budget, looking for the options to manage your fleet vehicle, and staying compliant with the FMCSA rule, then buying an ELD with no monthly commitments is the best option. Many companies don’t even charge you the upfront cost for the device.

ELD with monthly fees charges you around $15 to $40 per month. This will reach up to approximately $200 in a year, which is the price of the average ELD. So, if you choose an ELD with no monthly fees you will save your money from unnecessary expenses.

Suitable for Seasonal Companies

Many fleet companies, owner-operators, and drivers operate seasonally. They have the option of choosing the ELDs that offer seasonal plans but waiting for a relevant offer doesn’t always work and is not a good option. If you opt for the ELDs with no monthly fees, you can take a break from the fleet operations without paying for it.

Applicable for All Types of Fleets and Owners

Whether you own a small business of commercial vehicles or manage large fleets, choosing the ELDs with no monthly fees is going to be beneficial for you. However, you may need some prominent features to manage a large fleet that is only available in some high-priced ELD with a monthly subscription. You can use the ELDs with no monthly fees as far as compliance is concerned.

Diverse Fleet Tracking

If you constantly switch your fleet between short and long haul, choosing the ELD solutions with no monthly fees can work for you very well. Usually, you have to incur the cost of a monthly subscription regardless of your requirement. When running your fleet in short-haul, you don’t need compliance. An ELD with no monthly fee will allow you to switch to longer haul freight whenever you need it.

Cost-Efficient Devices

Many companies have understood the issues of small owner-operators, who are unable to pay the high price for ELD with premium features. Therefore, they came up with the ELDs with no monthly fees. These ELDs come with all the basic features that will help them to manage their drivers and stay compliant with the FMCSA mandate at a reasonable rate.

Increases Safety

Fleet or the drivers using the ELDs (free or paid) are safer than the ones that don’t use them. As they follow the HoS (Hours of Service) to stay compliant, they remain safe and are more likely to stay away from any mishap. Furthermore, ELDs can help in GPS tracking, route management, driver staying active, and identification of bad driving, therefore preventing numerous accidents.

Top 8 ELDs with No Monthly Fees [Reviewed]

While choosing ELDs with no monthly fees you have to analyze a few basic requisites it should be providing. No subscription fees save your investment, but sometimes devices don’t satisfy you with their features and functioning. Therefore, we have curated a list of the top 8 ELDs with no monthly fees available in the market. The list below provides the price and basic comparison of the top ELDs for owner-operators with no monthly fees.


Matrack ELD 

Matrack ELD; Best in ELDs with no monthly fees

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