8 ELD Devices with No Monthly Fees ( No Contracts Required )

Top ELD for Owner-Operator with No Monthly Fees

Since installing the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is mandatory for any long-haul commercial motor vehicle operating across the United States, many owner-operators, drivers, and fleet managers look for affordable eld options. Consequently, more and more companies are entering the ELD market. Multiple companies have launched their ELD devices without contract or monthly subscription fees so that the owners can comply with the FMCSA’s ELD rule at a low cost.

There are ELD devices with no monthly fees that help small fleet managers and owner-operators become compliant without incurring a lot of costs on logging and navigation. You will be required to incur the initial cost of purchasing the device, but that is a one-time expense. You won’t have to pay any monthly fee after that.

No monthly fee ELD devices have a lot of benefits including cost efficiency as it reduces the total cost, It is also an ideal choice for seasonal truckers, works for managing larger and diverse fleet, and increases safety.

We have researched and tested over 20+ ELD devices that claim to have no monthly fees, and based on our thorough research and tests we have finalized around 8 ELD devices that offer no subscription fee to their customers. We’ll be comparing all the eld devices in our list below.

8 Best ELDs with No Monthly Fees [Tested]

While choosing ELDs with no subscription you have to analyze a few basic requisites it should be providing. No monthly fees save your investment, but sometimes devices are not up to the mark with features and reporting like compliance certification, ELD type, compatibility, and automated IFTA reporting.

Our list below provides the price and complete comparison of ELD solutions with no monthly fees and their features.

Pro tip: Before buying ELD solutions with no monthly recurring fees, ensure that these are FMCSA-approved.


Matrack ELD 

Matrack ELD; Best in ELDs with no monthly fees

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