Becoming A Truck Driver In 2024 – A Complete Guide

Truck Driver

If you are looking for a job that allows you to travel the country, enjoy the open road, and earn a solid living, becoming a truck driver could be the perfect solution. Truck driving is a popular profession that allows people to travel nationwide, delivering goods and materials to various locations. Did you know that … Read more

FMCSA’s Proposed Safety Measurement System Changes: All You Need to Know

FMCSA's Proposed Safety Measurement System Changes

Safety is of utmost importance and should always be a top priority, especially on the road. Managing a fleet safely is a huge challenge every fleet manager and business owner faces. But don’t worry. The FMCSA is constantly working to make our roads safer for truck drivers and everyone else in the traffic. They keep … Read more

AOBRD vs. ELD: Helping You Make The Switch


In recent years, the trucking industry has shifted away from logging paper logs to digital logging solutions. This shift has been partly driven by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Electronic Logging Device mandate, which requires most trucking fleets to use a compliant solution for Hours of Service (HOS) tracking. While electronic logging devices are … Read more

DriveELD Review 2024: Cost and Features

DriveELD Review

As per the ELD rule, all carriers and drivers need to use self-certified electronic logging devices for their vehicles that can record driving hours and maintain electronic logs. DriveELD provides effective solutions in this regard. The basic facilities are tracking vehicle status at any time, recording driver’s duty hours, and monitoring driving behavior. The device … Read more

5 Best 4K Fleet Dash Cams For Fleets

Best 4K Fleet Dash Cams For Fleets

The trucking industry had two main assets – the vehicles and the drivers. As fleet owners and managers, the safety of these two is vital for smooth business operations. You cannot be everywhere at all times, but with fleet dashcams, you surely can have a set of eyes on your trucks and drivers. Apart from … Read more

PeopleNet ELD Review [2024] : Worth it or not?

PeopleNet ELD Review

PeopleNet ELD is one of the most reliable electronic logging devices in the market. Given that PeopleNet has been a market leader in communication and tracking facilities since 1994, their premium fleet management solutions and ELDs are unparalleled. All of their GPS and compliance devices are reliable, sturdy, easy to use, and user-friendly.  PeopleNet ELD … Read more

Matrack Vs Samsara – Which offers the best fleet tracking devices?

Matrack Vs Samsara

GPS solutions have seen exponential growth since the introduction of GPS technology. The playing field has been overwhelmed by brands vying to be the best. Nonetheless, healthy competition is beneficial for everyone. Different fleet trackers cater to specific requirements depending on fleet size. With corporate spending on research & development, fleet tracking devices are improving. … Read more

DVIR – Everything You Need To Know About It


Vehicle inspection is a crucial step of asset management. It helps fleet managers to identify faults before time and reserve them before they become big and cause inconvenience or problems for the company. It is also significant in terms of safety, and accordingly, FMCSA had made DVIR, i.e., vehicle inspection, obligatory for all CMVs and … Read more

A Quick Guide To The Six DOT Inspection Levels For Truckers And Fleet

Six DOT Inspection Levels

Any fleet operation must focus on safety to achieve its goal of reliability and efficiency and deliver service to the customers most effectively. The fleet business owners, managers, and operators take various measures to ensure safety in operations for better utilization of assets and resources. The measures include regular inspection and proactive actions by carriers … Read more

Verizon Connect Reveal Review

Verizon Connect Reveal Review

The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is one of the most preferred tools used in the fleet industry for providing tracking and compliance solutions. The Verizon Connect Reveal ELD offers a feature-rich, versatile, and innovative logging device for truck drivers and managers. This product helps view the real-time location of vehicles and drivers’ behavior and receive … Read more