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Find the 8 Best GPS Trackers for Truck In 2024 Here!

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By James Johnson

The tracking systems based on advanced GPS technology provide solutions to different challenges faced by transportation businesses toward achieving better efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. The highly effective technology can track and assess vehicle location, movement, and driving performance. The tracking system using GPS technology is becoming popular in commercial vehicles and trucking services. GPS fleet tracking systems allow transport companies to know the real-time location of their merchandise and equipment, analyze the routes, and control driving performance. It gives a lot of benefits by helping managers to make informed decisions based on updated and accurate information. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the 8 best GPS trackers for trucks in 2024.

GPS fleet tracking systems in trucking operations can help reduce cost, manage vehicle maintenance, monitor resources, and maintain safety and compliance. Effective fleet management with GPS tracking ensures control of vehicles along with reduced risks, improved utilization, and necessary compliance. 

Implementing a GPS tracking system in vehicles serves the valuable purpose of enhancing fleet efficiency, improving profitability, and ensuring better customer service. In this article, we will provide you with relevant information about the features of GPS trackers to help you invest in a credible and feature-packed GPS tracker that best suits your requirements.

GPS Trackers For Small Fleet Business

Safety and cost have been considered the most critical considerations in fleet operations. Trucks need to make hauls into remote areas, so tracking and management become essential by allowing managers to plan the routes better while maintaining the Hours Of Service for drivers. GPS tracking systems enable fleet managers to keep updates on driver performance, real-time location details, vehicle maintenance requirements, and fuel consumption. 

The smaller fleet comprising trucks, cars, or carriages are taking support of GPS trackers to meet the need for discretionary monitoring, ensuring safety and compliance, and optimizing cost. The tracking system also helps in guiding drivers to follow ways to avoid potential hazards.

The GPS tracking system helps to identify the best-suited routes for vehicles that save time and fuel by avoiding traffic congestion and disruptions. The GPS trackers with convenient features provide relevant data inputs that guide managers to make timely decisions to improve efficiency and productivity. 

A practical fleet management application using GPS tools can help keep logistics more streamlined and operational costs to a minimum. The GPS tracking system provides sufficient data for business performance analysis and ensures profitability.

Benefits of GPS Tracking In Fleet Management

GPS tracking systems have developed a lot, helping truckers to meet their business needs and customer demands. This technology provides insights into many aspects of vehicle operations and generates solutions. 

GPS technology can help fleet businesses achieve objectives like improving efficiency, better asset utilization, avoiding delays, and driving resources toward profitability.

We have curated the list of 9 best real-time GPS fleet trackers for fleet owners. Read here 

The benefits of GPS trackers that can positively impact the fleet business are as follows:

Cost Savings

GPS tracking solutions provide accurate and timely information about vehicle location status that helps managers optimize the routes to avoid delays and save fuel. GPS tracking systems can monitor fuel consumption and prepare mileage reports that guide managers to control inefficient driving behavior or address maintenance needs. It would improve fuel efficiency leading to cost savings.

Efficient Asset Tracking 

The tracking facilities allow business owners to monitor driving performance by getting alerts about unnecessary or wasteful activities. The setting of virtual boundaries or geofencing will enable managers to control the movement within a specified zone.

A GPS tracker in the vehicle reduces the chances of theft or unauthorized use. The managers can inform the drivers to follow appropriate steps to comply with safety norms and consequently improve driving patterns. 

Improve Safety And Compliance

The GPS monitoring system allows the manager to monitor and control unsafe driving practices, maintain necessary records for compliance, and encourage drivers to follow safety norms avoiding violations or accidents. 

Better Customer Service

The tracking features of GPS tools eventually help in improving operational efficiency and ensuring better customer service. The GPS tracking system allows fleet management companies to access the relevant information about the status and location of consignments and accordingly identify the best-suited routes for vehicles that save time.  

Increase Reliability 

The robust software support integrated with efficient hardware devices allows easy and quick access to information that helps better decision-making. The easy-to-install devices with user-friendly software support enable fleet operators to streamline their operations, improving profitability and reliability in the business.

Features to Consider For GPS Trackers For Trucks

Several companies have introduced GPS-based devices and software solutions with different features. You must evaluate various GPS trackers’ facilities to determine which suits your requirements best. The features you must consider before selecting a GPS tracker for your trucks are mentioned as follows:

  • You must consider basic tracking features, including better signal coverage, to get real-time tracking support anywhere.
  • The geofencing facility is crucial as you may need to track movements across regions and borders.
  • Extended battery backup is a crucial feature of a GPS tracker that gives convenient and reliable support for long-term use.
  • You should go for trackers that can send real-time alerts and notifications and have dedicated SOS functionalities to help you take immediate action in emergencies.
  • Ease of installation, user-friendly app support, and continuous technical service are significant deciding factors for selection.
  • The device should be sturdy, compact, and weather-proof to handle adverse climatic conditions.

 Best GPS trackers For Trucks

A suitable and customized GPS tracking system allows fleet managers to get real-time locations and movements of their vehicles anytime through electronic devices. GPS tracking system plays a crucial role, especially in small fleet businesses, by allowing managers to plan suitable routes, manage driving performance, and optimize resources affecting overall cost and efficiency. 

We will go through the features and capabilities of the eight best GPS trackers that help trucking businesses maintain better control over operations, productivity, and cost. 


Matrack OBD Fleet Tracker

Best GPS Trackers for Truck

Matrack provides a wide range of GPS tracking tools, from wired systems to simple plug-in devices, providing efficient tracking solutions. The plugin variant has easy installation and operational features. It is one of the best GPS trackers with aggressive tracking and alerting features. 

You can get real-time updates either through SMS notification or an email alert. This tracker allows you to monitor vehicle conditions through the diagnostics data. Its weather-proof robust structure allows versatile usage without any faults, and its compact design makes it easy to carry around. The long battery backup makes the device more reliable. 

 Key Features

  • Aggressive tracking for theft protection
  • Geofencing support
  • Low battery alert
  • Offers road assistance
  • One year warranty

Matrack offers an efficient, easy-to-use, and robust software platform to monitor vehicles and valuable assets. It guides fleet managers and drivers with accurate reports to make actionable decisions to enhance productivity, safety, and customer service. 


Family1st OBD Tracker 

Best GPS Trackers for Truck

Family1st provides all the necessary features related to real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, along with geofencing support that keeps closer watch and control over truck movements within specified boundaries. 

This device provides engine diagnostics data to help you make proactive decisions and take care of maintenance needs toward improving vehicle performance. It also has features for keeping historical data-centric reports for the previous year for reference. This tracker tracks unsafe driving behaviors and provides driver safety details to fleet managers. 

Key Features

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Supports email and SMS-specific updates
  • Helps manage driver performance by real-time monitoring
  • Subscription-based setup
  • Technical support 

Optimus 2.0

Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Waterproof Twin Magnet Case | Optimus

It comes with real-time vehicle tracking solutions and helps managers monitor the route, speed, and mileage details. It is the best option for truckers moving on defined routes and carrying non-essential items. This device comes with a battery backup of 12-days and offers synchronization with specialized applications for monitoring driving-related metrics, and ensures better control and safety.

Key Features

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Decent battery life
  • Offers SOS feature
  • Customized notifications
  • Advanced software support

LandAirSea 54

LandAirSea 54 Real-Time GPS Tracker Black 5400 - Best Buy

It suits customers looking for a robust and durable GPS tracking device. It is waterproof and resistant to diverse weather conditions. The device offers geofencing facilities to help you track truck movements within and beyond the specified regions. It supports historical recording data and provides reports to help make informed decisions. The long battery life of one month makes it a reliable device.

Key Features

  • Durable structure
  • Water-resistant
  • Supports email alert
  • Compatible with Google maps
  • Provision of pairing with SIM card 

Aspenta Vectu

Aspenta Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker

This device is the most preferred choice if you are looking for a compact portable GPS tracking device. The advanced feature of this device is the connectivity with other vehicles up to a distance of 16 feet. This extended range with real-time tracking and alerting facilities makes this device an effective solution for trucks having limited space. 

Key Features

  • Small and portable
  • App-based support
  • Multi-OS compatibility
  • SMS notifications
  • Wider coverage 

Geotab G07

Fleet Tracking Device | Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System | Geotab

The Geotab G07 has certain features that allow tracking unsafe driving behaviors and wasteful practices like idling, over-speeding, not using a seatbelt, etc. This GPS tracker helps managers keep track of drivers’ whereabouts, along with monitoring productivity and efficiency parameters. Geotab G07 is one of the most reliable fleet tracking tools to ensure safety practices and avoid unwanted accidents. It also allows managers to send warning signals to drivers to prevent DOT violations.

Key features

  • Effective geofencing facilities 
  • Best for handling regulatory issues
  • Works best with the proprietary fleet management system
  • All-inclusive tracking
  • Notifies of seatbelt usage

Amcrest Tracker

Amcrest GPS Tracker

This tracker provides exceptional tracking facilities, real-time alerts, and the most reliable geofencing support. This tracker offers several benefits and is one of the best solutions for tracking cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. Its steady battery life of 14 days is a significant advantage, along with 4G LTE connectivity and portable design. It also allows easy access to a web interface to set up updates with a frequency of as less as five seconds.

Key features

  • Excellent battery backup
  • Supports smart alerts
  • Real-time tracking with geofencing alerts 

Americaloc GL300

This GPS tracker can track multiple movements and collects data for analysis that helps make actionable decisions. This device keeps a record of vehicle data for even a year. The device generates quick alerts to notify you about different driving-related metrics like speed, movement, or idling hours. 

The additional benefit is the SOS intimation feature which helps managers take prompt actions in emergencies. The associated app support provides valuable insights about the vehicle and driving performance enabling managers to make informed decisions. 

Key features

  • Maintains tracking history for one year
  • Power efficient CAT M1 technology
  • SOS support
  • User-friendly companion app


The adaptation of GPS technology as an integral part of the fleet management system serves the purpose of fuel cost savings, improves driving performance, and ensures better customer service. It also helps to improve resource utilization, enhance fleet productivity and maintain safety norms. The GPS tracking system provides various inputs and timely information that help make proactive actions to achieve better efficiency and asset utilization. 

The tracking of vehicle diagnostics and handling maintenance needs help to improve the cost parameters and reliability. The different features of GPS trackers meet different customer needs. Smaller fleets prefer portable GPS trackers that are easy to install and give round-the-clock monitoring support to the managers. It should also track mileage, fuel consumption, idling period, speed, and other aspects of truck movements, which help to optimize cost and improve productivity.

You may find several options to meet your requirements for a small and portable tracker with efficient tracking features and other basic functionalities. Compliance with the ELD rule has become necessary with the HOS records and other safety aspects, especially for reducing accidents and avoiding violations. An effective GPS tracking system ensures better control over vehicle operations with higher efficiency and reduced risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need a GPS tracker for my truck?

A: GPS trackers for trucks can help fleet managers optimize their operations, reduce fuel costs, increase efficiency, and improve overall safety. It can also help protect your assets from theft and recover stolen vehicles.

Q: How does a GPS tracker for trucks work?

A: A GPS tracker for trucks works by using satellite signals to determine the truck’s location, speed, and direction of travel. The information is then transmitted to a central server where it can be accessed by fleet managers via a web-based application or mobile app.

Q: What features should I look for when choosing a GPS tracker for my truck?

A: When choosing a GPS tracker for your truck, you should look for features such as real-time tracking, geofencing, alerts and notifications, remote monitoring, and driver behavior analysis.

Q: How do I install a GPS tracker on my truck?

A: The installation process for a GPS tracker on a truck can vary depending on the device and the make and model of the truck. However, many devices come with instructions and can be installed by a professional installer or a knowledgeable DIYer.

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